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Season 3 - Season of Death
Episode # Title and Air Date  Synopsis
 Into the Lion's Den 
1; Lambs to the Slaughter **
Guest Cast

US Air Date 4-12-02

Crichton, Aeryn and Crais are received with honour aboard Scorpius's command carrier, with Scorpius promising amnesty in exchange for Crichton's cooperation on wormhole technology. Scorpius and Crichton are linked by neural receptor bracelets - however, Crichton is playing a dangerous game
Starring: Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Anthony Simcoe, Lani Tupu, Wayne
Pygram Part 1 of 2

Written by Richard Manning**


Into the Lion's Den 2
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Guest Cast

US Air Date 4-19-02

In the scenes we accompanied, an immense spaceship was being destroyed, water everywhere, and there was a tense meeting between some human bloke and a mean-looking alien commander in a black leather headpiece with a shrivelled face and pointy teeth <Scorpi> (seems it was his ship being pounded). They both wore identical technological amulets.**

Writen By Rocknes S. O'Bannon**

A Dog With Two Bones
Guest Cast


Moya and her crew prepare to pay their final respects to Talyn.

Bearing Talyn's remains, Moya and her crew prepare to pay him their final respects in the traditional way. But their way is blocked by an aggressive leviathan. Meanwhile, Crichton is troubled with visions of love and death Airing on the BBC2 - Thursday, Jan 31st.

(Last in series)
Writen By David Kemper, Directored Andrew Prowse**


** Fact! *** Not a regular Karlsweb source!

 Season 4:


Start June 7th in the US.

Starts _____* in the UK

* If you know please contact me.

 104??The Fearing Mind Sophie Hopkins will be writing an episode entitled "The Fearing Mind", and of course as he mentioned at the Burbank convention last summer. Source
 10407** Ben Browders episode there is a sword fight! Writen By Ben Browder**

This bit is set for the humor page after 10322 A Dog with Two Bones airs. I also have another one dealing with the loss of the Command Carrier. If you have any news on season 4 drop me a line.


10320 Into the Lion's Den 1; Lambs to the Slaughter**US Air Date 4-12-02

Crichton, Aeryn and Crais are received with honour aboard Scorpius's command carrier, with Scorpius promising amnesty in exchange for Crichton's cooperation on wormhole technology. Scorpius and Crichton are linked by neural receptor bracelets - however, Crichton is playing a dangerous game Starring: Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Anthony Simcoe, Lani Tupu, Wayne Pygram Part 1 of 2**

10321 Into the Lion's Den 2;A WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING**
US Air Date 4-19-02

Written by Richard Manning**

In the scenes we accompanied, an immense spaceship was being destroyed, water everywhere, and there was a tense meeting between some human bloke and a mean-looking alien commander in a black leather headpiece with a shrivelled face and pointy teeth <Scorpi> (seems it was his ship being pounded). They both wore identical technological amulets.**

Writen By Rocknes S. O'Bannon**


I know its a little late in the day, but I was finding out if I missed INTO
THE LIONS DEN ! (Which I annoyingly have), and I discovered something for


Part two is called "A WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING"


See ya around.




Would you like to see more about this episode and pictures? Check out Una's great site!!!

Hello Karl,
I just wanted to let you know that we have summary and pictures up at 
respectively of I Yensch 
You Yensch, from the airing on Israeli TV.
I guess it is something for the spoiler page :)
Take care,

Thanks Una, for the heads up. You all have to go to her site!





I've got some more, this time 3.22....

Dog with Two Bones.
Sci-fi drama series about a lost astronaut who finds himself in the midst of
an intergalactic war. Mora and her crew prepare to pay their final respects
to Talyn. Meanwhile, Crichton is troubled with visions of love and death
Starring: Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Anthony Simcoe, Wayne Pygram
(Last in series)



Thanks EvilDragon!!!!!You are the best.




Hi all, I found this on - spoilers for ep 3.20 -
thursday jan 24th in England -and hopefully, in a week, spoilers for 3.21
and 3.22 will be there too..

Into the Lion's Den: Lambs to the Slaughter.
Science-fiction drama series about a lost astronaut who finds himself in the
midst of an intergalactic war. Crichton, Aeryn and Crais are received with
honour aboard Scorpius's command carrier, with Scorpius promising amnesty in
exchange for Crichton's cooperation on wormhole technology. Scorpius and
Crichton are linked by neural receptor bracelets - however, Crichton is
playing a dangerous game
Starring: Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Anthony Simcoe, Lani Tupu, Wayne
(Part 1 of 2, Subtitles)

from evildragon
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1-04-02 Oooops!!!!

LOL ok, Never mind its from DD. Thanks to those who were kind enough to respond.


1-03-02 Happy New Year!!!!

Hey Guys, Karl here,

I was over at Animal logic site seeing all the cool images from season three they have posted and I came across this one... What episode was this? Help please if you know

click on the pic to see it full size!

If you haven't checked out Farscape FX house site it is a must for any Farscape fan.


12-24-01 Merry Christmas!!!!

Here is the source

Oh, the Yanks are not going to like this; (apologies to Jules, Dad and any other Yanks who have drifted over here to Oz)
You have been warned.


The current issue of Cult Times #76, gives transmission dates for 3:19 and 3:20 on the Beeb!

3:19 Monday 21st Jan UK

3:20 Monday 28th Jan UK

Do I get a HELL YEAH for the Beeb??

Here's what Cult Times

introductory blurb
[...] This opening instalment of the four-episode finale sets up the two parter and season finale to follow, as Rygel and D'Argo set off to make a deal with Scorpius and the others await word on Moya. However, the arrival of Peacekeeper ships in the area panics Talyn, who takes his frustrations out on everything in the vicinity.
This episode is packed with good character drama and bags of tension as Rygel and D'Argo's plans are spoilt by the presence of several other players with their own agendas, not to mention guns. the ongoing grey areas of personality in the characters involved helps immeasurably as there's always the possibility that any of them could stab the others in the back.
The Moya plotline is stronger though, as the crew finds itself having to negotiate with a warship that could easily obliterate them, and there are some nicely played scenes by Claudia Black as she tries to explain what must happen to Moya, in arguably the episode which has used the living ship to best effect.

3:19I – Yensch, You – Yensch

3:20Into the Lion's Den 1; Lambs to the Slaughter (1 of 2)

Here is another take...

"I-Yensch, You-Yensch" 04/05/02

Dargo and Rygel meet with Scorpius to negotiate their freedom. A deal is arranged for Crichton to assist Scorpius' research on wormholes in exchange for immunity for Moya and her crew. Scorpius arranges for John and Lt. Braca to wear I-Yensch bracelets that cause them to feel each others' pain. Meanwhile the paranoid Talyn fires on a hospital ship, killing 6,000 innocent beings. Crais suggests the only solution is to shut Talyn down and reset him, effectively making him a new-born again. But neither Moya nor Talyn are happy with that solution.

Negotiate their freedom? I can see Rygel doing this, but
D'argo? No way!

Sounds like an interesting ep.


In a posting on the Dominion's Farscape Bulletin Board, SCIFI.COM revealed that the next new episode will not be shown until April 5th. Here's a copy of the post:Slight change in plan: the next new episode of Farscape will air Friday, April 5. The Friday before, March 29, we will rerun "Fractures," to set the stage for the new episodes.

Hope that clears things up.

Update 12-01-01

OK I don't know if I am just reading into this statement but it seems a bit suggestive. Note I am making conjecture here!!!!!!!! Read and enjoy!

This is a quote from Alyssa-Jane Cook (Gilina) in the latest Farscape Magazine.

She's talking about her death scene with Crichton and Stark:

"I thought that was a good thing to happen, in some ways, [though] I guess you think that if they kill you off, you can never come back. But television is television."

Does anyone else get the same reaction to this as I? thanks go out to PK Barb for this little bit of spoiler-esq. Check out NewScape for all the latest News regarding Farscape.



Update 11-27-01

Is Kent McCord in yet another episode of Farscape this season? I think so. <G> See a wrap picture from season 3 you will see Mr McCord. <G> Check it out here on the NewScape Page of Karlsweb

And if he is what does that mean? The following was reproduced from the posting to his website.

Kent McCord

>The last couple of months have been interesting. After returning from doing

>FARSCAPE in early May 2001, I was part of the Screen Actors Guild

>negotiating team that worked out an agreement with producers for a new 3

>year deal to cover actors working in motion pictures and television. We

>began on May 15, and that evening I did an interview for VH-1's "Behind the

>Music" show about my friend Ricky Nelson. It has already aired several times

>and I thought they did a good job with it. I just wish they had made it

>longer. It only scratched the surface of Ricky's life and influence on rock

>and roll. On July 3rd, the night we completed our negotiations with the

>AMPTP, I got a call that I would be going

>back to Australia for another episode of FARSCAPE. So here we are. From here

>we are off to Rome and Paris.

