February 14, 2003: Right now, Rittenhouse Archives has nothing specific to announce, but a spokesman told Karlsweb Newscape that they "...are exploring the possibility of an all-painted or all-art type of set. Stay tuned." Imagine the possibilities!


November 28, 2002: Rittenhouse Archives, the producer of the Farscape trading cards, has begun using what they call "Archive Boxes." These hot boxes will contain at least one of every card in a set minus the binder-exclusive cards. Expect to see these with the Season Four Farscape set due for release in March 2003.  Click here to read more about "Archive Boxes."


January 17, 2003: In a recent vote by the readers of Non-Sport Update Magazine, a trading card specialty magazine, Rittenhouse Archives won the coveted "Gummie Award" for best manufacturer of 2002. The voting ended in a tie for first place with Inkworks. Back in October, Rittenhouse also won the European Card Manufacturer of the Year. There was another for tie 1st place in the "Most Creative Set" category between Rittenhouse's Star Trek 35th Anniversary release and Inkworks's Simpson Mania. They took 2nd place in the "Best Binder" for Xena Season 6.

Rittenhouse Archives manufactures the Farscape trading cards. The Season Four set is due for release at the end of April.


August 15, 2002 UPDATE: The first of the Bobble-Heads will be Crichton, Chiana, Zhaan and Scorpius, with all of the key characters to be eventually produced.

August 12, 2002: Farscape bobble-heads are on the way from Rittenhouse Archives, the publisher of the Farscape trading cards. From Rittenhouse's Steve Charendoff, "The bobbles are still in the works. It's hard getting the likenesses right. Hopefully, we will have them done before end of year (in time for Christmas/Hanukkah)."

In non-Farscape card news, Rittenhouse plans to release a set each of Star Trek Animated and Star Trek: DS9 cards in 2003.


A message from Steve Charendoff of Rittenhouse Archives

October 3, 2002:  Farscape Season 3 is just about out (October 16th), and we expect no additional delays (phew!) in releasing this terrific new series. As many of you know, we heard your pleas for more costume cards, and have added 2 new ones at the last minute. The two costume cards will feature materials from Scorpius/Harvey (the neural clone inside Crichton's head) and Xhalax Sun (Aeryn's mother), and will be inserted at the rate of one of each per case. 

And to tease you just a little, we have already acquired more costume materials for our next series for costume cards of Grayza, Noranti and Lt. Braca, with more to come. The studio has also promised to send us an authentic piece of Moya's interior! After all, our favorite Leviathan deserves a costume/relic card, too!


November 22, 2002: Rittenhouse Archives announced that the Season Four set of trading cards have been scheduled for a March 2003 release. Some of the goodies to look for in this set are costume cards from Grayza, Noranti and Lt. Braca as well as an archive card with an authentic piece of Moya's interior. 


January 7, 2003 From Rittenhouse Archives: Sci-Fi channel's hit show returns to trading cards, with Farscape Season Four based on the fourth full season of Farscape, the hottest sci-fi show over the past 3-1/2 years. This time around each box will contain 2 autograph cards and 1 costume card in every box with a limited production run of only 6,000 boxes!

This years exciting autograph card line-up is lead by some of the great recurring stars such as Melissa Jaffer as Noranti, Raelee Hill as Sikozu, Rebecca Riggs as Commandant Mele-On Grayza, David Franklin as Braca, Lani John Tupu as the voice of Pilot and more!

Farscape Season 4 trading cards also return with several fan favorite subsets including 22 "The Quotable Farscape" cards, 22 "Behind-the-Scenes with David Kemper" cards and at least 6 different costume cards. This years costume cards are all new featuring costumes from Jool, Jothee, Moya and more!

New chase sets for this series are "Farscape ArtiFex ™ cards" which is original Farscape Art created by Virginia Hey and "Farscape Gallery Film cards" featuring your favorite misfit crew members!

And don't forget those Archive Boxes and Moya "costume" cards. 



< Click Here for Season Three Cards >

< Click Here for Season Two Cards >

April 16, 2003: Thanks to Rittenhouse Archives, we now have images of most of the autograph cards as well as all the costume cards for the upcoming Season Four set. Release date has been moved up a week to May 14th.

