The Great Karlsweb Wedding!

AmyJ and Toadie - August 25, 2007

Caricature Courtesy of ScorpSik



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Full Circle 

As crazy and fantastic as Farscape was, sometimes real life is stranger and far more wonderful and fantastic. 

A long time ago, I  started Kweb as a way of dealing with a very sad period in my life. Through this little site I have gained such wonderful friends: Barb who is now owner and editor not to mention the best beta-er in this side of the Galaxy, Amy the former Editor/Head writer for Kweb, and Barry contributing writer and perennial humorist. 

The end of Farscape wasn’t the end of our friendships. We would meet when we could at conventions and such. Amy moved cross-country and now resides a short drive from Barb. When we would see each other, we would speak as if we had just talked the week before. So when I heard the news of Barry’s proposal to Amy I could not have been happier. I thought how cool is that, what great closure on the saddest period of my life. Come to find out they also wanted me to be part of their celebrations. To this day that offer blows me away. So I witnessed the marriage of Barry and Amy, with Barb at Amy’s side as her matron of honor and I at Barry’s side as best man. We watched and grinned and smiled through their vows and I have to admit there were one or two places where a tear nearly sprung from the eyes. What a glorious union. 

I have come full circle now this chapter of my life is closed. With these friends I look to the future and what the next chapter has to bring. 

All the best to you,
Founder Karlsweb Farscape E-zine.

PS Did I mention their marriage also gave me the opportunity to wear a kilt? Ah but that is a story for another time. <G> 

I have to admit that never in a million years would I have dreamed that I’d make three of the best friends of my life from people I’d never met in person! When I discovered Karlsweb, it was still called The IASA Project Review. Before I knew it, I was writing episode reviews and convention reports and the Enscapelopedia. Amy soon joined as fiction writer and soon became Editor in Chief. Barry became a writer soon after and, as Karl said, we met at WorldCon in 2001.

I’m honored to tell you that Barry proposed to Amy in my living room on Christmas day. And even better, their wedding took place in my back yard! Karl and I stood up for them and my husband had the privilege of escorting Amy down the aisle. They’re both living very near me now (Barry from Scotland and Amy from the mid-west) and Karl is only a few hours away, so we’ll be getting together often in the future. 

Editor Karlsweb Farscape E-zine


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