Shane Briant played the nasty, evil brain-sucking Kaarvok, the man who twinned Crichton in "Eat Me", and Kalish Doctor Trayso Talnell in "Fetal Attraction". Besides his huge list of acting credits, Mr. Briant is also the author of several books.




Eat Me

Dr. Trayso Talnel 
Fetal Attraction
From: The Picture of Dorian Gray
From: Till There Was You
(with Mark Harmon)

From: Mission Top Secret
Karlsweb: How did you get your start as an actor? Was it something you had always wanted to do?

Shane Briant: My mother was an English West End star. She starred with Rex Harrison before the war. I suppose it was in the blood. At university, Trinity College Dublin, I studied law but spent most of my time in the uni theatre – becoming a pro in my third year and playing Hamlet professionally in Dublin aged 19. Then I went to London in a play starring Yvonne Mitchell, Sheelagh Cullen and myself. “Children of the Wolf”  (just the three of us) I was nominated for the London Theatre Critics Award for the “Best Newcomer in a London Stage Play”. Then I was contracted for two years by Hammer Films at Elstree Studios to play leads in 4 films. That was it – i was an actor!

Shane with Anna Karina

Karlsweb: You've done some work wearing heavy makeup in Farscape and also in movies movies. What was that like for you?

Shane Briant: The make-up was magnificent. Mainly because it looked so real and nasty. Some of the masks are so peculiar they look like comic book stuff. No disrespect but not like Karvock who looked as though the flesh was falling from his face. It’s never fun to have put on. Two hours every morning and very hot and uncomfortable during the day. And no lunch but liquids. But Dave Elsey is a genius.

Karlsweb: Dave Elsey (The Farscape Creature Shop) said he had created the makeup for Kaarvok based on Dr. Simon Hedler, your character in Frankenstein The Monster from Hell. Did this influence your portrayal of Kaarvok at all?

Shane Briant: None at all. Simon Helder was a “nice young lad”. Kaarvock was much more like me – flesh eating, brain-sucking deviant.

Karlsweb: You’ve written several books! Can you tell me about them? Are there any more coming out soon?

Shane Briant: All my books have been published in Australia only right now. But I send them all over the world. “The Webber Agenda” 1994 (espionage) “The Chasen Catalyst” 1996 (drug trafficking in the diplomatic bag – quite sexy.) “Hitkids” 2000 (9 yr old son of a hitman for the mafia decides to take over the family biz on the accidental death of his father. “Bite of the Lotus” 2001 (big international thriller centering on global money laundering in America, Russia, Asia, Australia. “Graphic” 2005- Sydney crime thriller – think ‘Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels'. If any readers want a copy they simply have to contact me at sbriant@bigpond.net.au. All the books have been optioned for film at one time or another.

Karlsweb: What was your favorite non-Farscape role?

Shane Briant: Dorian Gray in the American ABC movie of the week. And a two hander I did with Geoffrey Rush (tv series was “Twisted Tales” - ep called “Bonus Mileage.)

Shane with Lance Henriksen and Shane's wife Wendy

Karlsweb: How were your experiences on Farscape compared with some of the other similar work you’ve done?

Shane Briant: It was a very happy set and a very tight ship. I usually prefer location work such as spending 8 weeks in Vanuatu making ‘Till There Was You”. And remember, it’s tough in that mask all day. But i was surrounded by talented people and I was pretty much given free run with the characterization by our director. And the catering was excellent.

Karlsweb: What are some new or current projects that we can look forward to seeing you in?

Shane Briant: I wrote a short film called “A Message from Fallujah” that went out into the festival circuit and took out the Grand Prix at the Los Angeles International Film Festival and reached the final 10 for oscar nomination. Starred the great Lance Henriksen. I am told the DVD will soon be out called something like “Oscar Nominees and The Best of the Year.” I played a small cameo for fun.

I am currently working on a feature film that I can’t tell you anything else about, barring it is a psychological thriller that will scare the hell out of the audience.

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