Autograph Cards

A22RaeleeHill.jpg (13558 bytes)
A22 Raelee Hill A23 Melissa Jaffer A24 Rebecca Riggs
a25Braca.jpg (15493 bytes) Pilot.jpg (18546 bytes) Coming Soon
A25 David Franklin A26 Lani Tupu A27 Rowan Woods

A28Vella.jpg (22473 bytes)

A29DK.jpg (21896 bytes)

A30Spence.jpg (22191 bytes)
A28 Eliz. Alexander A29 Murray Bartlet A30 Bruce Spence

A31Einstein.jpg (20182 bytes)

A32Harvey.jpg (23452 bytes) A33GigiBeacon.jpg (21046 bytes)
A31 John Bach A32 Wayne Pygram A33 Gigi Edgley

A34KentMc.jpg (22786 bytes)

Coming Soon or may be held over for the next set
A34 Kent McCord A?? Justin Monjo

Costume Cards

C16Jool.jpg (20249 bytes) C17Jothee.jpg (20346 bytes) c18Noranti.jpg (26814 bytes)

C16 Jool
630 Available

C17 Jothee
725 Available

C18 Noranti
1555 Available

C19Braca.jpg (24036 bytes) c20Grayza.jpg (25569 bytes) c21Moya.jpg (27519 bytes)

C19 Braca
1545 Available

C20 Grayza
1545 Available

C21 Moya 
(Album Exclusive)

Gallery Cards

G1.jpg (22748 bytes) G2.jpg (21757 bytes) G3.jpg (23520 bytes)




G4.jpg (23046 bytes) G5.jpg (22613 bytes) G6.jpg (24199 bytes)




G7.jpg (24581 bytes)

G8.jpg (24573 bytes)



SikozuTopper.jpg (29437 bytes)Rittenhouse Archives has also emailed with more information about the case topper card for the set. Each card will be an individually hand-painted image of Sikozu by artist John Czop. These are not mechanically reproduced cards, each one is an individually created card. 


ZhaanX6P.jpg (23148 bytes)

March 16, 2003: In her latest newsletter to her fans, Virginia Hey talks about her ArtiFEX drawings for the release of Farscape: Season Four trading cards. Here's what she has to say:

"Well who would've thought you had that hidden talent!".. That was the reaction I received from my dear friend's at Rittenhouse Trading Card company when they saw a certain somebody's drawing of Zhaan.. hee hee.

The FS cast were all contacted and asked if they could draw, and if so, would they like to draw a sketch of their character.. I received my email and thought, "Now that's an interesting request, I'll have a play.."

Well, I CAN draw, no problems, (went to art school and studied Fine Arts before I started modeling way back when), so I submitted a "Zhaan" black pen drawing highly detailed..

Steven Charendoff, the CEO of Rittenhouse, (and dear friend,), loved it so much he commissioned me to draw the entire cast of FS!!!!!!!!! Yiiipppeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooop wooooooop!!!

I've been sneaky and haven't told many of you about this. Hee heeee..

Well, Im proud to say I've completed them! My portraits are called Farscape ArtiFEX Cards as part of the Farscape Season 4 Trading Card sets. Much like the costume cards were a part of previous sets.

I've drawn:

Crichton - Aeryn - Zhaan - D'argo - Chiana - Crais - Scorpius - Jool - Sikozu - Grayza

I drew the 10 portraits on 10x8 inch pages and they were reduced. They look FABULOUS as trading cards!!!!!!!!

However, this year I will travel to conventions with a copy of each of the original 10 in a book, so I can show you what they look like at their full size. At some stage I'll have an art show!

So, that's something I'm SO proud of!!! I've always had the artist streak, it runs in the family, my mother was an artist, writer and journalist, my father painted, and invented, my sister was an art teacher, one of my brothers was a commercial artist, one other brother paints in his spare time and the other is a Landscape garden designer. ALL artistic, it pours from us. So when I was asked why I didn't say anything, I said "Well, no one asked! I've always been able to draw, its just something that I've grown up with, I didn't think it was a special talent because everyone around me had it.. I've not ever thought of using it specifically!!"

I have always used my artistic nature, but just not in the particular medium.

