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Darling all,

David Kemper has approved a rally organized by Scapers.. Here is a portion of a fan's letter of instructions:

"It is planned for Thursday morning, Sept 12th,  in New York outside the Sci Fi Offices at 1230 Ave of the Americas, starting at 8am.

Please picket scifi.. A PEACEFUL GATHERING NO chanting or cursing or anything like that, just bring signs and banners and make sure people see that we want our show back. The address of the NYC studios is all over the web

It starts between 8-9 AM.  We don't want people to risk getting arrested...so if there's trouble bail quick - just peacefully gather either outside of their doors or even across the street as long as youre in view of scifi.  NBC is RIGHT next door so we're almost assured coverage AND...We want this to coincide with the Variety release we have going out thursday AND apparently the new scifi company is visiting the studios that day so please send the word out...Picket scifi...bring banners and signs and heck even dress as the cast if you feel like it and won't die from the heat of leather
(or blue plastic) on a sunny day.

Do all you can"

Love, saddness disbelief,