Update 11-26-01

Farscape ~ The Ultimate BBoard

Found this on Usenet in a con report for Burbank Con. I don't know if this has been reported here or not, but apparently Wayne Pygram said something to the effect of:

"Scorpius is not winning John's trust, but John is seeing that Scorpius is a single-minded person, and he doesn't lie. Scorpius and John have a shared goal."

(Sounds interesting, since the last we heard of John was he was going after Scorpius!)


"Harvey is now working for John. ... he's "just done some scenes of heading off to war, heading off to battle,"
for Harvey and John."

(Could there be a re-alignment of alliances in the near future?)


"We're just about to see some stuff driving through to the end of S3. We're going to see him [Scorpius] in trouble, really angry, for the first time."

Update 11-14-01

This little Email is from Floyd Lewis. Thanks Floyd!

Sent: Monday, November 19, 2001 4:05 PM
Subject: enjoy your site...also spoilers

Hello, been viewing your site for about a year, its pretty the spoilers...especially now.
I also wanted to mention what I read in the new farscape magazine. Kemper had his article but most of the spoilers were intentionally blackened over, but they did give vague clues.

The easiest one was that D'argo's new super objective is a direct result of the last few episodes, kind of sounded like he was having to deal with a direct threat to his race. And they were also discussing various designs for the new character being added (not specific whether it was a regular or a good guy for that matter). Crighton's new episode which he will write will be the 7th episode next season, and they have shelved the monster episode they planned and may show it next year. All of this is working off my memory.
p.s. from what I read of the rumors about a wedding in the last episode. I personally think it has something to do with the SCW episode where Crighton and Scorpious were dressed in suits for a wedding and were on the road trying to hitch a ride. I guess they found it.
Keep doing the good work

Update 11-14-01

This is from ANDREA thanks for the heads up...

I saw some spoilers in the Unofficial UK Farscape BB on Delphi. The spoilers are under "Spoilers" and then the thread is "Where is TechScaper?" From the sound of things, this guy met an extra on a plane ride and she told him some things. I copied and pasted the relevant bits below, but if you want to see for yourself, just click on this link.

From the UK Farscape BB:

I thought I would be able to bring back a little Farscape gossip. But it seemed hopeless....until the flight out from Sydney. I got talking to the girl next to me. It turned out she was an actress who had worked on the final Farscape episode of the season. She talked about a wedding scene...and the fact there was a lot of dying involved...sounds like farscape!!! She said it was great fun to work on and that Anthony Simcoe was the best. He kept making the cast do the conga inbeween takes...


Also from the UK Farscape BB:

time away...shame it was winter ...but I was glad I found out one bit of FS gossip
The actress I met had to be genuine. She did not know anything about the show, had not seen it before, except what she saw during shooting. Also I did not press her very hard for plot details as I did not want the cliffhanger to be totally spoiled. She said she was part of a wedding party. She said the Crichton was there as was Dargo and she talked of being amazed by one guy in heavy make up in a black/leather crocodile suit(Scorpy as best man????). She said there was a massacre and they all had to choose a comfy death position. The action moves on after the shooting because she said although she was playing dead she kept peeking at the action. Naughty extra!!She also said they did lots and lots of takes...she also told me what she was wearing for the scene but I have forgot. I 'm sure with the other scraps of info out there we are in for a shocking cliffhanger...bring the rice, confetti and a's going to be a bumpy ride!

Update 11-13-01

Thanks Amy for the translator microbe! Ok I got this email. Never used this source before and I don't know how reliable so Big Warning on this one...

Perseverum Et Vincere is " Always in control...or...controllable?"

Perseverum Et Vincere***

Update 11-07-01

OK I was sent this screen cap with the message 10322. OK So I leave it to you as speculation. I will also say that it appears to be a screen cap from A Human Reaction. So warning take this with a big grain of salt!

All the best





Updated 11-04-01

Morning all Karl here, the Sci Fi BB has a post claiming that The SCI FI Channel might be dismantled. Well Don't believe it! Here is the truth from our own PK Barb!

PK Barb sent in

I read that the President of USA has "quit" and his position won't be
replaced. This might be where the article came from.

Entertainment - Reuters
USA Cable's Chao decides to bow out
By John Dempsey

NEW YORK (Variety) - Stephen Chao has resigned as president of Barry
Diller's USA Cable business after four years of supervising the USA Network,
the Sci Fi Channel and three other 24-hour program services.

Sources said Chao was bored and frustrated at spending so much of his time
on administrative details. With his contract due to expire soon, he decided
not to renew so he can get back into production.

USA will not replace Chao. His departure coincides with the arrival Monday
of British TV executive Michael Jackson as president and CEO of USA
Entertainment, which groups together USA Cable, TV producer Studios USA and
movie studio USA Films. Jackson reports to Diller, chairman/CEO of USA
Networks Inc.

Chao had a mixed track record at USA Cable, dismantling such long-running
USA Network original series as ``Pacific Blue'' and ``La Femme Nikita'' but
failing to come up with successful replacements.

He continued USA's policy of commissioning high-octane original movies like
``Return to Cabin by the Lake'' and ``They Nest,'' and miniseries like
``Attila the Hun,'' which generated sizable audiences in their primetime

USA regularly beat its cable-network competitors in primetime during the
first couple of years of Chao's presidency but lost its lead in October 2000
when the World Wrestling Federation declined to renew its programming deal
with USA, taking its high-rated weekly series to Viacom's cable networks TNN
(''Monday Night Raw'') and MTV (''Sunday Night Heat'').

At Sci Fi, Chao encouraged the network to buy and commission more original
series than any other cable network, with ``Farscape,'' ``The Invisible
Man'' and ``Crossing Over With John Edward'' the best performing so far. But
Sci Fi rarely ranks among the top 10-rated cable networks in any given week.

Chao joined USA Cable in April 1998 after five years as head of his own
company, which produced programs for a number of broadcast networks and
major studios, as well as launching Playboy TV in Latin America and
Locomotion, a 24-hour animation channel.

For nine years before that, Chao filled various posts at News Corp.,
developing such long-running hits as ``America's Most Wanted'' and ``Cops.''
He was fired from News Corp. after hiring a male stripper to perform at an
executive retreat attended by News Corp. boss Rupert Murdoch.

From the Sci Fi BB

Date: 11/02/2001
From: RydraWong


This is just to let everyone know that SFX magazine (issue no 85, December 2001) has lots of Farscape stuff - a news item on the two-year renewal, reviews (apparently "IP: IA" made one of the SFX writers cry buckets - and the SFX staff are *tough* <g>), and interviews with Gigi Edgeley, Lani Tupu, Wayne Pygram, Tammy MacIntosh and Anthony Simcoe.

The editors mention that they were due to have interviewed Ben Browder and Claudia Black when they came to the UK, but obviously couldn't because of September 11th (the editors say 3 cheers to BB and CB for donating blood); apparently Ben and Claudia both had to fly straight back to Australia when the airports finally re-opened. But the interviews have been re-scheduled.

Among many other goodies (go and buy this magazine!):

Lani says: "Hang on to your seats. It's pretty exciting where we take the end of the third season. We'd love to see the storylines for seasons four and five, because where we leave it at the end of season three is amazing. Awesome. I can't wait."

Gigi talks about sleepwalking into Claudia's bed (no, I'm not making it up).

Tammy talks about how the character she was initially supposed to play was more like a "blonde Aeryn" who was supposed to have had a "set-up" with Crichton.

Anth says "My tentacles are just fine!"

And Wayne talks about why he hates mobile phones.


A snippet for the CEOs - Kemper says that after Virginia's unexpected departure, no more of the cast plan to leave. Can I repeat that? None of the cast are planning to leave!

Henson's are planning a new series to be shot in Australia, but it won't be a Farscape spin-off; Juliet Blake, head of Henson's TV, says "I don't think that when a show is as successful as Farscape is right now that it needs a spin-off."

But things are moving ahead re: a Farscape movie, and when Blake's asked if it will wait until after the series finishes, she says "Not necessarily ..." and gives a "mysterious laugh".


Hi guys,

I found this link that gives ep 4.01 as "Now or Never". That's all it has though

Don't know how reliable it is, but it looks like it knows what it's talking about.

PK Barb

From 9:00am ET, 29-October-01

Farscape Returns Announced

Farscape has temporarily starbursted away from Fridays, but classic episodes still can be seen every Monday through Thursday at 8PM ET/PT. Look for all-new episodes of Farscape to return to Fridays in March 2002!

The fourth season will begin in June 2002.

