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<frak> Nighthawk62* Hi Gigi! A question from someone whose native tongue isn't English: Did you ever watch an ep of Farscape (or some other part you've played) dubbed in a foreign language? If so doesn't that feel weird?

<fweakn> thankyou so much for all your support and warm fuzzies

<fweakn> I'vew seen farscape in german

<fweakn> but I wasn't in it

<fweakn> Zaan sounded realllly intriguing

<fweakn> she sounded more like a sex godess rather than a spiritual goddess

<frak> gigi - Faldain has birfday today

<fweakn> it was bizaare

<fweakn> but strangely suited farscape I found

<fweakn> happppppy birfday

<fweakn> spunky

<fweakn> and a very happy inbirthday to all else here

<fweakn> shall we unleash the chocci sara lee cake

<frak> *Todge* Have you started filming yet?

<fweakn> filming blackjack?

<fweakn> yes and finished filming it...was a short gig

<frak> *Flyboy* Lacey wanted me to ask Gigi for her if Gigi believed in Reincarnation? and if so what would she wanty to be reincarnated as and why?

<fweakn> got some great comments from the director and the producer

<frak> *Todge* What sort of comments?

<fweakn> I've been spending the past couple of weeks with doctors and patients ...reseaching spinabifida

<frak> hold on people, gigi will be nack in a sec

<frak> wb gigi!

<frak> *MarkB* How much of the fan reaction have you seen so far?

<fweakn> alot of the crew were slightly disturbed by the performance

<frak> sorry - NOW gigi can talk atain

<fweakn> because there was a really intense scene

<fweakn> when I walked off set everyone was really quiet

<fweakn> I thought they thought I either really sucked

<fweakn> or I really kicked ass

<frak> that's really cool. when do you think we'll see it on TV?

<fweakn> not sure yet

<fweakn> it will be on channel ten here...will keep you posted

<frak> anyway... *MarkB* How much of the fan reaction have you seen so far?

<fweakn> how do you mean?

<fweakn> from farscape finishing?

<frak> I think mark was thinking about FS being cancelled

<fweakn> ummm....woahh...it's been mindblowing

<fweakn> all im saying is that you guys made it possible for me to get to atlanta

<fweakn> leaving tommorrow

<fweakn> yipeeee

<fweakn> are any off you guys going to be theere

<fweakn> ?

<frak> and now for something completely different...

<frak> *uisceboo* hi gigi...if there is a farsccape anime, would you be doing chi's voice?

<fweakn> scuse the spelling very excited to be playing with you guys todaqy

<fweakn> anime?

<fweakn> animation?

<fweakn> i'm confused

<fweakn> teeehee

<frak> as in a cartoon version of FS

<fweakn> I wish

<fweakn> I'd love to do the voice over for it..

<frak> *uisceboo* hi gigi...if there is a farsccape anime, would you be doing chi's voice?

<frak> oops

<fweakn> de ja vou

<frak> *Javora* Has Gigi found any work in the U.S. yet?

<fweakn> leaving tommorrow for the states....

<fweakn> manifesting as I tap

<frak> *friday* Gigi, how long will your stay be in the US? Going to Atlanta-- anywhere else this trip?

<fweakn> lotsa conventions

<frak> *Cush* Hey Gigi, is there a particular scene (in Farscape) that you wish you had done differently?

<fweakn> yep...but don't know yet the itinery is being sent through today to me

<fweakn> almost every scene

<fweakn> teehheee

<frak> *Wiley* Hey Gigi, Evrafter wanted me to ask if you have seen any of the posts to you on your bboard?

<fweakn> quite often you get home and your lying in bed and in the middle of the night wake up and you go.....I got it that's what I should have done in that scene

<frak> *Todge* Is there any news on the 'Farscape' film?

<fweakn> yes....99% of them

<fweakn> it's hard to keep up with you guys

<fweakn> I get in trouble....replying personally to anyone...that's why they closed down the last site

<fweakn> cause it just got out of hand

<fweakn> I check in every two three days

<frak> it got very nasty b4, people, gigi ain't kidding...

<frak> *Nighthawk62* Any plan plans to come visit the European mainland some time?

<fweakn> things have been really intense these past couple of week because I've been spending most of my time in hospitals

<fweakn> is that an invitation

<fweakn> i is nibbling on a croissont as I speak

<fweakn> no news on the film yet

<frak> the next question sounds like an invite to me too...

