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Karlsweb Re-Zoned!


Part Two
By Karl

Now on this our first exploration of the Karlsweb Re-Zoned. Let us imagine back to the early days during the evolution of Farscape if Rockne S. O'Bannon had made a deal with Paramount instead of Henson, and brought in Rick Berman, Chief executive producer of Star Trek: the next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise. Imagine if Rick Berman gained control of the series, what would the cutting edge dynamic show we call Farscape look like? Well here is some Speculative Fiction of what our little show might be like under the sphere of Rick Berman. Here is what Rick would do to make the show we know and love BETTER!



Farscape's Pilot is the most original character I have seen in a long time. Not since the Space Jockey in the first Aliens film have we seen anything like this. Although conceptually touched upon in the STNG episode Tin Man, this character is wonderful. Moya's Pilot is more than just that, he is a traveler companion to Moya. Pilot is a symbiont who is the crew's only true interaction with the wonderful Biomechanoid ship.

Moya the Pilot

in early drafts of the show, Rockne wanted some silly crab thing to interface with the ship and be its eyes and ears. He wanted to do this with a puppet! Can you image that!!!!! I mean we aren't doing the Thunderbirds here, now are we?
We have taken a more simple route so as not to confuse the Sci Fi fans out there. Moya the sentient computer on board the ship has a pretty holographic interface that talks to the crew directly. I mean who would want to have the mystery of a thinking ship and not know what it is thinking.


Jool is a young alien woman of remarkable accomplishment. Strikingly beautiful with orange-and-yellow-hued skin offset by a mane of wild, silken hair, she has a fiery temperament to match her visage.

Jeweloh Sweetmystery OflifeIve Foundyou
Jewel is played by Megan Mullally. We were lucky to get her after her three-year stint at the Betty Ford Clinic.

MM: What... Ya it's like Star Track, I think... I don't know, really. I just show up and do my lines. I have a great mini bar in my trailer.

RB: Jewel's a wonderful character. Some call her the scream queen on the set. I call her a warning call for all the action that is in store for our characters! Isn't this just going to be the best show?


He has already proven to be a formidable opponent -- cold, methodical, intelligent, and determined. He is half Sebacean and half Scarran -- the latter being a species with which I'm not familiar.

Despite his mixed origins, Scorpius is intensely loyal to the Peacekeepers. He was in command of a Gammak Base -- a secret Peacekeeper research installation deep in the Uncharted Territories. The purpose of this base, according to Crichton, was to develop wormhole technology. It is chilling to imagine how much the Peacekeepers could extend their power if they possessed the ability to transcend vast distances via wormholes. Fortunately, Scorpius's research has yet to bear fruit.

The Scorpion King
Space Chase's arch-enemy is played by David Kemper a struggling writer / actor who needed a break and he was the only one who fit in the costume at final fitting so he got the job.

DK: Hey it's a living. If I do well enough they say they might let me submit a script or two. That would be cool to give me a chance to work outside the mind melting rubber that I have to wear as the Scorpion King.

RB: The scorpion king is trying to find the mystical planet called earth. Commander John April holds the key to finding its where abouts, so with his Brain Scanning Barka lounger he will track April down and find out how to find Earth.

Command Carrier Captain Bialar Crais

One of the largest sweeping changes in the show is the slow evolution of this one time, one-dimensional character, Bialar Crais. He has transformed from a single minded "I am going to get you, Crichton, if it is the last thing I will do...Yada yada yada," to a deeper more complex character.

Star Fleet Captain Bi Larse Chase
Could you think of a better choice as captain then Bill... I mean he is Mister Sci Fi and I find it so exciting that he is returning to weekly television.

WS: Well I figured what the hell I mean they are paying me an insane amount and I will have line for line the most dialog as anyone else on the show...why would I say no?

RB: Chase will be chasing after April for killing his son in an accident. Later in the series he will become friend and father figure to April in a very touching way... Can you say Drama!!!

Lieutenant Braca

Former first officer to Bialar Crais, now first officer to Scorpius. He is a no-questions-asked first officer and the epitomy of what a true Peacekeeper is.

 Lieutenant Bishop
I loved Sean Hayes work on Will & Grace and felt he would add a comedic offset to Bill Shatner's character.

SH: Well as long as they were open to me being open. I said sure why not. All the guys running around in leather what a dream come true...

RB: Bishop is Chase's right sideman; he is loyal and will do anything for the captain. There is a great episode later in the season where Bishop and Jewel are trapped on a planet together - it is Simply Fabulous!


A reptilian race that is a major threat to the Peacekeepers and the crew of Moya.

A reptilian race of savage evil. They were described as scaly aliens. That's where the name came from... Now that's science fiction!!! We looked into the cost of doing full animatronic heads as it had been called out in the original script, but where we still had the plaster molds of the Gorn head, we decided to pay homage to Classic Trek and reuse them. Isn't it touching that we are going back and paying tribute to the classics? I get choked up just thinking about it. It will work just fine and will be a cost-effective way of producing the effect.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little teaser of what was never to pass... Thank God!

Look for more adventures into the other dimensions of Farscape in the Future when it will be time once again to enter Karlsweb Re-Zoned

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