The SCI FI Channel earlier announced that it had made a 44-episode commitment to Farscape for a fourth and fifth season. The series is currently SCI FI's highest-rated show.

First I want to comment on how great your website is - definitely one of the best Farscape sites on the web!

And being a spoiler junkie, I always see what spoilers are posted for upcoming episodes. I like the new format a lot, so I thought I'd provide you with info for episodes 19 and 20 of season 3.

I got this information from the 2nd issue of Farscape Magazine (with Claudia Black on the cover)

"Producer's Cut" by David Kemper pg. 65

"Justin Monjo comes out of a meeting with director Peter Andrikidis about Episode 19. Ricky's got a rough outline of Episode 20."

This then means:

19. written by Monjo, directed by Andrikidis
20. written by Manning

~ Liz B

<Thanks Liz! you rock! Karl>

Also from Farscape Magazine, issue 3

The season's penultimate installment (currently known only as episode 321) has been scripted by Rocknes S. O'Bannon, who cryptically describes it as "a particularly significant episode for Captain Crais." The season three finale, meanwhile, has been penned by Kemper, and has been described as a "story of hard action, huge emotion, brilliant visual effects and incredible hard work" by its director Andrew Prowse.

The headline for the Anthony Simcoe interview in the Farscape Magazine, issue 3 is:

"I just can't wait to really get into season four"

Here's another tidbit...

Q: At the end of the show's second season, D'Argo finally completed his two-year quest to be reunited with his son, Jothee. Going into this season, were you concerned at all that D'Argo's character arc was over, and he'd have no driving quest this year?

A: No, not at all. Because as this season progresses, there are very small clues that will become very evident in the last two episodes of an incredibly large super objective for D'Argo. And that objective is so much more profound than his original goal. The search for Jothee was a very personal quest, but the quest that he's about to embark on at the end of season three is a much more philosophically important quest.

The fact that this objective lands on D'Argo's shoulders &SHY; he's the one person in the universe who can take on this quest &SHY; is just phenomenal. And then to embody that objective or that drive in that character is just going to be so much fun.

It's wonderful to have had this incredibly intense personal arc to plan, and it's really exciting that he's now going to have this whole new pursuit or journey. I just can't wait to really get into season four! We've been planting the seeds in a small way really cleverly since episode two (Suns and Lovers), and no one will even notice those seeds have been planted. But then when they find out what it is, they'll go "Oh my God! In episode two there was then, then in ep such and such, there was that ... It's amazing!"

I think people will be surprised at the amount of responsibility it gives D'Argo, not only within the world of Moya but within the universe of the show. And it's really exciting to be in charge of that.

Lemme see ... can anyone say ... Luxan ship? <G>

Date: 10/03/2001

From: Micah href="">here</a>.


This may be a spoiler, and I cannot guarantee the reliability of this

information. Also, this may have been posted before, but as I have not been

to this board in quite some time, I am clueless. Following is an excerpt

from a post on <a href="">slashdot</a>. The original

post can be found <a


I only knew about Farscape because my brother once played a bit part in an

alien bodysuit for one episode. But now I've seen three whole minutes , and

what's more, most of them not yet seen by the public, because last night I

sang in the soundtrack recording for the penultimate episode (21) of the 3rd

season at the Sony studios in Sydney. The production company contracted us

(the Sydney Chamber Choir []) to provide sixteen male

voices for a couple of hours. The music was dark and Mozart-Requiem-like

with lots of low notes, and we had to make it sound as much like a Russian

choir as possible (for the choral iliterati, that means cavernous and



In the scenes we accompanied, an immense spaceship was being destroyed,

water everywhere, and there was a tense meeting between some human bloke and

a mean-looking alien commander in a black leather headpiece with a

shrivelled face and pointy teeth (seems it was his ship being pounded). They

both wore identical technological amulets < Karl here They could be the Yensch bracelets ??? >which they discarded while

talking. This seemed to be significant. There was no dialogue track, so all

we had to go on were the visuals. Does any of this make sense to you

diehards out there?


Here's a little quote from the October 2001 Starlog article about Lani Tupu:

"You know what?" Tupu laughs with devilish delight. "It doesn't stop there.

(His association with the Peacekeepers) is not over and done with. What

we're working on (in season three) is just awesome. It will rock you, that's

for sure."


Just picked this up from the Anthony Simcoe bulletin board:  check out the line I have in bold.


Anthony Simcoe
Hello from Paris
Wed Sep 26 07:19:56 2001
Hello my friends

Am struggling with this french keyboard so I'll make this short.

My love goes out to everyone in the world affected by recent tragedies. Stay strong and happy. Remember that justice does not equal revenge.

Paris is beautiful and I'm enjoying my time away from Moya at the moment - it will make it all the more enjoyable if I return.

Loved being at the recent cons - thank you to all who came and said hello - fantastic meeting everyone. Crais lover has taken some fabulous shots which I hope will be posted here when I get back to Australia in December.

Stay cool!



I-Yensch, You-Yensch (Episode 3.19)


Rygel and D'Argo meet with Scorpius in a diner on a desolate planet in order to negotiate their freedom: Crichton will board Scorpius's Command Carrier and assist Scorpius with his wormhole research; in return, Scorpius will grant immunity to Moya, Talyn, and the rest of Moya's crew. As a safeguard against double-crosses, Scorpius suggests that Crichton and Lt. Braca should wear I-Yensch bracelets that will synchronize their nerve impulses so that they experience one another's pain. D'Argo and Rygel argue that Scorpius should wear the second bracelet, not Braca; however, before the deal is completed, two heavily armed crazies burst in and hold up the diner.

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing with Talyn. Suffering from extreme paranoia, Talyn blows up a hospital ship carrying 6,000 innocent passengers. Though Talyn expresses extreme remorse, Crais is afraid that it will happen again unless they get Talyn some help. He suggests that the only solution is to shut Talyn down, eradicate his biologics, and then bring him back to life with a full cognitive systems replacement. Moya is distraught when she hears the suggestion - it amounts to erasing Talyn's personality and returning him to the mentality of a "newborn" - and Talyn, incensed at the suggestion, fires upon Moya.

Back in the Diner, with both D'Argo and Braca badly injured, Rygel and Scorpius reluctantly join forces and defeat the armed robbers. Their teamwork during the fray provides them with a basis to trust one another; the deal is clinched, with Scorpius consenting to wear the second I-Yensch bracelet.

Crichton, Aeryn, and Crais soothe both Moya and Talyn. Eventually both mother and son come to accept what must be done, allowing Crais and Aeryn to board Talyn - and shut him down.


This drawing (at left) was created by Justin Monjo during the drafting of an as yet untitled episode 10407, written by Ben Browder for Season Four. What does it mean? Is is a clue?





Spoilers from the FS Con in Burbank... courtesy of PK Barb: The next fan said the show is expected to go on for five or six seasons. He was wondering what direction the show was going to take because pretty soon John is going to have the ability to go home. David said, “Just keep watching until the end of the year.” (Was this a slip-of-the-tongue spoiler, the result of DK’s sinus event, or a deliberate mis-direction?) DK said this about six seconds before he had to leave the stage because something was going on with his sinuses. I think he was having a nosebleed, but he never really said. Actually, there was something on the BB about Sci-fi expecting the show to go on for 7 seasons (barring contractual problems).


Date: 09/15/2001

From: Xenajules2

This came from the listdad of CBOOL. He doesn't post here but sent it to our email list. I thought I'd pass it along since he says it is from a reliable source...Wayne Pygram!

Hey all I've Just had a friend get back from the Armagedon Plup Clutre expo inWellington. the only guest that could make it was our own Wayne (scorpy) Pygram Two peices of news one (and most important) is that FS has been sigen for TWO more seasons! Yeeeeeessssssss! This came from Wayne so i'd say it's true :) Seconed is that they are trying to get CB as one of the guests for the Auckland Armagedon expo next easter :::starts drooling::: So guess who is going to be there with bells on? =)Mark

Yee Haaa!




Farscape Season To End Big

Ben Browder, who plays Cmdr. John Crichton in The SCI FI Channel's original series Farscape, told SCI FI Wire that the third season's final episodes will be "really big." "I actually think that perhaps the best episode of the season is in the final four," Browder said in an interview at the recent Farscape convention in Burbank, Calif. "It's huge in scale, from a practical standpoint of shooting it, and effects, and emotionally. It's big. It's really big."

Browder added that he couldn't reveal the secrets of the upcoming episodes, but added, "There's a super-secret scene, which only three people know about. ... There's actually three storylines [from the season], which all come together in the end."

Executive David Kemper was equally circumspect, saying only, "Everything that [fans] expect is wrong, and I'll be disappointed if people aren't upset, exhilarated, angry and completely befuddled. We have to get them to expect one thing, and then give them something else. So everything they think is going to happen doesn't, but yet it will happen. ... Lots of things will happen, but they'll happen so differently, that they'll feel different. ... Let's just say, themes that have been developed in the year will come together and pay off by the end of the year. All the clues are there."

