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DK and company want that 2.0 rating, we'll get 'em a 2.3 if we play it right. First, learn about the Nielsens, if you're not sure how the ratings system works:


With Farscape's current audience, we can't get that 2.0, but with the power of this movement behind us, we can bring a half a million more eyeballs to the television come January.

So your homework, for the next two or three months, is Publicity. For us, for the movement, for Farscape, for quality television. Go ahead and target the networks, SFC, UPN, Showtime, whoever -- but also target (and use!) local and national media to get our cry out there.

In the coming weeks, we're going to set up templates for "letters to the editor" over on the savefarscape.com site, for you to use to write to your local papers, industry magazines, webzines, blogs, whatever. Talking about Farscape, why you love it, why you'd miss it, why it's an important show.

Also, for the journalists among us -- try to write articles, reviews, blurbs about Farscape for any magazine that will publish you. Talk about the fan movement, and talk about what the show has done for television and for audiences everywhere. While some Scapers are deluging SFC with mail and faxes, we'll stay here and write about them, write about US, what we've done.

Or if we can't write, we'll find sympathetic journalists who will -- Renay San Miguel, for example. Caitlin Kiernan. Others.

As long as we keep "Farscape" in the media's popular vocabulary, and as long as we make a spectacle out of our crusade, come January, the half-season premiere can be nothing BUT Must-See TV. Everyone'll tune in, just to see what the fuss was all about. And we'll get them hooked. And we'll get our 2.0 with room to spare.

Start even earlier, get new fans recruited by the Christmas marathon. Use a buddy system, find a friend, convert him, make him convert one more. Spread the word.

And we'll write about that, in our letters to the editor, and we'll have our letters written about in articles and our articles covered on CNN. We're in the pot, here, we're doing the stirring.

So that's the homework, from now until the marathon, and until that next ep premieres in January.

Make FARSCAPE a household word -- a scandal, even. Make our experiences known. Whisper that SFC broke ineffable contracts with their viewers, make a big noise about what happened now.

And oh, they'll watch. If wind of our campaign gets out -- the lengths we're willing to go to, and fight -- oh, they'll cluster around their televisions in January because they just gotta know what all the fuss was all about. What show could be SO SPECTACULAR that it would cause its fans to take on this kind of crusade.

We know, already, of course.

The show was great, it brought great fans together. Great fans say great things, make great noises, and the people will come. And they'll see that the show is great, they'll agree, and in February sweeps the numbers won't lie.

We can save this show.


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