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ShaneBriant_Kaarvok.jpg (70568 bytes)NEW! Karlsweb Exclusive Interview

Shane Briant played the nasty, evil brain-sucking Kaarvok, the man who twinned Crichton in "Eat Me", and Kalish Doctor Trayso Talnell in "Fetal Attraction". Besides his huge list of acting credits, Mr. Briant is also the author of several books.


Karlsweb Exclusive Interview

As most of you know, ICP is a company of designers, artists and technicians who specialize in creature character design, animatronics, prosthetic makeup & costumes for film and television. These hugely talented people are Dave Elsey, Lou Elsey, Colin Ware and Rebecca Hunt, formerly of the Creature Shop that brought you the amazing creatures who populated the Farscape universe.


Raven Hood InterviewKarlsweb Exclusive Interview 

The sculptor of two Farscape action  figures (Rygel, Dominar of Hyneria and Rygel, Royalty in Exile), Raven Hood, graciously agreed to take time from his busy schedule to answer some questions for Karlsweb. We have some fantastic exclusive pictures of Rygel unpainted & undressed.


four Questions

exclusive interviews with the movers & shakers of Farscape

Dave ElseyDave Elsey
Creature Shop Creative Supervisor and Creature Designer

"Literally everything I look at, read or watch has inspired me to a certain extent..."

Anthony Simcoe,

"Ka D'Argo"

"I love it when people say - "Oh my god are you that character?!! I loved you in that."

Gigi Edgley,


"I think the beautiful thing about Chi is that she can be very vulnerable at times..."

Richard Manning,

(aka FrooniumRicky)

Producer and Writer

"Dave, we need another Scarran, and we want to blow his head off at the end of the show..."

Keith R. A. DeCandido...

(aka KRAD)

Author of Farscape novel, "House of Cards"

"So far, working on FARSCAPE has been a very large and flimsy box, so I'm quite happy. The only requirement is that the toys are put back where we found them."

Guy GrossGuy Gross,

Farscape Composer

"Sometimes on projects you have to be less-than-true to your musical self.  That's not the case with Farscape."


Farscape: The Illustrated  Season 4 Companion

 Read an excerpt from the fourth volume in this fantastic series. Click here to continue.

Author Paul Simpson tells us what to expect from "Farscape: The Illustrated Season Four Companion". Click here to continue.

illustrated season 3 companion

Karlsweb Exclusive Interview: 

There are some wonderful things in the newest Farscape: The Illustrated Season 3 Companion.  Mr. Adam Newell, Titan's editor for the Farscape books, was gracious enough to answer a few questions about the new volume.  

To read the interview, click here:



March 17, 2003 From Non-Sport Update by Scott Thomas

This month's issue of Non-Sport Update, the magazine for non-sport trading card collectors, has an excellent article about Farscape by Scott Thomas Also included in the issue is NSU the exclusive P2 promo card.  Karlsweb has reprinted the article (with permission) but you'll need to buy the magazine to get the promo. 

Click Here to read the article.

farscape trading cards

Karlsweb Interview with Rittenhouse

Updated June 5, 2002:  Rittenhouse Archives has announced September as the release date for the Season Three set of cards. They'll continue the 22-card bonus sets "Behind the Scenes" and "The Quotable Farscape" along with  nine "Family Ties" cards, 18 new SketchaFEX cards (hand drawn) and nine "Revenging Angel Animation Cels." Autographers will include Paul Goddard, Tammy Macintosh, Jonathan Hardy and more (see the Karlsweb Exclusive Interview).



Marv Wolfman Interview

Karlsweb Exclusive Interview

Mr. Marv Wolfman, the author of the Farscape Comic War Torn, was kind enough to answer a couple of questions about his work on the comic. Click here to read the interview



Karlsweb Exclusive Interview

Ms. Sharon Papa, who is the producer of the Farscape DVDs for ADV Films, was kind enough to answer a few questions for Karlsweb about the upcoming Season Two DVD releases in the USA. 



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