A key question will be how the surviving John Crichton deals with Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black), who developed a romantic relationship with Crichton's doomed doppelganger during the season. "I think you'll see a lot of that in the last four" episodes, Kemper said in an interview. "They have to talk to each other. They have to deal with it. They have to find out what their relationship is, and what it's going to be."

The final episodes of season three, which have already been shot, will air in January. As for season four? Browder said he will be writing at least one episode. And, Kemper added, "There's a story here that's unfolding for us, almost against everyone's will. It's happening on its own. That story will continue. The end of this season is simply, in terms of storytelling, ... artificially imposed upon us by the network. The next story is the next story, no matter what happens."


From: PK Barb (below - regarding info from the Farscape Con in Burbank)

Another sorta spoiler - Francesca (Bueller) will be back. They're bringing back one of her characters, but she didn't say

>which one.



Is Kent McCord in yet another episode of Farscape this season???

And if he is what does that mean? The following was reproduced from the posting to his website.

Kent McCord

>The last couple of months have been interesting. After returning from doing

>FARSCAPE in early May 2001, I was part of the Screen Actors Guild

>negotiating team that worked out an agreement with producers for a new 3

>year deal to cover actors working in motion pictures and television. We

>began on May 15, and that evening I did an interview for VH-1's "Behind the

>Music" show about my friend Ricky Nelson. It has already aired several times

>and I thought they did a good job with it. I just wish they had made it

>longer. It only scratched the surface of Ricky's life and influence on rock

>and roll. On July 3rd, the night we completed our negotiations with the

>AMPTP, I got a call that I would be going

>back to Australia for another episode of FARSCAPE. So here we are. From here

>we are off to Rome and Paris.


7/22/01 Older Spoiler from Season 3



TV Guide

Revenging Angel
60 min.
Crichton's incapacitation forces D'Argo (Anthony
Simcoe) to assume command of a mission to save Moya
from being crippled by a self-destructing ship. Aeryn:
Claudia Black. Stark: Paul Goddard. Crichton: Ben
Browder. Looks like Aeryn is back on Moya or TV Guide is just
listing who plays on Farscape in General. "Infinite Possibilities Daedalus Demands"
A dangerous species unlocks the long-held secrets to wormhole technology, unleashing the fury of the Ancients.
With Ben Browder. "Infinite Possibilities"
Crichton and Aeryn (Ben Browder, Claudia Black)
race to construct the ultimate weapon in order
to survive an attack by the Scarrans. "Revenging Angel"
A strange ship bent on self-destruction targets
Moya and with Crichton (Ben Browder) in a coma,
D'Argo (Anthony Simcoe) has to save the day. "The Choice"
Aeryn (Claudia Black) yearns to contact her
father when the crew lands on a planet laden
with mystics, seers and also frauds. "Fractures"
A Nebari, a Scarran and a female Hynerian, each escapees from Peacekeeper prisons, make life a little dicey for Moya. With Ben Browder The Ultimate BBoard Infinite Possibilities Pt. 2 - New Info (Spoiler)
Found out that the subtitle for Part 2 of Infinite Possibilities is "Icarus Abides".

This is the tag for it:

Crichton struggles to survive as Aeryn and Rygel fend off an attacking horde.

Spoilers on Ms Blue!!!!!
 Zhann is coming back as a reuccuring character! I have a friend who writes scripts and she talked to a script writer friend of hers who said Zhann was coming back. My friend even got to talk to Ben.
"Talyn (Aeryn Sun’s mysterious father) is certainly someone who’s out there, presumably, if he’s not dead, he could turn up sometime." Pregnant pause. "Maybe in the latter part of season 3." Here's where I got the info from. Froonster spoutin!Today Ricky Manning was on

I asked him: > Froon, there is a lotta talk about killing one of the John Crichton's. Please, SAY IT AIN'T SO!

and he said :

<FrooniumRicky> "It Ain't So"
<FrooniumRicky> Not that it means anything, of course
<FrooniumRicky> Of course, there are worse things than killing And that's all he had to say about that.


Infinite Possibilities, Part 2

60 minutes- (CC), Part 2 of 2, N, In Stereo

Crichton and Aeryn (Ben Browder, Claudia Black) race to construct the

ultimate weapon in order to survive an attack by the Scarrans.


Revenging Angel

60 minutes- (CC), N, In Stereo

A strange ship bent on self-destruction targets Moya and with Crichton (Ben

Browder) in a coma, D'Argo (Anthony Simcoe) has to save the day.



60 minutes- (CC), N, In Stereo

A Nebari, a Scarran and a female Hynerian, each escapees from Peacekeeper

prisons, make life a little dicey for Moya. With Ben Browder.

The Choice

60 minutes- (CC), N, In Stereo

Aeryn (Claudia Black) yearns to contact her father when the crew lands on a

planet laden with mystics, seers and also frauds.



'I have also just done an episode called The Choice, though that title may  change , which had Aeryn at the center of the story. That was a real character piece for me. I really enjoyed doing it. Justin Monjo wrote the  script and Rowan Woods directed it, and I can't wait to see how it came  together.

~from the TVZone interview w/Claudia

Hot off the heels of a jammed packed presentation at the Comic-Con International: San Diego, Rockne S. O’Bannon (series creator) and Anthony Simcoe (D’Argo) of FARSCAPE sat down with CINESCAPE to discuss the series and its overwhelming popularity. Out that conversation came an interesting tidbit regarding the possibility of a FARSCAPE feature film. 

"There’s been talks [of a FARSCAPE movie] from the very beginning," says O’Bannon. "It’s been a passion of Brian Hensen to make a feature out of the project. Of course, the difficulty initially was just getting the seriesmade. Now we’re having more serious conversations about a movie, but it’s an issue of where to fit it in the production. Do we do it during the FARSCAPE hiatus?" However, scheduling is not the only obstacle standing in the way of a potential FARSCAPE feature. The question of where to place the film within the series’ continuity also poses a challenge.

"Creating a movie based on a television series that’s still on the air is really tough to do because where do you put it?" asks O’Bannon. "[Chris]Carter did it with THE X-FILES by essentially designing a season that led up to the movie, then the movie came out in the summer, and then the next season tailed off. Seriously, I don’t know how successful that was – it gives the movie a short shelf life, I feel, as opposed to being astand-alone film. However, in the case of our show, you have characters who were on the show in the beginning, but aren’t there now. We have new characters that have come in, so where do you place it? We’re in an arc in the series right now where John Crighton, the lead character, has been split in two. So we’ll have one episode with him and some of the characters, and the next with his other self and another group of characters. So if the movie premiered tomorrow, it would be in the middle of the series about this split guy. I don’t know how we’re going to resolve that; it’s a toughie."

According to Simcoe, if any genre series currently on television deserves the feature treatment, FARSCAPE makes the most sense – if only from an aesthetic perspective.

"The beauty of the show is that it really has created another universe," says Simcoe. "You really get a sense of the FARSCAPE universe being vast and full of these imaginary creatures. That’s what the Jim Hensen creature shop brings – that’s the real achievement. It’s the sense that it’s not a small place, set in a box in some studio. Its really massive."

Regardless, O’Bannon assures that the odds of the series eventually hitting the big screen are relatively high: "The bets are that it’ll happen once the series has wrapped."


A Scarran Inquisition is the name of the last three episode
Season Finale: "A Scarran Inquisition 3: Perseverum Et Vincere", both Moya and Talyn's crews attempt to pull the pieces together and find each other before the war finally breaks loose. But when Scorpius confronts Crais, they are finally given an inkling as to how key Crichton really is to both of them and the pending war with the Scarrens.

Spoilers as of 7/22/01

A hint about Infinite Possibilities Part One?

Greek Daedalus

Here's a page I found, which seems to give a brief history of Daedalus'


It more or less says he's a builder. Among his works are the Minotaur's

labyrinth, it seems he also had a part in the Minotaurs creation as well. It

also says he built some wings, and while I'm not certain, it seems he is

also father to Icarus. Icarus is known for flying too close to the sun,

sound familiar?

Also on hand is Farscape creator Rockne O’Bannon, who handles potential spoiler questions with aplomb, grinning cagily when asked if this or that character will be returning to the show. The one bit he lets slip relates to Aeryn Sun’s mysterious father, Talyn (the namesake of Moya’s offspring), who is presumed dead. “Talyn is certainly someone who’s out there, presumably, if he’s not dead,” says O’Bannon. “He could turn up sometime.”

“Maybe in the latter part of season 3.”