<frak> *talyn3* Would you consider swinging by the Rally in Indy, since your in the states?

<fweakn> I've got a feeling they have to do something

<fweakn> because the conclusion...

<fweakn> well there wasn't really one

<frak> *Bloodomen* Gigi, love from Portland, OR. Just wondering if you'll be able to make the Cocktail Party in Burbank on the 23rd of Nov. and if so, what have I gotta do to get you to have dinner with me? :-)

<fweakn> rally in indy where...who

<fweakn> I'm going to be spending my birthday talking in boston

<fweakn> it' ll be a very special day

<fweakn> hope to see some of you guys there

<fweakn> sfx

<frak> *GutPageant* Were you disappointed that "Revenging Angel" didn't feature a cartoon Chiana?

<fweakn> i'm still trying to workshop the dinner question

<fweakn> teehee

<fweakn> can't type too busy blushing

<frak> *Flyboy* Lacey wants Gigi to know she's her hero!

<fweakn> i is all warm and fuzzi and don't know what to say

<frak> *Nonalla* Gigi- Where will you be speaking in Boston? I live there and would be interested in attending!

<frak> *Nonalla* (I send questions to you right??!? o_o)

<fweakn> if you guys want to know where I'm heading ask barbarella she will be organising all the chats over there

<fweakn> Boston sfx massaaaccchhhhuuusssseeettteessss

<fweakn> like they say it on the practice

<fweakn> and in springfield and unitedfan con

<frak> i want everyone here to pop in and see Gigi at both events... ;-)

<fweakn> we will post my itinery on the gigiedgley.com site for ya later today

<frak> *Kait* If you could be any fictional character for a day, who would you be?

<fweakn> when it's all locked in

<fweakn> I will be speaking at boston sfx on my birthday...november the 16th

<fweakn> come play the day away with me

<fweakn> will be needing a rent a crowd for me birthday party

<fweakn> pepe le pue

<fweakn> don't know the spelling

<fweakn> ...a faerie

<fweakn> ...a mermaid

<frak> *ChianaGray* Is there any more tv. movies ect opportunities in Gigi's horizon?

<fweakn> the producer that made black jack was really encouraging me to keep me diary open to do some more gigs with those guys

<fweakn> if the opportunity arises

<frak> *Todge* How is your 'music carreer' coming on?

<fweakn> For the first time last night...had a chance to sit down and right some more lyrics

<fweakn> have been sending e mails back and forward to a couple of people interested in playing with me

<frak> *jnathan* What is the most important lesson you've learned from doing Farscape?

<fweakn> truthfully I am still climatizinf from the end of farscape andbeen real busy focuse..n on blackjack

<fweakn> to trust

<fweakn> trust my work...trust my heart...

<fweakn> and to surrender to the moment

<fweakn> embrace the situation

<frak> *inkling* Hi Gigi. We adore you as Chi but it was a gas to see Claudia play our favorite Nebari in 'Unrealized Reality' too! Can you tell us about that experience, did you and Claudia work together, have a fuss about?

<fweakn> as best as I know how...on as little sleep possible

<fweakn> tehehee

<fweakn> please sir may i have some more?

<frak> *KyleVoltti* Sorry to go back to the question of cons but if it hasn't been asked yet any plans to get up to any cons in Canada??

<fweakn> any invitations?

<frak> I think the answer to this is for everyone to hassle their local conv organisers to invite gigi!

<fweakn> I is there if you guys are :)

<fweakn> yey...

<fweakn> teeheee

<fweakn> I'm only little I don't take up much room at cons

<fweakn> :)

<fweakn> except on the dance ffloor

<frak> *darkwoif* when are we going to be able to buy your first CD, gigi? :)

<fweakn> when I workshop it some more...you guys really wanna hear me get jiggy with it??

<fweakn> brace yourselves

<fweakn> :)

<fweakn> teeheee

<frak> *Bloodomen* Gigi, any leads on acting parts in US projects? Are you a member of SAG (Screen Actors Guild)?

<fweakn> no not yet

<frak> *MarkB* Is there any chance of you being in a Hollywood movie, so the rest of the world see your work?

<fweakn> need to get a visa....and a part...I think it works part in parcel with each other

<fweakn> I would love to play work and live over there with you guys

<fweakn> alot of american films come to australia to be shot

<frak> *Nighthawk62* Was it a big change to play a human character again?

