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Open letter to the Sci Fi Channel :

We, the fans of Farscape, are saddened and disheartened by the SciFi Channel's decision not to license a fifth season of the series, even though less than a year ago they were incredibly proud to announce a two-season pick-up of what they called their "signature series."

Although we know that fan campaigns to save doomed series have become somewhat of a humorous cliché, we are nonetheless leaving the comfort of our couch to write this in the hopes that SciFi will somehow honor its viewers' loyalty to the series (and its advertisers including Mazda, Volkswagen, Ace Hardware to name a few, if any of them have read this far!) to at least give the producers of what was until last week touted as their flagship series to finish their story.

In the meantime, we want to thank the amazing cast and crew of  Farscape for four fabulous years. Beware the comfy chair, and remember hu- no, make that all of YOU - are superior!