Mmmm hmmm. One character who won’t be turning up, however, is the dearly departed Zhaan (Virgina Hey), who left the show at the beginning of the season. O’Bannon assures fans that Hey merely felt she had put in her time on the show, having gone through the grueling character requirements of being encased inelaborate make-up and shaving her head and eyebrows for two years. “We were incredibly sorry to see her go,” says O’Bannon, adding that Hey’s departure, did, however, open up a door for the writers – it brought a degree of difficulty to resurrecting the presumed-dead Aeryn (Claudia Black).

“When Virginia asked to step away from the series, [we had a] terrific opportunity to pay for the return of Aeryn with something real…to pay for it with the death of another character,” O'Bannon says.

Zhaan may be gone, but she’s not forgotten, as evidenced by one fan in the crowd who points to new addition Jool (Tammy Macintosh) as “Zhaan’s replacement,” and reflecting the character’s initial unpopularity, asks O’Bannon: “What were you thinking?”

“Live with her!” O’Bannon responds, comparing the reaction to Jool to the unfavorable reactions to Rygel in season 1 and Chiana (Gigi Edgley) in season 2. “When Chiana first came onboard, everyone thought she was really disruptive to the family,” O’Bannon says. Simcoe adds that some folks didn’t particularly care for D’Argo at first: “The words ‘Worf clone’ come to mind.”

In terms of other recent plot developments, O’Bannon stresses that both of the John Crichtons running around are the real McCoy. “One isn’t the real one and one isn’t a clone,” he says. “They’re both literally John Crichton.

Don’t think there will be a revelation as to which is the clone.”



In the London Financial times dated today 30.05.01 it is reported that the

owners of the Jim Henson Company, EM.TV of Germany may be on the brink of

selling the company, of which Disney have previously shown interest and is

said to have offered between $200M and $250M. Other possibilities include a

management buyout or sale to Viacom.

Farscape: "Thanks for Sharing"
The crew must travel to a warring planet to obtain medicine for Talyn, who was injured in a skirmish with a Peacekeeper Retrieval Squad. With Ben Browder and Claudia Black.

Farscape: "Green-Eyed Monster"
A giant Budong swallows Talyn and tempers flare while the ship is slowly pulled toward the beast's stomach.

Farscape: "Losing Time"
Parasitic Energy Riders hitch a ride on Moya, planning to plant themselves inside the bodies of the crew.

5/11/01 - Virginia Hey's been busy. Check out the link to her next new project. Psy-Ops  (Pretty cool looking site too. <G>)


5/10/01 - Slight spoilage from Stark's (Paul Goddard) recent SciFi chat:

<Moderator> <RygelEstrogenBrigade> to <Moderator>: Paul, you didn't have

much chance to work with the puppets before "Liars, Guns, and Money". How

did you find working with them as opposed to a live actor?

<PaulGoddard> When I first came on the show and me Rygel I said to myself,

"He is an actor, I would *love* to develop and onscreen relationship

with....I don't mean that romantically.

<PaulGoddard> When I was a kid I used to rush home, aged 14, to watch

Seasame Street just for the Muppet moments.

<PaulGoddard> I wanted to be a Muppet! Failing that to be a Muppetier.

<PaulGoddard> So working on a Henson show was a dream come true

<PaulGoddard> I have had more to do with Rygel of late, in particular an ep.

coming up Rygel and I spend a great deal of time in a little power struggle.

<PaulGoddard> It was fantastic doing this episode because in a way it was

like a little road movie for me and Rygel.

<PaulGoddard> He may appear rude and selfish on screen but off he's always a

gentleman and a joy to work opposite.

<PaulGoddard> ga

<Moderator> <LittleLeviathan> to <Moderator>: Hey, Paul, can you give us any

indication (*cough* spoilers *cough*) as to the direction your character is


<PaulGoddard> Forward, sideways and frequently backwards.

<PaulGoddard> As you know I *can not* simply _cannot_ divulge any spoilers

<PaulGoddard> But.....

<PaulGoddard> I guess I could say..

<PaulGoddard> It's the Season of Death

<PaulGoddard> But.....

<PaulGoddard> as you know Stark has this very handy fascility for dying and

coming back to life.

<Moderator> (if you've just joined us, we've entered overtime in our chat

with Paul Goddard...)

<PaulGoddard> sorry about the delay, can't give away any more....

<PaulGoddard> ...not that I've given away anything really.

<PaulGoddard> ga

<Moderator> <ShipperShan> to <Moderator>: We have had a ton of dark episodes

so far... at least one person has died in each one!! Are we gonna be getting

any episodes like Crackers Don't Matter, or Beware of Dog anytime soon?

<PaulGoddard> Yes.

<PaulGoddard> There are zany times ahead

<PaulGoddard> I just watched Crackers Don't Matter for the first time a

couple of nights ago and loved it!

<PaulGoddard> I was just talking to Ben yesterday about how much I loved his

craziness in the show. He said that they really had a lot of fun playing

around with that one.

<PaulGoddard> It was Ben that showed me how far I could go initially with

the madness of Stark.

<PaulGoddard> Watching that episode gave me a little boost in terms of

letting Stark's craziness rip a bit more in the episode we are shooting now.

<PaulGoddard> ga

<Moderator> Going back to the "letting Stark's craziness rip," which ep are

you working on now, so that we can look forward to it?

<PaulGoddard> Episode 12 Season 3

<Moderator> Thanks.

<Moderator> <stargatetravler> to <Moderator>: Hey Paul, which ep of the ones

you have been in did you have the most fun doing, which one was the hardiest

and which one was your favorite?

<PaulGoddard> Episode 8 coming up has been my all time favourite. Green Eyed


<PaulGoddard> You'll understand why when you see it.

<PaulGoddard> Of the ones you have seen which was the hardest???

<PaulGoddard> hrm....

<PaulGoddard> I guess the ones that are hard are the ones where there is

some degree of emotion other than anger or fear that has to be explored.

<PaulGoddard> The early episodes of this Season where Stark is dealing with

Zhaan's death were tricky in regards to emotional placement.

<PaulGoddard> You don't want to get too sentimental in the playing of it,

you want the audience to feel the emotion more than you displaying it as an


<PaulGoddard> I hope you understand what I mean.

<PaulGoddard> There is nothing worse, for me, than watching an actor indulge

in some emotional acting to the degree where they don't let you in.

<PaulGoddard> So many times I've watched documentaries where people have

talked about the most horrific and tragic things without turning into a

blubbering mess. Yet you know, that underneath they are experiencing deep


<PaulGoddard> ga

<PaulGoddard> Fascinated to have a fan in Russia, thanks Inity

<PaulGoddard> I'm just chasing up an address for you.

<PaulGoddard> send mail care of Jim Henson Productions 1416 North La Brea

Avenue Los Angeles CA 90028





What's the future for Farscape?

MediaSavant posted a little while back about SciFi's presentation that she attended for annual (I think) ad block purchasing (or something like that). She said that Farscape was their lead show in the presentation. She further stated that, although no official announcement had been made, it would be extremely unlikely that a show would be featured that prominently if they thought that it might not still be around in the latter part of the purchasing year (which translates to next spring, by which time FS would be into its fourth season).

From TV Week (Australia) March 2001
Aussie actress Rebecca Gibney is to portray a baddie in an upcoming ep...
'Sitting in her dressing room on the set of Farscape, Rebecca Gibney makes
for a dramatic site. With a jet-black wig, piercing blue contact lenses and
a flowing gown, the thirtysomething actor is a world away from the corporate
suits and investigative matters of Jane Halifax from 'Halifax fp'
Rebecca is joining Farscape in an upcoming episode as Sarova, a planetary
ruler who appears to be a pacifist when the crew need help, but eventually
reveals a more chilling side.
Many thanks to our "reporter down-under" for the scoop! ;-)

just got back from Starfest, which I attended Friday and Saturday. The
main guests were not at the con on Friday, which was the first day (though
Robin Atkin Downes did show up Friday and sign autographs). However,
Virginia and Kevin Sorbo where at the con on Saturday and I got to meet
Virginia and getting her autograph* :D . She's a very nice lady and a very
good convention guest and I hope to see her again at a con sometime.
I hope everyone who went to today's session had fun and I can't wait to read
some reports from them. I'm curious about what Virginia thought of the snow
:-}. I'm also curious to hear if Virginia said anything more about why she
left the show. She did talk about it on Saturday, saying the decision to
leave was her's and her's alone (and it was health related (it sounded to me
like it was a mixture of her makeup making her sick and exhaustion)).
However, she also said she had never intended to leave the show permanently
and she is upset about Zhaan's being killed off (I believe she simply wanted
to be downgraded to a recurring character, like Crais was in the first two
BTW, Virginia left the show only two months ago and didn't know until she
got the script that Zhaan was going to die. She says that Zhaan and her
future in Farscape is up in the air at the moment. She has no idea what is
going to happen next and that part of the reason is that the writers really
aren't sure what they are going to do next either!
BB Post from Meg L.



