Instructions for downloadable t-shirt designs:
These decals are intended for use with transfers that can be used with dark t-shirts. [Yes. There is a difference.] Transfers meant for use with dark t-shirts are ironed directly to the fabric, without the need for "flipping" the image. We recommend Avery brand dark t-shirt transfers.
  • Select the image you'd like to print.
  • Select the image to print "landscape" as opposed to "portrait" style.
  • When printing to your inkjet printer, be certain to use the "Print Screen" or "Preview" option to be certain that the image fits onto the paper properly.
  • Always print a test sheet on plain paper first to be certain that the image fits as well.
  • Although the images were sized to fit onto 8.5" x 11.0" paper, it may be necessary to resize it.
  • Follow the directions that are supplied by the manufacturer of the transfer paper. Be certain you're using the type meant for dark colored t-shirts. This type of transfer paper can be found on-line, in craft stores, and even some office supply stores.



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