<fweakn> and it's just a little cheaper here to get buy

<fweakn> until the next big break

<fweakn> ye

<fweakn> very big change

<frak> *Mike* I want to see you do more fire twirling, you ever plan on doing that on TV again? :)

<fweakn> I had to refrain from breathing all alien like and everything

<fweakn> teeheee

<fweakn> liz

<fweakn> the character in the film

<frak> *Kaitcha* Do you have a favourite playwrite or author? :)

<fweakn> also had huge physical challenges with that I had a great time researchign and applying

<fweakn> also ant simcoe

<fweakn> and melissa jaffer

<fweakn> were in black jack as well

<frak> *Kaitcha* Do you have a favourite playwrite or author? :)

<fweakn> i love tom robbins

<fweakn> william burrows

<frak> *Bloodomen* Gigi, any chance of becoming a regular on, say, The Lost World or Beastmaster? Perhaps something to look into, as your roles in both shows were very impressiv

<fweakn> shakespeare

<fweakn> no they've finished shooting

<fweakn> wouldn't really want to continue with tyhose shows

<frak> *faldain* will we get to see some fire twirling at a con?

<fweakn> ...

<fweakn> if they let me bring my sticks over....frell yeah..can I get chains and sticks over there

<fweakn> ?

<fweakn> want something more challenging....to work on then beastmaster and lostworld

<fweakn> something dark

<frak> *Wiley* Hey Gigi, Do you like looney tunes, if so who is your favorite character *nudge nudge*?

<fweakn> something that I can learn from

<fweakn> hey maybe I should try and get a role as the gal next door

<fweakn> that would be a change

<fweakn> teeheee

<fweakn> pepe le pew

<fweakn> tweety

<fweakn> :)

<frak> re the firetwirling: *faldain* im sure you could

<frak> *faldain* ill be at the burbank con so i can expect that if they let you?

<fweakn> can you get me some sticks and chains over there...then your on

<fweakn> you can light my fire

<frak> *TRtheJ* Does Chiana have a belly button (naval)?

<fweakn> teeheee

<fweakn> sorry bout that

<fweakn> had to be done

<fweakn> in series one she did...and two

<frak> *MarkB* Chiana has allowed you to do many types of roles: humour, dramatic, romatic, tragic, etc. Which has been your favourite?

<fweakn> inseries...three four..they started fool'n round with rubber glue in me belly button

<frak> *Bloodomen* Gigi, Fal and I will kill as many people as necessary for the chains and sticks at Burbank :) Just let us know everything you need :)

<fweakn> firechains...I get them at the markets in sydney...and firesticks...

<fweakn> it's best to buy em

<fweakn> I tried making them once for a rele doo

<fweakn> and the reles wern't very impressed with the flying wicks

<fweakn> duck and cover

<fweakn> it's all part of the show I blushed

<fweakn> :)

<frak> *farscapism* Gigi have you been keeping in contact with your cast mates and the producers?

<fweakn> we've been having a few farwell drinks for the writers here and there

<frak> *Wiley* Hey Gigi, I was wondering what type of movies do you like?

<fweakn> i've been busy shooting this other film so it's been tricky

<fweakn> city of lost children

<fweakn> run lola run

<fweakn> delecatessan

<fweakn> o brother where art thou

<frak> *Todge* Given the chance, and the choice, what type of film would you like to be in?

<fweakn> usual suspects

<fweakn> hurly burly

<fweakn> something alon those lines

<fweakn> along

<fweakn> sorry

<fweakn> something challenging

<fweakn> with a funky ass script

<frak> *Todge* Have you seen the GigiEnthusiasts site? It's pretty incredible.

<fweakn> I have been surfing through the sites ever since chiana came into my world

<fweakn> you guys are a constant inspiration to me

<frak> *Kaitcha* Which Shakespeare character would you most like to play?

<fweakn> thankyou soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

<fweakn> hamlet

<fweakn> teeheee

<frak> *Nighthawk62* Do you think that dark/evil characters are the bigger challenge as an actor compared to normal guys, too?

<fweakn> ophelia would be lush

<fweakn> ummmm...I think it's sometimes tricker to play because the nice side of you always want to justify why your a baddi

<fweakn> but there always alot funner to fool with

<frak> *MarkB* Chiana has allowed you to do many types of roles: humour, dramatic, romatic, tragic, etc. Which has been your favourite?

