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Cover Girls, Boys and Technicolor Aliens
UPDATED WITH LINKS TO ARTICLES:  For a while, Farscape was (and hopefully will be again) the darling of genre magazines in the US, and the UK, with a few from Germany for good measure. Karlsweb's Visual Datastores takes a look back at the huge array of Farscape covers through the years. 

Images from the Uncharteds: Feel free to download for your personal use the images displayed here. Many of these have appeared as illustrations in the Fiction in Technicolor section. The artist and date are listed with each. 

Two new images created by Karl commemorating the fantastic journey: Alpha to Omega that has been Farscape.

Click Here for some new images from Karl

Karl 1999 Karl 1999 Karl 1999
Karl 2001 Karl 1999 Karl 2001
Karl 1999 AmyJ 2001 Karl 1999
Karl 2001 Karl 1999 Karl 1999
rygelsamd-2.jpg (65288 bytes)

scifi2.jpg (19737 bytes)

AmyJ 2001 Karl 1999

Karl 2001

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