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May 05, 2006: From a Brian Henson interview in the Toronto Star: "As for devoted Farscape fans willing to grab any sliver of hope the sci-fi show may return, he advises: 'I do believe we will do more Farscape. It will not be a continuation of that TV show, because that set of actors and all will not be available. But there will be something else and I am just not sure what, exactly.'"

April 16, 2006: From Starburst DVD 3.3 commentary on Into the Lion's Den, Part II: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by David Kemper & Rockne S. O'Bannon 
Rockne: As is typical in science fiction shows, and our show in particular, people can die but they don’t necessarily perish forever. We’d always have in the back of our minds, There’s a way…we had a way of bringing Crais back. And I vow that someday, we may in fact…I don’t know how…but someday...

March 15, 2006: From the Anime News Network's web site:  "As for the Farscape anime, it appears that the next step in the franchise will be a theatrical feature, and the anime series is currently a low-priority project."

February 27, 2006: In response to a question about non-Japanese content from ADV, Greenfield (co-founder of ADV Films, the producer of the Farscape DVDs) stated that the Farscape anime was "still being talked about," but that current buzz was about a feature film.

February 13, 2006: From a Wonder-Con report MoviesOnline: The second and last panel I attended Friday was the "Mirrormask DVD panel. Executive Producer Michael R. Polis (with the Jim Henson Company) and Rob Valoy (with Tokyo Pop, an anime/manga producing company) helmed the stage for this panel. At this point, not too much is unknown about the actual film (available on DVD February 14th), so Polis went into more detail about the DVD and the making of the movie. Originally titled "Curse of the Goblin Kingdom (remember, this is the Jim Henson Co., makers of Dark Crystal an Labyrinth), the film, written by Neil Gaiman (who has a couple other movie deals based on some of his graphic novels, like Sandman and Good Omens) and directed by Dave Mckean ("N[eon]"), only cost about 4 million dollars to make in it's 2 month production process. After it launched at Sun dance in January, it was released in London soon after, where the film was shot. Valoy's involvement in the panel was to let us know of the dealings TokyoPop has with the Jim Henson Company. Coming this fall is a story-furthering set of three 160 paged "Labyrinth" graphic novels and an animated "Dark Crystal" series. The biggest news the gentlemen brought to the table was the announcement of a "Dark Crystal" sequel (to be directed by Genndy Tartovski, director of "Star Wars: Clone Wars") to be here sometime in 2008, and the "Farscape" project the Henson Co. is currently working on.

January 10, 2006: From an interview with Ben Browder on SciFi Wire: "Even as Stargate SG-1 rolls on, Farscape fans continue to clamor for the further adventures of star-crossed lovers John Crichton (Browder) and Aeryn Sun (Black). Browder noted that he'd welcome a follow-up to the SCI FI Channel's 2004 miniseries Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. "Oh, I'd be more than happy to play John Crichton again," Browder said. "I haven't heard any news lately about it. I think that will [be] a business decision. When it's the right time for it to be realized, and when there's a will by [executive producer] Brian Henson to do it, that's probably when it will happen."

Browder added: "Brian is obviously busy doing other things at the moment, but he and I have talked about it. I think it's more a question for Brian than it is for me as to when and whether we'll see more Farscape. But Farscape has a very special place in my heart. I absolutely adored the series and adored playing John Crichton, so if the opportunity presents itself I'd be more than happy to go back into the fold again."

September 26, 2002: From Cinescape online: In a telephone conversation and follow-up e-mail ADV Films Public Relations Manager Andrew Nelson confirmed and elaborated on information contained in an ADV press release dated September 20th. The original release listed FARSCAPE: THE ANIMATED SERIES with 26 half-hour episodes under the heading "Properties In Active Production." Nelson wrote: "The FARSCAPE anime project should more accurately be described as 'in development' at this point--

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