Who's on First?
Are you wondering what to watch on TV? Look no further! Karlsweb's Who's on First is back with all new updates on who, when and where to watch.


These are listed for Superstation WGN, which is on many cable and dish networks.  Click here to find a station in your area that'll be carrying Farscape.

01/29  3:00 am A Constellation of Doubt
02/05 3:00 am Prayer
Ben Browder

Danielle Steel's Secrets
Womens Entertainment
02/1 1:00 pm

Memphis Belle
HBO Family
02/10 9:30 pm

Claudia Black

Pitch Black 
02/09 1 am
02/17 2:30 am

Fran Buller

02/05 4:00 pm

Virginia Hey

The Living Daylights 
Encore Mystery
01/27 6:00 am
Starz Edge
02/14 10:05 am

These are all shown on the Sci-Fi Channel. Ben Browder and Claudia Black appear in these episodes

STARGATE SG-1 in Syndication
Check your local listings

Week of 01/07 The Powers that Be
Week of 01/14 Beachhead

Beastmaster on SciFi

Gigi Edgley 01/31 2 pm; 02/02 5 am
Natalie Mendoza 01/12 5 am; 01/26 5 am
02/09 5 am; 02/21 8 am
Ivar Kants 02/21 3 pm
Jeremy Callaghan 02/21 2 pm; 02/21 3 pm;
Kim De Lury 01/31 10 am
Simone Kessell
Angie Millikin
02/03 5 am

Xena on Oxygen

Jeremy Callaghan A Good Day 01/29 7 am

Farscape Writers

Carleton Eastlake The Outer Limits
02/09 10 am
Naren Shankar The Outer Limits
02/09 10 am & 12 pm
01/26 11 am, 1, 2, 3 pm
Rockne S. O'Bannon The Twilight Zone
02/04 5 am

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