Angry Pilot (or maybe overjoyed Pilot?)


Karl Dusts Off the Very Old Soapbox:

Farscapeís coming back! So why I am not excited?

I have been hoping since the conclusion of Farscape with the wonderful Peacekeeper Wars that we would see another incarnation as either another Miniseries or like what JMS recently did with direct-to-DVD Babylon 5: The Lost Tales. Having seen the two short B5 stories, there was one very good one and one that well, just really missed the mark - and yes, I am being kind.

Deep in my soul I had hoped Farscape could have access to the masses through a theatrical movie like Firefly pulled off so brilliantly with Serenity, but Henson never seemed to have the pockets to cover the show never mind a film of that magnitude. 

I will say this - I am a firm believer that Farscape is far more then just John and Aeryn. Though both Ben and Claudia are brilliant actors, I think the show is bigger than the one story. What sucked me into Farscape to begin with was a combination of the lush production designs, smart writing and outstanding pacing. With the right talent, there are plenty more stories to tell from the Uncharted Territories. Yes, a story of Nebari incursion into a destabilized Peacekeeper territory would work. Yes, a story of an adolescent Human/ Sebacaen half breed on the run from his family on board a living starship could work just fine too. I would even put up with a story of J/Aís son being stolen and raised by Scorpius. Havenít I heard that idea some where before?<G> [Check out Daddyís Girl by AmyJ]

The story isnít the problem, itís the presentation. Five to ten minute stories on the small screen? The really small screen. I love the little stories that fill in the void on Battelstar Galactica. Boy, I wish Farscape had had those to fill the long voids between seasons. But in using Webisodes as the media to bring back Farscape I feel too much will be lost. Now if this is a way for Sci-Fi to see if there is still interest in our little show for something bigger later( and I hope this is the case) then we all need to be there to watch them and praise Sci-Fi in their vast intellect for brining our show back. But trying to imagine what StarBurstor Pilotís wonderful expressions will look like on the small screen to me will be sad. Farscape deserves better.

Thatís my story and I am sticking to it.

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