The two odd Farscape cards (AU1 and AU2) that were shipped from Rittenhouse Archives in some boxes of the Season Two sets turn out to be part of a special six card edition.

According to  Rittenhouse's website, they were originally designated for Another Universe but when they went "belly-up," Cards, Inc. bought them. There are also AU sets for Stargate SG-1 and Xena that will be  distributed through Cards Inc in England.

Thanks to GutPageant for sending the corrected information.


May 19, 2002: There's a new trading card set due out this summer from Rittenhouse Archives. The James Bond 40th Anniversary Set will contain a fantastic list of autographs by at least 24 different cast members from all of the 19 Bond films to date. Virginia Hey will be included in this list for her role as Rubavitch in The Living Daylights. Check it out at Rittenhouse Archives








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As part of the new Season Two set of Farscape cards, Rittenhouse Archives included one contest card in every pack (unless there was a costume card in the pack). The prize is a set of the 13 costume cards that are part of the Season Two set. You need to collect enough cards to spell WIN FARSCAPE CARDS. Finding everything but the "F" card is fairly easy with one in every pack, but the "F" card is very scarce. There are only 50 of them to be had.

If you're afraid you might miss it because you don't know what it looks like, click on the picture above. The card is the same format as the other contest cards, but the "F" is hand printed. Also, the card is embossed with Rittenhouse's seal of authenticity. That picture is pretty hard to miss, too. 


If you're trying to complete a collection of the latest set of Farscape Season Two cards from Rittenhouse Archives, you might find this breakdown of the costume cards helpful. 

The checklist for the new Season Two costume cards lists 13 different cards (see list below), but there are actually several more than that because some of the numbers use two or three different materials for the swatches. The Crais card (CC8) for example, has a version with a piece of black leather and one with red leather. D'Argo (CC6) actually has three different costume materials, a very thick one, a woven fabric, and a velvet one.  Crichton (CC3) also has a red leather and a black leather version, while Scorpius has a thin and a thick one. This adds up to a total of 18 different cards.

To counteract that a bit, the two Zhaan cards use the same material.

The table below was updated last week on the Rittenhouse Archives' web site, increasing the total number of available costume cards from 14,575 to 15,975, a difference of 1400 more cards.


CC 1  Crichton   975
CC 2  Crichton   850
CC 3  Crichton Red 375
CC 3  Crichton Black 375
CC 4  Stark   750
CC 5  Rygel   1100
CC 6  D'Argo Thick 950
CC 6  D'Argo Woven 850
total for both versions
CC 6  D'Argo Velvet
CC 7  Scorpius Thin 2100
CC 7  Scorpius Thick 250
CC 8  Crais Red 125
CC 8  Crais Black 325
CC 9  Chiana   2000
CC 10 Chiana   350
CC 11 Chiana   1300
CC 12 Zhaan   2000
CC 13 Zhaan   1300


Someone must have been asleep at the switch while they should have been proofreading the newest set of cards from Rittenhouse Archives.  

Card_AL10.jpg (12641 bytes) Card_AL11.jpg (14765 bytes)

Will the real Tavlek please raise your hand?

Card_BK1.jpg (11406 bytes) Card_Body.jpg (14212 bytes)

Mind the What??


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