Actually I'm VERY excited about it now, I seem to be having an art career late in life!! Well, as they say, "Youth is wasted on the youth!" Now I can appreciate my gifts! XXXX

I've also just finished Xena and Gabrielle for Rittenhouse, I'm very proud of those too!

I'll do a self portrait for my site one of these days.... Promises promises!!! Hee hee


KentMc.jpg (10367 bytes)

GigiCard.jpg (10029 bytes)

WayneScorpy.jpg (10036 bytes)

Kent McCord

Gigi Edgley

Wayne Pygram

March 7, 2003: Three more autographs have been added to "Farscape: Season 4 Trading Cards" scheduled for release in April. Kent McCord as Jack Crichton, Gigi Edgley as Chiana and Wayne Pygram as Harvey, "The Neural Clone." Click Here for a complete list of autographs for this set.


S4P1.jpg (18110 bytes)

March 6, 2003: Promo card P1 is now available from Rittenhouse Archives. It's free! All you need to do is send them a self-addressed stamped envelope and they'll send you your card. 

Click here for more information.


ArtiFEX™ card X1
John Crichton

February 15, 2003: We've just learned from Rittenhouse Archives that the Case Topper cards for the Season Four set will be colored SketchaFEX cards with a difference. "...a hand-painted series of cards depicting Raelee Hill as Sikozu! Every card will be hand-painted  not reproductions of a painting, but every card uniquely hand-painted." There will be only 500 cases (6000 boxes) of the cards.

In addition to the case toppers, there will be a series of original drawings by Virginia Hey. These will be reproduced as ArtiFEX™ cards in a nine-card set featuring all of the main cast members and inserted at the rate of one in ten packs. In addition, Virginia Hey will sign some of the Zhaan ArtiFEX™ cards which will be inserted at the rate of 1:480 packs.  


Promo Card

UPDATE: February 14, 2003: We have some new images of the three promo cards from Rittenhouse Archives

UPDATE  January 30, 2002: Due to some collector complaints, Rittenhouse has removed the parallel set of nine ArtiFEX cards. Originally, these cards were to have been signed by Virginia Hey and inserted on a 1/480 pack basis. Some collectors felt that it would be too difficult for them to collect a complete set and made enough noise that Rittenhouse changed this. Now there will be only one autographed parallel card, the X6 - Zhaan.  

January 23, 2003: The Season Four set of Farscape Cards from Rittenhouse Archives is looking better every minute. Here's a quick breakdown of what's going to be in the set when it comes out at the end of April.

Promo Card P2

ArtiFEX Cards: New to the set will be ArtiFEX cards which will have original art created by Virginia Hey. These will be found at the rate of 1 in every 10 packs. Even better, there will be a parallel set of Autographed ArtiFex cards, signed by Virginia Hey, inserted at the rate of 1 in 480 packs (about 1 per case). Depicted on the 9 cards of each set will be John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, D'Argo, Chiana, Captain Crais, Zhaan, Scorpius, Grayza and Sikozu.

Autograph Cards: There will be 12 autograph cards inserted at the rate of 2 in each box. Announced signers so far are Raelee Hill as Sikozu, Melissa Jaffer as Noranti, Rebecca Riggs as Grayza, David Franklin as Braca, Lani Tupu as the voice of Pilot, Rowan Woods as Male Zhaan, Writer Justin Monjo and five others still to be announced. 

Costume Cards: Six costume cards are planned for the series, one in each box. Characters who's costumes will be part of the set are Jool, Jothee, Noranti, Lt. Braca, Grayza and, exclusive to the collector's album, Moya! 

Case Topper: Something different in case toppers this time around: A colored SketchaFex card! In every case there will be a Sikozu colored sketch card.

S4P1.jpg (18110 bytes)

Promo Card P1

Farscape Gallery Cards: There will be one of these in every box with a total of 8 Gallery Cards. Depicted are John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, D'Argo, Chiana, Captain Crais, Zhaan, Scorpius, and Rygel.

Behind the Scenes & Quotable Farscape: These two sets of 22 cards each continue from the Season Two and Three editions, going from #45 through #66. They'll be inserted at the rate of 1 in every 5 packs.


Farscape is owned by The Jim Henson Company, Hallmark Entertainment, Nine Network (Australia) and the Sci-Fi Channel. No copyright infringement is intended and no financial gain has been made by any of the staff of this web site.