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Below is our policy on spoilers as delivered by Karlsweb's own AmyJ at the 2002 Official Farscape Convention.

“One thing that we always try to make sure of is that if we have a spoiler, we try to verify its integrity. And a lot of the ones that come forth are out of publications in the UK. Well, we’re in the US and sometimes there are pictures there that haven’t even aired [in episodes] in the US yet…sooooo…  we’re taking this as almost factual that this is going to happen so speculation can be made on it. So from there you can make the connection that at some point it would be ok to put that up on the website because in the future, it may or may not be right.” 

"Ladies & Gentlemen, meet the next governor of California!" Ricky Manning, Farscape Writer and Executive Producer

After the War section updated May 5, 2006.

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