TV Zone #138 has a new Rockne O'Bannon interview.

Starburst Special #47, published earlier this month, has 10 pages on Farscape and quotes from Ben Browder and Brian Henson.


Date: 4/18/2001
From: Scaper1984

"David Kemper talked about Farscape's third season: 'Expect the unexpected,
expect to be elated, ecpect to be disappointed, expect to run through a
whole range of emotions. As soon as our audience starts to think that they
know what we are going to do, that's when they are most vulnerable. The more
fans think that they understand us, the more disappointed they are going to
be. The true Farscape fan has joined us for a roller coaster ride and knows
to expect the unexpected...We purposely let things (rumors) float and slide,
then we go, 'Everyone expects this. Now we are going to give them that.'
When that happens fans should be ready to deal with it. They should be ready
to deal with pain, and they should be ready to deal with loss, and they
should be ready to deal with joy.
"...When asked for specifics on the upcoming season Kemper demurred: 'Season
three will have some multi part arcs for sure; at the very least a two
parter and a three parter. There will be a thread that runs through this
thing that will have people scratching their heads and going 'How can they
do that? How can they get away with that?'"
"We are going to do something with our lead character that other shows would
be afraid to do. We are going to do something to Crichton, and sustain it,
that other people would be afraid to do even a little bit. We are going to
learn more about our character's backstories and specific heritages...I can
promise that the storylines for season three will push us deeper into the
Uncharted Territories and closer toward home, and that Crichton is going to
remember early on what it is he wants most. Also, we are going to do what we
think we do best: We are going to surprise people, and in some cases shock
them. We wouldn't have it any other way...Think of it this way: Every Friday
night, Farscape is like a gift-a birthday or a Christmas present. You hope
it will be one thing, and sometimes it is. Sometimes you get that toy you
wanted. Sometimes you get a bike and sometimes you get a sweater. At the
time you are thinking, I wanted the bike. But once you start wearing the
sweater you really like it. If you got ten bikes what would you do with
them? You need to get different things. What we always want Farscape to be
is like a surprise present. We don't want you to know what it is ahead of
time. That is why we guard our secrets - we think it's more fun for you. It
is certainly more fun for us not to know, so don't be surprised if things
happen that you don't like. You just don't like it because you aren't used
to it, but you will be...You like what we do so far. Why do you assume you
won't like what we do in the future?"

Toy Vault action figures 2.0.... click on the image for a closer peek... oh.. and what's this about a "mysterious guest"?

Cerell posted this at

>Lani lets loose
>Lani was at a scifi con in England..This from a shipper email list:
>From my information the bed scene you've all been talking about isn't what
>you think and hoped for.
>Its NOT John.
>It is Crais though and the whole back story of him and Aeryn.
>And by the way NO-ONE on set knows what's on the disc Crais has in his
>at the end of DMD.
>This might be good or bad or even the same scene you are talking about, but
>lani had just finished filming episodes 8 and 10 when he came over and said
>there are lots of upcoming surprises and a major new twist so don't get too
>comfortable with the present situation.
>CeRel saysl~be afraid my fellow very afraid...and keep those
>voodoo dolls handy....
>The Shippier Shippy Shipper

04/20/01: "Eat Me"
D'Argo, Chiana and Jool are preyed upon by brain-sucking aliens and corpse-eating Xarai.

04/27/01: "Thanks For Sharing"
The crew must travel to a warring planet to obtain medicine for Talyn, who was injured in a skirmish with a Peacekeeper Retrieval Squad.

The location of the following spoilers:

Farscape Schedule, Season 3:
A Quick Peek from the SCI-FI Channel

(Spoiler warning! Quit reading now if you're offended by knowing what's
going to happen next!)

16 March 2001, 8:00 PM: Farscape Special
"This special will introduce viewers to American astronaut John Crichton's
wild ride in the Uncharted Territories, the major players aboard Moya, and
the villains that stalk them. If you thought it was too late to get "into"
Farscape, then this clever, witty hour was made especially for you."

16 March 2001, 9:00 PM: "Season of Death"
"As we open Season Three, the crew still mourns for Aeryn, and Crichton
remains a virtual prisoner in the Ice Planet lab. Now that the chip - and
the clone - implanted in Crichton's brain have been removed, Scorpius is
free to examine the secrets of the wormhole technology. However, something
is awry. An imprint of the Scorpius Clone remains trapped inside Crichton's
mind. Faced with this intolerable existence, the clone tells John that there
is only one way to escape the unholy partnership - he must die." Written by
Richard Manning.

23 March 2001, 9:00 PM: "Suns and Lovers"
"Eager to spend the loot acquired from robbing the Shadow Depository, the
crew of Moya head to a commerce station. The situation becomes disastrous
when the commerce station is hit by a violent storm, severely damaging the
station and trapping Moya in the docking cables. The storms may not be
natural phenomena, but weapons of wrath used by religious zealots to protect
their Sacred Stillness from the evils of commerce. With little time to lose,
Crichton, Stark, and Rygel set about locating the source of the signal
attracting the storm. Meanwhile, D'Argo is confronted with the ultimate
betrayal by those closest to him, and becomes depressed and
self-destructive. Intoxicated, he bids Pilot goodbye and heads out on the
potentially suicidal mission of releasing Moya before the storm hits."
Written by Justin Monjo.

30 March 2001, 9:00 PM: "Self Inflicted Wounds, Part I: Could'A, Would'A,
"While Crichton inspects a wormhole, a small ship screams out of the hole
and collides with Moya. When the two crews recover, they find that the two
ships have fused together in a freakish amalgam, and Crichton wakes up face
to face with two aliens armed with needle-shooting gills. However, thre is
little time to exchange pleasantries. The fused ships are trapped in a
series of wormholes, looping repeatedly and Moya seems to be reacting badly
to the collision, her systems dying section by section. It is discovered
that to separate the ships, one of them must be cast into the wormhole wall
and destroyed. The intruders insist that because Moya is on death's door, it
is THEIR ship that must be saved, with both crews on board." Written by
David Kemper.

6 April 2001, 9:00 PM: "Self Inflicted Wounds, Part II: Wait for the Wheel"
"Faced with the imminent death of both Pilot and Moya, who will be cast into
the wall of the imprisoning wormhole, the inhabitants of the living ship
prepare to disembark and take their chances with Neeyala's vessel. That is,
until a critical discovery is made. Moya's disintegration is not a result of
the collision between the two ships, but sabotage. As time runs out, and the
yawning wormhole beckons, a moment of truth is reached. One crewmember will
sacrifice their life so that the others may live." Written by David Kemper.

13 April 2001, 9:00 PM: "Different Destinations"
"The crew of Moya stop at the ancient site of a great siege, where
Peacekeeper forces once negotiated surrender to a vastly superior army.
Then, in the midst of this tranquillity, the impossible happens. Through a
freak combination of Stark's ethereal presence, and a mysterious tear in the
fabric of time, Crichton and his comrades are thrust back into the past.
Materialising in the midst of the ancient siege, they accidentally change
the course of events. Now as time grows short, they must discover how to set
right what once went wrong - before they become history, too." Written by
Steve Worland.



I've heard on the news that the German company that bought Henson maybe looking to sell. They're displeased with the returns from Henson. Names being kicked around in case this sale does happen include the suspect (Disney) and Nickelodeon.

Spoilage from

On Screen Farscape Season Premiere “Season of Death” by Kathie Huddleson

Season three opens with Aeryn's body in stasis awaiting burial in space, Scorpius hiding out in the surgical facility trying to avoid detection by Moya's crew, and a restrained Crichton screaming at the top of his lungs. Moya's crew discovers Crichton and the dying surgeon, and unwittingly keeps Scorpius from escaping. 

Zhann (Hey) manages to revive the surgeon, who admits that he may be able to restore Crichton's speech, but at the cost of another's life. Zhann joins in Unity with Crichton to communicate with him and learn what his wishes are. She is horrified to discover that Crichton wants to die because he blames himself for Aeryn's death, and that part of the Scorpius clone is still in his brain.

As Scorpius tries to manipulate the situation, he hides and waits for his command carrier to arrive. With the knowledge that Scorpius is nearby, D'Argo (Simcoe), Zhann and Stark (Paul Goddard) must decide if they are willing to pay the terrible price to get Crichton back intact.

A new season with a new direction
Farscape continues its fantastic voyage into a third season with "Season of Death." In the manner of the show's best episodes, "Season" takes the characters into unexpected directions, while still staying true to their natures. The season premiere ties up the cliffhangers nicely and heads the show in an effective new direction.

