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Karlsweb Interview with Rittenhouse

Updated June 5, 2002Rittenhouse Archives has announced September as the release date for the Season Three set of cards. They'll continue the 22-card bonus sets "Behind the Scenes" and "The Quotable Farscape" along with  nine "Family Ties" cards, 18 new SketchaFEX cards (hand drawn) and nine "Revenging Angel Animation Cels." Autographers will include Paul Goddard, Tammy Macintosh, Jonathan Hardy and more (see the Karlsweb Exclusive Interview).

May 10, 2002: With a new set of Farscape trading cards due out in September, Mr. Steve Charendoff of Rittenhouse Archives, the publisher of the Farscape cards, graciously agreed to an interview with Karlsweb. Read on to learn what great new things are coming in the Season Three set as well as some background information on what goes into producing it.  


September 12, 2002: A second costume card has been added to the Season Three set of cards to be released in mid October by Rittenhouse Archives. Here's what Rittenhous's Steve Charendoff had to say: 

Regarding our upcoming Farscape: Season 3 card series, please note that we have now added 2 costume cards, by popular demand.  The costume cards will feature materials from the characters Scorpius/Harvey (the neural clone inside Crichton's head) and Xhalax Sun (Aeryn's mother).  Each card will be found approximately once per 12-box case.  After the initial product solicitation, we received numerous requests for more costume cards, and we are pleased to have been able to make this modest addition in order to please so many people (and to add just that much more value to the series, too).


August 15, 2002 UPDATE: The first of the Bobble-Heads will be Crichton, Chiana, Zhaan and Scorpius, with all of the key characters to be eventually produced.

August 12, 2002: Farscape bobble-heads are on the way from Rittenhouse Archives, the publisher of the Farscape trading cards. From Rittenhouse's Steve Charendoff, "The bobbles are still in the works. It's hard getting the likenesses right. Hopefully, we will have them done before end of year (in time for Christmas/Hanukkah)."

In non-Farscape card news, Rittenhouse plans to release a set each of Star Trek Animated and Star Trek: DS9 cards in 2003.


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Chiana by Czop Sketch-pilot-kubert.jpg (13787 bytes) Sketch-drd-pablo.jpg (11500 bytes)
Chiana by Czop
500 Available
Pilot by Kubert School Artists
372 Available
DRD by Pablo
600 Available
Sketch-jool-czop.jpg (21620 bytes) Sketch-drd-czop.jpg (19217 bytes) Sketch-rygel-martineck.jpg (13152 bytes)
Jool by Czop
500 Avalable
DRD by Czop
500 Available
Rygel by Martineck
400 Available
Sketch-dargo-pablo.jpg (20149 bytes) Sketch-caveman-crichton-martineck.jpg (16264 bytes) Sketch-crichton-kubert.jpg (16518 bytes)
D'Argo by Pable
600 Available
Caveman Crichton by Martineck
400 Available
Brainiac Crichton by Kubert School Artists 
369 Available
Sketch-rygel-pablo.jpg (13470 bytes) Sketch-scarrans-kubert.jpg (12899 bytes) Sketch-scorpius-czop.jpg (20047 bytes)
Rygel by Pablo
600 Available
Scarran by Kubert School Artists 
276 Available
Scorpius by Czop
200 Available
Sketch-scorpius-martineck.jpg (14723 bytes) Sketch-zhaan-czop.jpg (20788 bytes) Sketch-scarran-martineck.jpg (14552 bytes)
Scorpius by Martineck
400 Available
Zhaan by Czop
500 Available
Scarran by Martineck
400 Available
Sketch-vocarian-kubert.jpg (13552 bytes) Sketch-stark-kubert.jpg (11791 bytes) Sketch-scorpius-pablo.jpg (20228 bytes)
Vorcarian Blood Tracker by Kubert School Artists 
364 Available
Stark by Kubert School Artists 
419 Available 
Scorpius by Pablo
600 Available


FamilyTies.jpg (10577 bytes)September 15, 2002: One of the "chase card" sets in the upcoming Farscape Season Three set will be called Family Ties. It's a six card set (John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, D'Argo, Chiana, Scorpius, and Moya) with cards that will be inserted at the rate of  1 in every 20 packs or about two per box. 

Other insert sets are Behind the scenes with David Kemper, The Quotable Farscape and Revenging Angel Animation Cels in addition to 9 different autograph cards and 2 costume cards. The base set will consist of 72 cards, #174 - 216.

August 20, 2002: Back in July when Rittenhouse Archives announced their Season Three set of Farscape trading cards, many people were surprised and unhappy that there were no costume cards included in the set. Fortunately, Steve Charendoff listens to his customers! He's recently added another card to the set, a costume card made from the Mambo shirt that Scorpius wore in Crackers Don't Matter

Here's what Mr. Charendoff had to say: "Because fans have demanded it, we have added a costume card of the "Mambo" shirt worn by the neural clone of Scorpius known as Harvey in the episode 'Crackers Don't Matter.' Below are some images of the front and back of the shirt. Insertion rates of the costume card (C14) have not yet been determined.


CardS03_Zhaan.jpg (12756 bytes)July 24, 2002: Rittenhouse Archives has announced the case-topper card for the upcoming Season Three set of Farscape trading cards: P'au Zotoh Zhaan In Memorium. Autographed by Virginia Hey, the card has a different layout than Farscape's other autograph cards. The card number is ZA1. 

Also signing autographs for this set are: 

Card_Stark_PGoddard.jpg (29583 bytes) CardS03_Jool.jpg (14764 bytes) CardS03_Jonathan.jpg (12198 bytes)

Paul Goddard A13

Tammy MacIntosh A14

Jonathan Hardy A15

CardS03_Xhalax.jpg (12712 bytes) CardS03_Sheaves.jpg (10952 bytes) CardS03_Raxil.jpg (11952 bytes)
Linda Cropper A17 Evan Sheaves A19 Fran Buller 
a21Prowse.jpg (19247 bytes)

Andrew Prowse

Matt Newton

Magda Szubanski



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