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reapers0001.jpg (28226 bytes)

reapers0002.jpg (22737 bytes)

reapers-1.jpg (66427 bytes)

Above are three images from Karl's story "Reapers".

Below are several banners done by Karl for some Farsca[e season five episodes that never were and probably never would have been. The titles and images are directly from Karl's imagination. Click on each image for a larger size.

10503morepromuses300.jpg (49329 bytes)

10505Gumtuu300.jpg (47531 bytes)

10509betterthenlife.jpg (82647 bytes)

More Promises Gumtuu Better than Life
10511Eatenalive.jpg (60810 bytes) 10513jackbnimblejackbquick.jpg (46653 bytes) 10515bellbookandcandel.jpg (61735 bytes)
Eaten Alive Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick Bell, Book and Candle
517thepupitmaster copy.jpg (60935 bytes)
The Puppetmaster

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