"Season of Death" will offer answers to the questions "Is Aeryn really dead?" and "Will Crichton get the top of his head put back on?" Of course, only a science-fiction show would have a character go through brain surgery and recover in minutes without a scar to show for it, and then run around trying to elude a bad guy. But that's a minor quibble when there are so many other delights to be had, not the least of which is Scorpius, an absolutely deliciously original and thoroughly nasty villain. "Season of Death" features the usual excellent production values and special effects, along with the wonderful cast, led by Browder.

Last season the series was driven by Scorpius' unrelenting pursuit of Crichton as the crew came to trust and count on each other. This season promises yet another direction for this inspired and wonderfully realized series, starting with a brand-new opening that touches on Crichton's conflicted feelings about returning to Earth. The new credits also feature Lani John Tupu (as Crais, although he also voices Pilot), Pygram (Scorpius) and Goddard (Stark). Promising to take the series to a new level, Executive Producer David Kemper has said, "This is the year it all comes together. And this is the year it all falls apart."

From TV Guide - Suns and Lovers:

Suns and Lovers
60 min.
Moya's life hangs in the balance after the ship is entangled in docking
cables during a visit to commerce facility to invest the crew's ill-gotten
gains from the Shadow Depository. D'Argo (Anthony Simcoe), reeling from
personal betrayal, risks his life to release Moya. Jothee: Matt Newton.
Borlick: Leanna Walsmann. Moordil: Thomas Holesgrove. Chiana: Gigi Edgely.

Cast: Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Anthony Simcoe, Virginia Hey, John
Eccleston, Jonathan Hardy, Sean Masterson, Lani John Tupu, Gigi Edgley, Matt

Newton, Paul Goddard, Leanna Walsmann, Thomas Holesgrove, Jessica Fallico,
David Lucas "


Season of Death
60 min.
Scorpius makes his chilling presence felt on the Ice Planet while Crichton
struggles to recover from brain surgery in the sizzling conclusion of last
season's thrilling cliffhanger.
As played by Wayne Pygram, the soulless, calculating Scorpius oozes a
casual, deathly cool. Last episode, he was probing Crichton's brain for
information about the wormhole. In this third-season opener, D'Argo, Stark
and Zhaan work to heal Crichton, but their efforts are stymied when Scorpius
takes control of yet another body. Meanwhile, Crichton (Ben Browder), still
mourning Aeryn's death, struggles to remove a lingering trace of his nemesis
from his mind.

Cast: Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Anthony Simcoe, Virginia Hey, John
Eccleston, Jonathan Hardy, Sean Masterson, Lani John Tupu, Gigi Edgley, Matt
Newton, Paul Goddard, Wayne Pygram
Category: Sci-fi & Paranormal
Release Year: 2001

To: Karlsweb
>From: Liz
>3rd March 2001
>This was in the spring 2001 edition of SFX magazine, during a telephone
>interview with Claudia Black:
>A few weeks ago we saw you die in Farscape. And yet here you are filming
>season three… So you're definitely back?
>CB: "Well, Claudia Black is."
>CB: "Yeah…"
>CB: "I'm still employed on Farscape, but anything other than that, I can't
>really say."
>How early did you know you were going to die in Farscape?
>CB: "We had been told that there would be a significant death in the final
>episode or towards the end of the season. And I was so tired I was begging
>it would be me. Somebody came up to me from the writer's office and said,
>'just to let you know, in case you've heard any rumours, it's okay, it's
>okay, you die but don't worry.' And I was like, 'Is this the face of a
>that looks worried to you? You do what you have to do and whatever you do
>will be for the good of the show.'"

Big thanks to Liz!



Pygram Talks Season 3 Scorpius

Wayne Pygram--who plays the villainous Scorpius on The SCI FI Channel's
original series Farscape--told free-lance SF columnist Ian Spelling that the
third season opens
with not one, but two of the creepy bad guys. Farscape's third-season
premiere, "Season of Death," airs March 16.

"The opener starts with the Scorpy clone" from the season-two cliffhanger,
Pygram told Spelling. Scorpius has placed Crichton in a vegetative state
with an image of Scorpius in
his mind, which Pygram called "the Scorpy clone." "What we're dealing with
in the opener--and what we'll be dealing with for the major arc of series
three for me--is wormholes and also John Crichton's brain. Also, we'll deal
with the notion of Scorpius and John Crichton being one, and what that means
to both Scorpius and Crichton. I hope that's
a good teaser. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I may actually have
said too much already."

Pygram added, "Now that we have the Scorpy clone, in a sense, they've put
Scorpius to rest for a minute and have allowed this Scorpy-clone character
to exist in Crichton's
brain, unsupervised by Scorpius, kind of like a rudderless ship. So I've
been given a chance to play a little, because the Scorpy clone is not
Scorpius. It's a delicate thing,
because I don't want to undermine everything I've set up. What's important
is that, when you see Scorpius, he continues to surprise you. If the
audience is ahead of me, then we're in trouble."

A new crew member? (02/26/01) Either that or group hysteria?

This was taken of the BB:

Date: 2/24/2001
From: Cush

There has been talk that Tammy McIntosh will joing FarScape this year. She
will be on Good Guys Bad Guys tomorrow night at 6pm est,on channel 315
(Direct TV, TRIO Network)


Date: 2/24/2001
From: ScarletteAnjel

but who the frell is Tammy McIntosh?? Was she a guest star on Farscape in
past seasons or someone totally new? Info, please!

Date: 2/25/2001
From: MarkTwo

Tammy McIntosh is allegedly going to be a new cast memeber on the show. She
first appeared on Oz TV with the show Police Rescue.

Kemper on S3!!!(poss spoilers???)

Date: 2/24/2001
From: RydraWong

Evil Genius (tm) David Kemper has given a lengthy interview to Dreamwatch
magazine (issue 79) on the subject of season 3. Of course, he is maddeningly
cryptic, but still ... wow. Among other things, he says:

"The fun of what the fans have just seen is to sit and ponder about what's
going to happen. Moya is burned and dying, Aeryn is dead, and Scorpius has
left with a piece of John's brain, so he can no longer speak. What's
happened to Aeryn? D'Argo has now found his son, so what will that mean? The
only man that could put Crichton back together is dead, so how is this going
to end? That's what I want people to think about."

"Last year, the physical theme was a chip in the head, losing control,
losing your mind. In the first year the theme was just getting to know the
world, trying to find out, as Ben always says, where the toilets are. The
second year was, okay, now I've got a real crisis, I'm losing my mind, I'm
losing control and I can't stop, and the theme of the third year is
something different. There's an overall agenda to year three. I don't know
what the overall agenda for year four is, and I won't figure that out until
we're writing the scripts for the fourth season. E very year we start the
season with a couple of really good episodes. We resolve the last year, and
then we don't think too hard. We just make a couple of episodes where cool
things happen, and along the way the theme lends itself."

"When I wrote [Aeryn's death] scene I was so happy because I knew it was
going to work and that people were going to go crazy!"

"We're shooting episode six right now, and when we were shooting episode
four I wandered round all week long telling everyone, 'Hey, let me tell you
what the last five episodes are,' so everyone was buzzing about it. If you
talk to people early, they come to you with ideas."

"I wrote a press release for the Sci-Fi Channel that said something like,
'John Crichton sets a new goal for himself; a dangerous goal, an elusive
goal, an obsessive goal.' That's the overall theme, and then our next goal
is to shock people. I can't really say too much except that in the same way
that the last four episodes of season two formed a story, the first four
episodes form their own complete and new story. At the same time, they also
complete the four episodes of last year. You can look at it and say, oh,
that wraps up the last four episodes, and yet it spins the whole thing; it's
like two stories at once. Half of it is finishing up last year and half of
it is pushing you into what this season will be about, so the first four
episodes are pretty complicated character-wise. We also have to address the
fact that one of our lead actors is dead [and] deal with the emotions
attendant to that. I can guarantee there will be some freaked-out fans as
the season unrolls at the beginning of the year because we have to deal with
some issues and there are some things you won't see coming. If we've done
our job right and I believe we have, everybody has certain expectations, and
they can go away and do some mental maths for the next three months - or
however long it is until the show's premiere - about what's going to happen
at the beginning of the year."

"Let's just say that in season three, you will also get to know a lot more
about Crais and what he's up to. Everyone, from Scorpius to Crais to
everybody else - what they think they want will be more clearly defined.
This is the season where everybody will get a better hint of what people are
really up to. You have to ask yourself why Crais came back. He has a reason;
you just don't know what it is at the moment."

"Scorpius wanted the knowledge in Crichton's head, so now that he has the
chip, he has to do something with it. But there are all sorts of things that
Scorpius doesn't know or he's miscalculated, so he'll attempt to do certain
things but naturally be thwarted in those things. He will continue to be our
villain, and we have some rather wonderful surprises for the audience along
those lines."