<fweakn> mmmmmm

<fweakn> the artful dodger

<fweakn> perhaps

<fweakn> is a side I really like about her

<fweakn> and I love doing fight scenes

<fweakn> I trained for two years

<fweakn> to do my own stunts

<fweakn> my make up artists didn't like fight scenes very much

<fweakn> cause I don't like holding back

<frak> we need to get Gigi into a show where she uses a broad sword a lot ;-)

<fweakn> touch ups would take hours at a time

<fweakn> I don't think the producers were particully impressed

<fweakn> though they always commented on the scene afterwards

<frak> *Wiley* Hey Gigi, If chiana was in a fight with catwoman, how would chi deal with her?

<fweakn> I'm a scorpion fo you really wanna know the answer to that

<frak> *Truemyth* Gigi, what training did you do to prepare? Martial Arts?

<fweakn> ha...ha...haaaaa...evil laugh

<fweakn> yup

<frak> *Nighthawk62* So did you do the sword fighting in JQ by yourself or was it a stunt double?

<fweakn> kick boxing

<fweakn> yoga

<fweakn> great for flexibility

<fweakn> all me

<fweakn> that was awsome

<frak> *MarkB* Has the fan loyalty (which you seem to be at the forefront of) surprised you?

<fweakn> ben wrote that scene especially for us to get jiggy with it

<fweakn> they ended up cutting alot of it out

<fweakn> cause there wasnt enough time in the ep

<fweakn> it's completely blown me away

<frak> damn... special edition DVD in future?

<fweakn> I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you guys

<fweakn> you rock

<frak> *darkwoif* did you ever hurt yourself doing a stunt?

<fweakn> never badly

<fweakn> in JQ rowan woods almost knocked me out

<frak> *hero* Gigi...the farscape cast seem to love surfing...maybe i should take that up...do u surf?

<fweakn> the bit where he knocks ben down I was to close to his elbow and big zblue e busted me

<fweakn> I was down for the count for a good few minutes

<fweakn> I've almost been set alight a few times too

<frak> *KyleVoltti* What was the one thing you wanted to do as Chiana but never got the chance to do?

<fweakn> the special effects guys love plying with me

<fweakn> tehheee

<fweakn> fly again

<fweakn> Fix up her accent in series one...that was heartbreaking

<frak> *uisceboo* Gigi, what do you look for in a man? Last I heard you were scouting for a b-friend (don't worry, I'm a gal!)

<fweakn> they wern't sure if they wanted australian or mid atlantic

<fweakn> trust

<frak> *TRtheJ* Will you ever be dropping by Alabama (preferably Birmingham or Tuscaloosa)?

<fweakn> some one who makes me laugh...makes me fly...

<fweakn> is that an invitation

<fweakn> please sir may I have some more

<frak> *Flyboy* Have you ever considered doing a Fantasy movie like Lord of The Rings or Willow?

<fweakn> :)

<fweakn> I would love to do a fantasy movie

<fweakn> I feel like my whole life is based on one

<frak> *Wiley* Hey Gigi, If you were a cartoon would you go out with Wile E. Coyote, hehe?

<fweakn> I love dressing up and playing make believe

<fweakn> catch me if ya can

<fweakn> teheheee

<fweakn> meep meep

<frak> *talyn3* This is an invitation, Would you come to Indy?????? please???? I'll beg????

<frak> *ChianaGray* Gigi will we ever get to see any of the cut scene's?

<fweakn> book the flight speak to alison littleton I is there

<fweakn> only if I can do a lap

<fweakn> ;)

<frak> *Merlyn* Gigi, have you been to the staes before? Or will your trip to Atlanta be the first time?

<frak> yes she has many times

<frak> *Truemyth* What was your least favorite scene? What was your most favorite scene?

<fweakn> I've been a few times now

<fweakn> san deigo

<fweakn> la

<fweakn> mexico

<fweakn> burbank...

<fweakn> new york

<fweakn> and all for farscape

<fweakn> but I've never been to Atlanta

<fweakn> I is well excited

<fweakn> but a little bervous...I haven't packed my bag yet

<frak> *Oziscififan* How do you feel about ..... Braca?

<fweakn> Its gonna take me a while to come up with a good fetish outfit

<fweakn> appartently I'm attending a fetish party over there

<fweakn> you guys really know how to party ha?

