Volume One Volume 2

Mr. Marv Wolfman, author of the Farscape Comic War Torn, was kind enough to answer  Karlsweb's questions about his work on the comic.

Karlsweb: How much of a free hand did you have in choosing the story material for Farscape: War Torn?

Marv Wolfman: Total. I sent my ideas in and they were accepted. I wanted to do a story that would be extremely Farscape in concept but too expensive for the show to do on a TV budget.

Karlsweb: Are you a Farscape Fan?

Marv Wolfman: Major league, and was before I got the job - which I actually lobbied for.  I love the show - got 'em all on tape and now getting the DVDs. Went to the con here in LA.

Karlsweb: What other Farscape comics will you be writing besides Farscape: War Torn?

Marv Wolfman: I wrote a Chiana two-parter. [The two parter is included in Farscape: War Torn]

Inside Artwork

Here's what WildStorm has to say about the book: "John Crichton and the crew of the Moya arrive in a system featuring two different civilizations in the midst of a war. The Moya's crew must tread a delicate path to avoid fanning the flames of the war, while attempting to gain access to the information that could lead the travel-weary crew back to their homes."

 Farscape: War Torn is a two issue Prestige Format book from WildStorm productions, written by Marv Wolfman and illustrated by Robert Teranishi. Briefly, the story deals with Moya's crew arriving in a system with two different civilizations at war with each other: a tropical planet populated by a spiritual society and a rocky planet inhabited by hard industrious people. The cover price for this 48 page issue is $5.95.





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