"We're making the kind of show that gives us pleasure and that we like to
sit around and watch as a company together, to critique them and talk about
them. When we do something and we like it, we say, 'This is great, they're
going to love it!' In the beginning we broke conventions - Rockne S.
O'Bannon created a show out of his mind that was different and unique, and
people responded to it. All we're doing is continuing to be different and
unique in the spirit that he laid out for us."

(The mag also has an interview with Dave Elsey, so it's really worth getting
your hands on a copy if you can.)



Season Three = Probable Order (Rumors and Hints)

Season of Death
Log File 10301

Suns And Lovers
Log File 10302

Self Inflicted Wounds pt1: Could'a Would'a Should'a
Log File 10303

Self Inflicted Wounds pt2:
Log File 10304

Log File 10305

Log File 10306 = Aeryn's back?

Log File 10307

Green Eyed Monster
Log File 10308 is pumping out the blurbs guys...

"Season of Death"
The Moya's crew must quickly recover from their last adventure because
Scorpius is up to his old tricks. With Ben Browder.

Scorpy! long time no see.

"Suns and Lovers"
An outrageous love triangle ignites dangerous sparks aboard a space
where the crew find themselves trapped during a powerful interstellar
>With Ben Browder.

Chiana + Jothee + D'argo = Fireworks

"Self-Inflicted Wounds: Could'a, Would'a, Should'a"
Crichton (Ben Browder) learns the elusive technology that could allow him
to return home to Earth, but while he is preoccupied with the consequences a
crew member unsuspectingly nears death.

Worm Hole Technology in one easy lesson! can anyone say 'meet the
Oh no, they say that this show will focus on Jothee, we know he inflicted
those wounds on himself, so that means Jothee nears death?



The latest.... (A bit Thank You goes out to Laura for the scoop!)

Hey Karl, found this snippet on

Farscape star turns writer Plus, Claudia Black returns, but will Aeryn
Sun.? (Spoilers below.) In a series of exclusive interviews with the stars of
Farscape this week, SFX learned the following snippets about season three of the show.

Ben Browder has written an episode of the show. "[Producer] David Kemper
made me do it out of revenge," he said mysteriously, before admitting, "It'll be rewriting it
right up until we film it - even as we film it. The keyboard has been my only friend

Claudia Black, meanwhile, is keeping very tight lipped about her involvement, following the death of her character Aeryn Sun at the end of season two. "All I can say is that Claudia Black will be returning, but I won't say what as," she
told SFX archly. She also revealed that her workload for the first few episodes of season three was lightnened to enable her to film extra scenes for her role in the Anne Rice vampire movie, Queen Of The Damned. She was originally supposed to have only a non-speaking role, but the director was so impressed, he expanded her role.
"It was very flattering," she admitted, "but I was a bit worried he might not be so impressed when I opened my mouth."


Claudia spotted in Oz... at Homebush Studios:

Many thanks to Tanym Sun for this nice tid bit <G>

The day after we pulled in...went to Homebush. Once we located the studios we went in
the office. Unfortunately they didn't give us a tour but ...We did see Claudia
in the parking lot.

This news just smuggled out of the UTs. ;-) 1/27/01

Fact: ~ Aeryn will definitely be back, and as herself. You can expect to see
her back on Moya by the sixth episode, at the latest in season 3. ~

(There is a possibility) that the chip Crais has contains information on her parents, most likely her father only, but possibly her mother as well.

(Another possibility) that we haven't seen the last of Scorpius - there will
be a problem with the wormhole tech, and he will need Crichton to solve it.



This is a recent interview with Claudia.

Jan. 12, 2001, 7:36PM

'Space babe' Black happy with her Farscape role
New York Times Special Features

"I think that may happen as a result of Crichton becoming less and less
accessible," she said. "Perhaps he will be pushed away from Aeryn, and the
irony is that she's becoming more like him just as he's shifting toward the
way that Aeryn was at the beginning.

"I don't know if that's an arc they'll intentionally push all the way
through season three," she said, "but the roles have shifted and Aeryn is
having to care for Crichton, rather than disregard him. It's actually been
good for Ben and me to have a shift in the role play. It gives us something
different to experiment with."

Before any such developments can be explored, however, season two must end,
and the ramifications of its final four episodes must be taken into account.
The first three episodes, "A Not-So-Simple Plan," "With Friends Like These"
and "Plan B," dealt primarily with Moya's crew saving D'Argo's son (Matt
Newton) while Scorpius (Wayne Pygram) prepared to lobotomize Crichton.




It was originally posted to the Ultimate Farscape BB. The source can be found the original post there.

Aeryn *is* coming back... we have proof!!!!

The fusion of actress and character has more than pleased executive producer
Henson. Though Farscape is very much an ensemble show, Henson, during the
convention, told and enthusiastic audience that he believed the heart of any
good TV series was a compelling romance, and for Farscape, this lay in the
winning combination of Sun and displaced American astronaut Crichton.

-Okay if Henson (The Power that Is) thinks that Aeryn and Claudia play such
an important role on the series, killing her (for good) would not be
something very smart, would it?
Anyway, if the J/A relationship is the *heart* of this TV series, I doubt it
will survive the transplant because the fans will instantly reject any new
donors...More evidence coming soon.

PS: This was taken from the latest Starlog Claudia interview, which was made
at Scaper Con 2000 right after Season 2 had finished shooting!!!!


Aeryn will be back... she will.

Here's some evidence:

- Gigi Edgely said she was looking foward to have more quiet scenes with
Claudia Black (like LATP) on Season 3!!!

- David Kemper said J&A will (and *will*) have "plenty" of love scenes when
Aeryn reaches a point where she can trust herself, and he also said that
"they'll get togheter"... they have not got together yet... it was just a
declaration of love... neither said they were together now.

- I can't seem to find the post Claudia made after Season 2, but if you have
a chance to read it, it doesn't sound like it comes from a person who's
leaving for good...

- We have gotten no news on Claudia leaving the show, and that things are

- This girl Rachel, who posts on an Ausssie board, says that she has been on
the Farscape sets and saw Claudia shooting a scene, and I think she's being
truthfull because she also said that Jothee and Chiana had a thing going on
and so far it looks like they do, plus she also made comments about the
prowler being borken and that is truth as well!

- This has happened before... if you remember Buffy the vampire slayer,
Angel was killed off at the end of Season 1 or 2, I really don't remember,
anyway, the thing is that in the third or fourth ep. of the new season he
was brought back (in a very stupid way, I may add)
The same thing happened in the X Files, twice in fact, the first time was a
lot of years ago but I remember Scully being put into a coma and then
revived (Gillina Anderson was pregnant or something?), same thing happened
with Mulder on last Season and well everything points to him coming back.

Source: Ultimate Farscape BB

Source: Ultimate Farscape BB

This is the reply posted by Rachel from the Oz bb. Looks like J/A are in for
a tense moment.

Okay so let me try and recall as much as possible,
Firstly I went into a large workshop and in the middle was the huge purple
spaceship which is the Growler, they are still working on this for future
eps. Then he showed me around all the sets - which are amazing - I took some
photos which I will try to get up on the internet but it's hard to capture
what they are really like. I saw Moya's baby's corridors and bridge which
look sort of like Moya's only red. I also got to see a section of Moya from
the outside which one character will climb in a future ep. They were
currently working on a bar of some sort. I was then allowed to watch a scene
they were shooting in another building - it was a snow scene. This is where
I saw Ben Browder, Anthony Simcoe and Claudia Black, who were all shooting a
scene. It was a fight scene where a monster and D' argo fought. Later I was
able to read a script for episode 2 or 3 (i forgot which one). Back on the
set I was lucky enough to be able to hold D'argo's weapon - the only one!!
It is very large and quite heavy to hold for around 5 minutes!! I later was
able to see some DRD's, Rygel, Pilot, monsters, Scorpious' mask.

That's basically it - but I think it's probably the best day of my life -
not to boast or anything. The reason why there isn't any thing at fox
studios is because they don't film it there any more. From the script I read
there was some tension between Aeryn and John so something must have
happened in the episode before - which I didn't have a chance to read,
unfortunately. I hope that answer's all your questions . I will tell you
all when I get my pictures up - but currently I am trying to get some more
photos from my friend.


Farscape writer and creative consultant Justin Monjo told fans to expect some additions to the crew of the sentient starship Moya. "But I'm not telling who, when or why," Monjo said in a SCIFI.COM chat last week. "You'll have to keep watching." Director Rowan Woods added, "I'm sure [executive producer David] Kemper and the gang in the writing room will have another Pilot coming your way in [season] three.


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