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October 2, 2002: This is a message that was posted on one of the Yahoo Groups and is reprinted with permission of Deb, the author.

At Brisbane's Conquest science fiction convention held this weekend,
Jonathan Hardy, the respected Australian acting icon who voices the
feisty and beloved Dominar Rygel expressed his thanks to all Farscape
fans for their support of the various Save Farscape campaigns.

Urging fans not to give up yet, Jonathan assures us that all the cast
and crew are committed to continuing with a further season if only
some far-sighted network can be convinced to pick up the show and run
with it.

`Don't let them outlast you!' is the appeal which Jonathan makes to
fans everywhere.

Keep up the campaign of letters, emails and rallies; let the `powers
that be' know that fans are not to be ignored!

Veteran of the most famous of all fan-powered `Save Our Show'
campaigns, Star Trek author Bjo Trimble and husband John Trimble,
also active in the world of sci fi, attended the Con and reminded us
all of the influence fans can exert when we put our minds, hearts and
pens (and these days, our keyboards!) to work for a cause.

In 1968 Bjo and John launched the `Save Star Trek' letter-writing
campaign and we all know the outcome of that! Star Trek is still on
air, through several incarnations over thirty years later and still
going strong.

Bjo has many valuable suggestions for fans who want to support the
Save Farscape efforts. Along with the ideas listed below (which many
of you may have already seen) this spirited and energetic lady asks
fans to use their internet contacts to enlist others in support of
the cause. `If fans can't contact at least 400 other people [through
chat-rooms or email] then they're not doing it right!' Remember, 90%
of people accessing chat-rooms are just lurking, so enlist their
support too!

Another great insight provided by Bjo was that there are several
networks in the USA which are currently seeking to expand their
viewer base by including high quality science fiction in next year's
programming line-up, suggesting UPN, FOX and others may want to pick
up the show if enough interest is shown.

And let's not forget the sponsors! If fans withdraw product support
or indicate that they will no longer be viewing in a particular time-
slot this may also put pressure on the networks to retain the show.
Sci Fi fans generally represent a wide range of ages, professions,
races and sexes (well, the two that we know of, but in the world of
sci fi, who can be sure!) so don't overlook the influence a sponsor
can provide to our benefit.

The cost of the show's production seems to be one of the major
reasons for its cancellation. The $3 million cited as cost per
episode may seem high, and the quality of the show certainly supports
that view, however, conversion to American dollars brings the costs
down to almost half that amount `pocket change' compared to many TV
series currently airing.

The value of Farscape as `repeat' material should not be overlooked.
How many people want to watch re-runs knowing that the series ends
with the story arc unfinished? A further, possibly final, season
would allow the series to be wrapped up properly, making the series a
much more satisfying experience once it goes to re-runs.

Those fans living in the USA, be sure to tune in to the show and
remember it's the number of sets tuned in that counts! So get
everyone you know to turn on their TVs, tune in to the show and add
their voices to the crusade.

So get those pens and keyboards moving, Farscape fans, get yourselves
to the world-wide rallies and support the `SAVE FARSCAPE' campaign

Write to: Bonnie Hammer, President Sci-Fi Channel 1230 Avenue of the
Americas, F115 New York, NY 10020-1513
Phone: 212-413-500 FAX: 1-212-413-6531

Now here is a message from the FARSCAPE Aussie Mafia about how you
can show your support:

Hi everyone,

Here is the web link listing all the cities around the world holding
Farscape rallies on Saturday, October 5, 2002.

This link will take you to the first of seven pages of rally
information. If you click on the drop down box marked 'goto rally'
you can find the direct link for your city.

For our US and Canadian friends (and if this is forwarded elsewhere
in the world) - the above site should have all the information that
you need. The below is for everyone's information - and specifically
for the Aussies.

N.B. Unfortunately the Sydney link is not on the web site yet, but it
is definitely on at Maroubra beach, 12 midday, Saturday, October 5th
see details below.

The Aussie Forum: www.scifivideo.com.au/farscape is a good site to
find out more info as it comes to hand.

It would be greatly appreciated if everyone could pass this
information on to all your friends, family members and anyone else
you can think of, as well as all the lists that you are on (if rules
permit) which is why some of you may receive this 2 or more times as
you may be
on that many of my lists :-) !!

For anyone living or visiting Sydney on October 5, why not consider a
lovely day at Maroubra Beach and a get together with lots of
wonderful people to rally round together and support the brilliant
and fantastic series Farscape.

Thanks to Adele and De for the following information - this should
cover everything that you will need to know ....

`There is to be a global rally for FARSCAPE on the 5th of October
the date was decided in the States, so everyone needs to get together
on that date for it to have an impact. For Australian fans, Deb and
Sue are organising a get together at Maroubra Beach - they think that
they can get some crew and cast there, and they'll be trying to get
as many new Scapers (new Farscape fans) as they can - Deb and Sue are
also thinking of pooling their money and placing a small ad.'

So - YES - Australia WILL be a part of the Global rally.

A 5th for FARSCAPE

12 noon
5th of October, 2002
Maroubra Beach

http://www.whereis.com.au/ can help you find where you need to go -
just type in the word Maroubra and the map shows a very basic area -
at least enough to show you the way.

Bring food, drink, sunscreen, friends, family, ring-ins and a
positive attitude.

Any more info needed - go to the Aussie Mafia site
(www.magicmonster.com/FAM ) and follow the link to the Aussie Forum
www.scifivideo.com.au/farscape. There are threads there chock full of
information, and if you are a newbie, you'll hook up with other
Aussie Scapers. No worries!

There are more than you think!

Also - please check out the Save FARSCAPE sites (links in the above
web sites) - feel free to avail yourselves of the plethora of
brilliant pics and advertise your intentions! Tee Shirts, placards,
flyers! Nothing succeeds like excess.

If you have any information you think may help the cause in OZ -
please do not hesitate to contact us at:

(Sue) wizards_of_oz_1@h...


(Deb) wizards_of_oz4@h...

Sue - President
Deb - Vice-President
FARSCAPE Aussie Mafia


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