<fweakn> David and I share lotsa giggles

<fweakn> we haven't had many chances to play as Bracca and chi though

<frak> *TRtheJ* I was inspired to create a time travel fantasy by you. Interested? Ha ha...uh, lol

<fweakn> all ways

<fweakn> !!

<frak> *cynicalman* Gigi have you done any commentaries for ADV on their releases of US DVD's of Farscape

<fweakn> nup

<fweakn> haven't been asked

<frak> *wrd* What is it you see challenging/appealing in a role like, say, Lola in Run Lola Run? (Besides all the, you know, running.)

<fweakn> lol

<fweakn> the action

<fweakn> the truth

<frak> *GiGi-Iz-Da-BomB* Hi GiGi hehehe!! your a doll! I can't believe your here! wohooo! I'm a Huge fan of you and your acting! I'm sitting here speechless. I just want to wish you the best of luck in the future and I hope we all can see more of you on Farscape very soon! love you bebe!

<frak> *DRD71* Gigi, In your spare time what do you do for fun...Skydiving, Surfing, Needlepoint?

<fweakn> thankyou sunshine I is well blushing....

<fweakn> whooo hot flush

<fweakn> :)

<fweakn> would love to try skydiving

<fweakn> I went indoor skydiving with Brian henson and a crew once in vegas...it was great

<fweakn> so much spit flying round the room

<fweakn> lol

<frak> *Nighthawk62* About Chi's flying ability: I always wondered why they lost that during the rest of the show. Was the effect too expensive or complicated?

<fweakn> love singing...dancing

<fweakn> going to do a trapeze course when I return from the states

<fweakn> love seeing livebands

<fweakn> love the theatre

<fweakn> wanna start rock climbing...

<frak> pub bands, or stadium gigs?

<fweakn> both

<frak> *Wiley* Hey Gigi, What big time movie stars would you like to work with?

<fweakn> any gigs a good gig

<fweakn> sean penn...jaquie mc kenzie...julliette lewis...robert de niro...

<fweakn> sorry bout the spellings I'm an actor

<fweakn> poor excuse I know

<frak> *Kaitcha* Who would you consider your top 5 bands of all time?

<fweakn> cate blanchette

<fweakn> ben harper, red hot chilli peppers, D angelo,

<fweakn> laurie anderson

<fweakn> ....

<fweakn> ..../

<fweakn> ..

<fweakn> thinking

<fweakn> thinking

<fweakn> moby....

<frak> why don't we come back to it...

<fweakn> everything but the girl

<fweakn> ...mm

<frak> *jnathan* I really enjoy watching Chiana's movements, as they are very expressive. How did you develop the alien movements?

<fweakn> the list goes on

<fweakn> love some of the ministry of sound albums

<fweakn> all from breath work

<fweakn> when I auditoned I had no idea that there was such extensive make up

<frak> *GiGi-Iz-Da-BomB* hey gigi sweetie! would you like to own a pair of those magnetic cuffs(used in 'I Shrink Therefore I am') in real life? hehehehe! =oD

<fweakn> the contact lenses are tunnel vision so they make you turn your head that much further too

<fweakn> was blessed with many things with chi

<fweakn> learnt to use them as best as I could

<fweakn> I've still got bruises from them

<frak> *Todge* Good luck with everything you do Gigi, stay well, have fun and see you in London.

<frak> *faldain* Did you like wearing the white contacts?

<fweakn> they were very heavey and holding them up for a week and balancing in that cylinder was a tralk

<fweakn> :)

<fweakn> see ya in london I 'll be there with bells on and not much else

<fweakn> :)

<fweakn> ;)

<frak> *cynicalman* How much did the skin make-up change over the course of 4 seasons or did it stay pretty much the same

<fweakn> it changed alot

<fweakn> I really like it towards the end

<fweakn> I think she looked to manicured inseries two and three

<frak> *MarkB* Why do you think that the fans have taken Chi into their hearts so readily?

<fweakn> the wig looked too much like a wig I thought

<fweakn> I've no idea...cause after the first ep I was recieving death threats

<fweakn> true

<fweakn> ummm...I think it's cause there's a little or alot of chi in all of us

<frak> *Cleon* Gig--when you're in Atlanta, what can we do to make sure you enjoy your visit?

