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Karl's Soapbox
 The Great Karlsweb Wedding

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Karl's Soapbox
Karl Dusts Off the Very Old Soapbox: Farscape¡¯s coming back! So why I am not excited? I have been hoping since the conclusion of Farscape with the...more

Artwork Gallery Update
More from ScorpSik, Mark, Oleg, and Sherri in our Artwork Gallery

New Articles in DataStores
It seems as though everyone's been interviewing Ben Browder and Claudia Black for their magazines. Click here to read the four newest articles in our DataStores!

Ben Browder Interviewed on ScapeCast
January 07, 2007: The ScapeCast has interviewed Ben Browder for their 20th episode! Always on top of what's happening in the Farscape universe, this month they've also got convention news, what's going on with cast & creative staff members, awards information and loads more. Download it here or on iTunes.

January 05, 2007: Thanks to Rebecca, we have a bunch of new bloopers in our Humor section!

Who's Doing What and When?
January 04, 2007:
We have a couple of updates on what cast and creative staff members have been doing since Farscape. Check out our Where Are They Now page to see what's happening!

The Power of the Dark Crystal
January 04, 2007: We have some sketches for the upcoming Jim Henson Company film The Power of the Dark Crystal. Brian Henson (Executive Producer & Director) and Victor Yerrid (Puppeteer) are set to perform. Click here to see the sketches.

Separated at Birth Updated
January 03, 2007:
Thought that person/thing looked familiar? Check out who (or what) in the Uncharteds has a twin! Our Humor section's Separated at Birth area has been updated. Click here to check 'em out. Thanks to Rebecca for this one!

Congratulations to Our Own AmyJ!
Karlsweb's own AmyJ is now a published author! Be sure to check out her first (of many to come) published story here.

Television Without Pity
If you've never been to Television Without Pity, you're in for a treat! The site recaps episodes of several TV shows and has started doing recaps of all of Farscape! This is quite a coup for Farscape because it's the only show not currently on air with new episodes that TwoP has done. And their recaps are hilarious! Check it out here.
Thanks to Barb for the tip!

Stargate SG-1 Movie?
According to IGN, Stargate SG-1 is a pretty strong possibility for a series of TV movies. Since its cancellation by SciFi, MGM has supposedly been shopping the series around to other networks with no takers. Some cast members who spoke with IGN have stated that there will probably be several TV movies once the series ends. Click here for the full story.


Where Are They Now? Are you wondering what Farscape's cast, guests and creative staff are doing now?. Click here to find out!

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