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Email from Creation Entertainment:

We regret to share the news that Farscape has been cancelled as of the end of the fourth season.

All of us here at Creation have loved the incredible series and admire greatly the talents that brought the show to fruition.

We look forward to working with those talents to continue The Official Fan Club, our Official Farscape Conventions, and our merchandise efforts for the show.

As those of us who are long-time genre fans know, "there are always possibilities" when it comes to the shows we love.

We'll be sharing more detailed information on the show's cancellation in the days to come.

For those planning on attending either (or both) of our Official Farscape Conventions in November, please know that THEY ARE STILL ON AND WE'RE STILL READY TO PARTY WITH YOUR FAVORITE FARSCAPE STARS! Check out:
for the details on these two rockin' events!

Your upset Farscape Fans at
Creation Entertainment