<fweakn> buy the drinks

<fweakn> teheheee

<fweakn> smile

<fweakn> I is a little frighty...it's a long trip

<frak> lemonaide and vodka ppl

<fweakn> all ways.....

<frak> *ChianaGray* Gigi did you get to keep your Chiana wig?

<fweakn> geez I'm scared you guys know me reaaaaallllllllwell

<fweakn> scared yet very excited

<frak> *Wiley* Hey Gigi, Can I have a hug, how bout can we All have hugs, hehe?

<fweakn> yaaaaayyyyy

<fweakn> shnuggles all round

<fweakn> love you guys

<frak> *Nonalla* This is a strange question, but what was your favorite outfit for Scorpius (or Harvey)? I know someone who has a small obscession with Beach Scorpius....

<fweakn> thankyou bigger than the blue sky

<fweakn> .....i gotta say I like the traditional gimp suit

<frak> *Nighthawk62* I really like Chi in S4. She has much more to do than in S2/3. Does this carry on all through til the end?

<fweakn> pretty much...I got a good chance to dance with chi through series four

<frak> *Bloodomen* Gigi, any chance that you might be looking at going back to stage acting?

<fweakn> the last scene I shot was actually on ep 17...I think it was the best scene i've ever shot in farscape....

<frak> *faldain* so would you like to wear that leather suit like aryen?

<frak> mmm... gigi in leather... ;-)

<fweakn> I only found out a couple of hours before that it was to be my last scene with chi ever

<fweakn> packing my little leather number as I tap

<fweakn> teeheee

<frak> *Pipboy* Did you enjoy playing Chi as more of a "tough chick" in S4?

<fweakn> would love to do some stage acting

<frak> *angie* Is that last scene with a human by any chance?*G*

<fweakn> love theatre that is where my passion was born

<fweakn> stay tuned

<frak> *drdeighte* this is kinda off topic, but in Unrealized reality is that virginia hey as zhaan, cause she looked really different

<fweakn> I tried to return to her alien side a bit more...

<fweakn> what number ep is that

<fweakn> ?

<fweakn> sorry it all sort of melds into oneafter a while

<frak> *Cush* Why do you think Chi has a tougher time with female friendships? It took a while with Jool, and now there's Sikozu

<fweakn> ...mostly male writers

<fweakn> pereptions of female relationships...

<frak> *Flyboy* Do you read any of the farscape fanfiction out there? and would you ever give feedback to any of us inspiring authors out here?

<fweakn> I don't know...maybe it's a terratorial thing

<fweakn> tried to find different reasons to justify it

<fweakn> yes I read alot of the fanfic

<frak> *Kaitcha* Whats your favourite cheesecake flavour?

<fweakn> I get in troube sometimes commenting one on one...unless it's monitored like this

<fweakn> blueberry cheescake

<frak> the ep we were talking about was 'the swordfight' ep

<fweakn> yuuuummm

<frak> if that helps...

<fweakn> yup virginia came back to play that....big blue was played by one of the directors...Rowan woods

<fweakn> hey I thought i was kempers babe

<fweakn> teeheee

<frak> *Pipboy* Is it just me or does Chi seem to go for the "kinkier" aliens. Tenticles and what have you...?

<fweakn> it's just you

<fweakn> tehehehe

<fweakn> no...I know tell me about it....

<frak> *Nighthawk62* Were you ever able to relax when yo were offset but still in costume and makeup? Must have been hard! *g*

<fweakn> the more tenticals the merrier I guess

<fweakn> not really...

<frak> *oldskool_Imposter* Whats your favorite kind of food, chinese, mexican ect.. ?

<fweakn> I was pretty much trapped in my trailer...whilst waiting for scenes...so as not to melt nebari everywhere

<fweakn> I like to dance in my trailer

<fweakn> cause I use to turn the air con all the way up and have a dance off with chi

<fweakn> helps me to relax into the scene

<fweakn> and to remember how lucky I am

<fweakn> have you guys heard that song..I'm lazy but i'm wicked

<fweakn> that's a good one

<fweakn> reminds me to get off me booty and shake it round a bit

<fweakn> love tori amos too

<fweakn> good fpr prepering for sad scenes

<frak> perhaps this isn't a question you can answer, but...

<fweakn> ...but

<fweakn> love japanese

<fweakn> by the way

<fweakn> sorry didn't see that question

<frak> (I lost the question!) sorry

<frak> *Sullivan* scuba diving? ever dived the reef?

