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Farscape Campaign Makes CNN Headlines News… AGAIN!

September 12, 2002:


For the second night in a row, Scapers were treated to a rare and wonderful sight… mainstream media coverage of our efforts to save Farscape. Reporter Renay San Miguel of CNN Headline News segment "Hotwire” featured a brief report of the web/email based efforts by its fans to save the show.


The reporter discussed the situation a with Sci Fi Channel representative that declined to comment about the campaign, indicating that Sci Fi was not issuing any statements at the time. He also described the websites for Save Farscape as receiving over 600,000 hits in the past few days. Messages from  CNN viewers [Farscape fans] were read as well.


Optimism was expressed. It appears this endeavor is being equated or expected to eclipse the letter-writing campaigns of the 1960s to save Star Trek. Additionally, the web mistress for one of the sites featured accredits an earlier fan campaign for La Femme Nikita for getting an extension of that series when it was cancelled.

He finished by reading another message from a viewer that provided her demographics. As we are all aware, this target audience is one that advertisers would salivate over. This is the best possible message to send. Even if Sci Fi does not continue, Farscape, it’s messages like this that will get the corporate response that Farscape really needs. 

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Thurssday, September 12, 2002: 
As reported by Renay San Miguel:

I made calls on this, but I'm also getting lots of information from the emails that are coming in from the shows' fans. It's always helpful and we do appreciate that.

The emails still roll into Hotwired and have been rolling into the SciFi Channel as well from hundreds of Farscape fans around the world.

Hotwired wanted to examine whether the Internet has enough power to save this show. It was the Internet, after all, that alerted the shows' fans to its unexpected cancellation, and now the fans are trying to use the web to let the SciFi Network know their feelings and maybe change its mind.

Today the Save Farscape websites were roiling with news of a rally outside the channels New York Headquarters. Reportedly lots of fans showed up for that.

Earlier today I spoke with Lana Kim, a publicist for the SciFi Channel, she said the network was not releasing any statements about this Internet campaign, or anything else Farscape related, for that matter.

But Nina Lum is talking, she is the web mistress of the Save Farscape website at farscape.wdsection.com — I spoke with her today, and she says that site and a related one have had over 600,000 hits since yesterday. Since news of the cancellation broke last weekend, she's received hundreds of emails a day, and she has had to expand her site from one, to forty-five pages. She says she's not getting a lot of sleep lately.

Ms. Lum, who calls this her "day job", by the way, told me that she's had some experience using the Internet to try and save favorite shows. The USA Network a couple of years ago had plans to cancel the distaff spy drama 'La Femme Nikita', and she credits her fan message board with bringing that show back for eight more shows.

Now, here's the reason we're doing this story in the first place, this email from Lotta Danielsson-Murphy of Arlington, Virginia: "I believe that this campaign will dwarf the famous Star Trek letter-writing campaign of the 1960's, and will showcase, like nothing before it, the way the internet has changed how people interact and form communities."

And who knows, maybe it can change the way people put pressure on TV Networks. That is Hotwired for this hour, Steve and Cathy?

(Cathy: "You know, Renay... it's no secret that SciFi fans are very dedicated.")

They really are, but I also got another email saying that the typical demographics of the 'scaper community, this from Jackie Tanner of San Antonio: age 20-60; predominantly female, which she says is very rare for, you know, science fiction; college educated; professionals; typical incomes— $50,000 to $150,000; technologically inclined; extremely computer literate. I would think that advertisers would jump all over that demographic.

(Cathy: "I would think so, yeah.")

(Steve: "Those are eyeballs they really want.")

Yeah. And if Farscape doesn't come back, come on over to Hotwired and Headline News, we'll take ya.

( Steve: "Thanks, Renay.")

You bet



After the first broadcast, (transcript below) CNN HEADLINE NEWS ran it again with several differences. Here's a link to a RealPlayer showing of the second broadcast. It appears that Renay San Miguel can't understand why SciFi is cancelling such a high-rated show!  

Say thank you to the nice people at CNN - they specifically asked for emails with updates on the situation. Click here to send them an email. The show is Hotwired

Wednesday, September 11, 2002: 
As reported by Renay San Miguel:

0CNN02.jpg (21829 bytes)We know the Internet can accomplish a lot of things, it can get you information, retail products, even a virtual date for Friday night. But can it bring cancelled TV shows back to life? The Fans of the science fiction show Farscape certainly hope so.

They found out last week, on a website, that the Sci-Fi channel was canceling the series, This after being told by network officials just a few weeks ago that a fifth season was in store for the show. Tomorrow the webmasters at http://farscape.wdsection.com which is the main Save Farscape campaign website, are asking the shows fans to head to the Sci Fi channel’s website and deluge the channel’s executives with emails asking them to keep the show around. Other Farscape fansites are also keeping the pressure on the network.

But the big question remains, will all of this make a difference?

Earlier today, I spoke with Matt Roush, senior TV critic at TV Guide, He told me that in his view, the internet does make fans fell more connected to their favorite shows, and they do get to bond, but he’s not sure how effective it can be as a tool to revive a cancelled show. He doesn’t think it can hurt to stage this kind of web-based campaign. You know, when you’re dealing with fans of science fiction, the internet seems a perfect place for them. They are more technologically literate, he says and these Farscape fans seem to be well organized. Roush was impressed with the fact that the news of the cancellation broke on a chat room and moved to websites quickly after that. In fact, the internet allowed Roush to report immediately on the news. He has a newsite, the Roush room tvguide.com/roush

0CNN01.jpg (21559 bytes)There is a semi-precedent here. ABC.com’s message boards heard from the fans of the newly cancelled drama, Once and Again and may have helped that show stick around for one more season before its ultimate demise.

So Scapers unite. You’ve got nothing to lose but your favorite TV show.  

That is Hotwire for this Hour Steven, Sophia, back over to you

(This is one newscaster talking to the other two

Do our names come up on this site.

Oh my goodness, Steven!

Do you know something I don't? Well no, but there has been a lot of activity on the internet regarding this show. We've been getting emails from fans saying do something about this, report on this, so Here you go!

Very Cool. Thanks Miguel.

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