<fweakn> yup

<fweakn> snorkled the reef

<fweakn> got my open scuba diving license in school...

<fweakn> around the gold coast

<fweakn> love it

<fweakn> think I need to get it renewed

<fweakn> haven't been for ages

<frak> *Hotwhlz* Secondly, will your character and D'argo bet back together ;)

<fweakn> yey 100

<fweakn> cool

<fweakn> by dad 'd be proud

<fweakn> thehehee

<fweakn> sorry my dad

<fweakn> don't want to give off the wrong impression

<frak> *KyleVoltti* what do you think of the other media that farscape has been translated too like the comics, computer game, or Role Playing game

<fweakn> I think it's great....my little brother was blown away by the comic book

<frak> *ChianaGray* How was the vacation to the deserted island?

<fweakn> it's very bizzarre when you get to conventions and yu see chi s face plastered every where

<fweakn> cause we barely see any of that stuff in australia

<fweakn> lush

<fweakn> my sister is an artist and she lives there

<fweakn> I read this add in a paper whilst sitting in sydney on oxford street

<fweakn> it's said barefoot gallery paradise

<fweakn> I rang her up and said check this out...she moved from melbourne a month later

<fweakn> so every now and then I go there and play wwith her

<fweakn> it's lavish

<fweakn> no mobile phones

<fweakn> one pub

<fweakn> one shop

<frak> *faldain* one last question b4 i go- Will you please tell me you'll were the leather too the burbank con:)

<fweakn> countless beaches

<fweakn> and coves

<fweakn> and bushwalks

<fweakn> and giggles

<fweakn> and soooo hot

<frak> *markdtaylor* Question for the GIGI --* Have you seen Moulin Rouge and what did you think if you did?

<fweakn> I can stay out in the sun as long as I like now cause my make up artist wont get mad at me

<fweakn> yup

<fweakn> first time I saw it was on a plane...to the states...and I was a little dopped out...teehehee..I thought it was great

<fweakn> ;)

<frak> *Kaitcha* Wheres your favourite place in England?

<fweakn> i love the spectacular...ness of it

<fweakn> my sisters shoe box

<fweakn> ;)

<frak> *Wiley* Hey Gigi, Has anyone explained the concept of *THUD* to you, hehe?

<fweakn> she's just moved there

<fweakn> nup

<fweakn> ??

<frak> I'm sure someone from your BB will post a note any second...

<frak> *GiGi-Iz-Da-BomB* What kind of student were you in high school? heheh! :oP

<fweakn> school?? wotz that?

<fweakn> tehehee

<fweakn> I was arty...not in the cool group

<frak> *KempersBabe* Share with us a wonderfully memorable moment you've had with a fan?

<fweakn> i got in trouble alot for talking about aliens

<frak> remember this is a 'g' rated chat, Gigi ;)

<fweakn> my ma is a mad hippy on the hill...she knew I would get the part beacause she said i've grown up with aliens my whole life

<fweakn> so I spent alot of time in the councellers office

<fweakn> we got to be great mates

<fweakn> teehee

<fweakn> but I love to study...I loved school and uni

<frak> *hero* do u have any pets?

<fweakn> hugging a lady at a charity breakfast she was shaking...I was shaking...

<fweakn> she started crying I started crying

<fweakn> missing my flight from london anbd getting councelling by the uk fans...at star fury

<fweakn> that was pretty memorable

<fweakn> seeing the creations some of you guys conjure ....

<fweakn> that's always amazing

<fweakn> now

<fweakn> guys I hav e to go and back my bag

<fweakn> to come and see you

<fweakn> white light the plane for me ok

<fweakn> gotta find a good outfit for the fetish party

<frak> well in that case, sorry to people I missed, remember there will be another chat in future

<fweakn> thankyou to the twinkling stars throughout the universe

<fweakn> love you guys

<fweakn> can't wait to play with you all over there

<fweakn> is it cold inatlanta

<fweakn> what should I pack??

<frak> goodbye from all

<fweakn> faeriest of kisses you guys

<fweakn> come spend me birthday with me guys

KyleVoltti: gigi for the fetish party...... chain mail or bubble wrap

<fweakn> leather leather leather

<fweakn> love you guys

<fweakn> scaper on

<fweakn> see you in your world:)


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