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*** Barbarella sets mode: +o Dave1

*** Barbarella sets mode: +m

*** Barbarella sets mode: +m

<Barbarella> Hiya Dave

<Pygar> <@Barbarella> Hiya Dave

*** Barbarella sets mode: -v Pygar

<Barbarella> give us a few minutes folks

<Barbarella> remember guys PM Pygar with your questions

<Dave1> hey guys, I finally worked out where to go

<Barbarella> hehehe

<Dave1> ga

<Barbarella> ok we'll get on with some questions

<Dave1> Im excited!!!

<Dave1> Ga

<Barbarella> ok here's one I have to ask just because

<Barbarella> *SithWitch* Dave, have you seen the "Braca Dance"? http://members.cox.net/jsensebe/braca/

<Barbarella> I've seen this thing and its hysterical

<Dave1> Absolutely! Just like real life!!!

<Dave1> You think my dancing hysterical??

<Barbarella> you dance like a white guy

* Barbarella smiles

<Dave1> Ga

<Barbarella> *GutPageant* Up till now, many of Braca's best scenes have been comedic. Any meaty dramatic stuff coming up?

<Dave1> Ive got something to tell you, I am a white guy! I have other skills, ga

<Barbarella> *GutPageant* Up till now, many of Braca's best scenes have been comedic. Any meaty dramatic stuff coming up?

<Dave1> Braca by the end of the season has gone on a pretty dramatic journey, ga

<Barbarella> *OboeCrazy* Hi Mr. Franklin! Why don't you fill us in on what you've been up to since Farscape?

<Dave1> He is starting to really take control, ga

<Dave1> Oh by the way, thanks all for for your interest and commitement to the show, it is mindblowing. Ga

<Barbarella> well since we haven't previously done this chat with you before we have one question that we always ask newbies.....

<Barbarella> boxers or briefs?

<Dave1> After you plan to save farscape, how about world peace?? ga

<Dave1> Ah! The boxers or briefs question! Before Braca got promoted, if you look closely enough you shouldn't have to ask. ga

<Barbarella> *Leah3* Hi David! Here in the US we have seen you as Brutus on Xena & of course as Braca (All hail to thee - lol) on Farscape - Do you prefer playing the villian? If not are you afraid to be typecasted as a villian if you seek out other TV/Movie roles?

<Dave1> Now that I am promoted, I am free and easy!! ga

*** Barbarella sets mode: +l 248

<Barbarella> ok repeat

<Barbarella> *Leah3* Hi David! Here in the US we have seen you as Brutus on Xena & of course as Braca (All hail to thee - lol) on Farscape - Do you prefer playing the villian? If not are you afraid to be typecasted as a villian if you seek out other TV/Movie roles?

<Dave1> I always seem to be cast as the villian. Maybe it's my inner self coming out. Have you seen me in the mornings? I do love exploring the dark side and hopefully the "human" qualities of these "evil" characters. I LOVE playing comedy!! I just don't get asked that often. ga

<Barbarella> *slidecat* Dave what's it like to be the only "high ranking" officer of the origional Crais crew?

<Dave1> It feels right!! ga

<Barbarella> *Oziscififan* What is your favorite seen your Bracaliciousness?

<Barbarella> I think he means scene

<Barbarella> hehehe

<Dave1> I enjoyed being sexually molested at work by my lady boss. A moment I enjoyed was earlier on in the series, stepping over someone I jsut squashed into a airlocked door but being polite enough to say "excuse me" to them as I walked over them. ga

<Barbarella> *Cadsuane* Could you ask David if he will be making an appearances at any Cons? Thanks!

<Dave1> I'd LOVE to come to cons and meet you guys. But I havent been invited. :-(  ga

<Barbarella> well trust me...they'll want you just give us a way to get you booked...anthony brought his booking agent...

<Barbarella> *KyleVoltti* Dave where do you think Braca ranks in the history of villainous sidekicks?

<Dave1> Barabarella, I don't understand ga

<Barbarella> *Oochi* Did you ever expect that Braca was going to be so very popular?

<Dave1> Amongst the best!! ga

<Barbarella> *Dava* what kind of dramatic training have you taken?

<Dave1> I had ABSOLUTELY no idea that Braca would become so popular. I just came in for two episodes doing not much, at the end of season 1, and I'm still here!!! ga

<Dave1> I did a apprenticeship atThe Sydney Theatre Company. ga

<Barbarella> *ChianaGray* What is your most favorite Braca moment/part?

<Dave1> Sorry I am so slow with my typing! ga

<Dave1> ChianaGray I answered that one.And I am too bad a typist to answer again. ga

<Barbarella> *Yelloh* What has been the reaction when auditioning for work when you say you've been on Farscape?

<Dave1> In Australia, Farscape hasn't been screened on free to air for a while. So people know about it but dont KNOW it, if you know what I mean. ga

<Barbarella> *DaScape* Go on Dave .... if there was a re-re-match, could Braca kick Crichton's Butt :)

<Dave1> For somenone so intelligent, what a silly question,. Let me at him. I'd use any trick in the book. ga

<Barbarella> *Froonium-Freedom-fighter* What was it like when you learned of FS cancelation? what went through your mind?

<Barbarella> remember guys PM Pygar with your questions

<Dave1> I was stunned! DK had been talking just the week before about all the exciting things in season 5. ga

<Barbarella> *DaScape* Is Wayne Pygram just a big teddy bear in real life or is he a evil genious like Scorpy?? same question about yourself ;)

<Dave1> He is a honey bun, great to work with. I am an ass hole. ga

<Barbarella> LOL

<Barbarella> *ShutUpRob* We have this little word game here called "Braca" where we replace key words in movie titles (Brac-tanic), song titles (Braca My Soul In the Bosom of Grayzaham) & lyrics and so forth with "Braca" (and occasionally, another Scape character name). The game annoys some Scapers and inspires others to heights of silliness. How does it feel to have created a character so entertainingly sycophantic that he's inspired a game?

<Barbarella> that was a long one

<Barbarella> uh oh techinical difficulties one sec

<Dave1> I love that name Et-Tu- Bracae!! It is very clever, wish I had thought of it. ga

*** Pygar sets mode: +o Pygar

*** Barbarella sets mode: -o Pygar

<Barbarella> ok we got the relay back

<Dave1> Shut up rob -- I think it is a "kak" (that means funny) ga

<Barbarella> *GeneralBraca* How much Braca can we look forward to in the second half of the fourth series?

<Dave1> Enough to keep you wanting more!!!! There is a couple of big episodes towards the end. In season 5 I was going to have my own back story episode.  :-(   ga

<Barbarella> *KyleVoltti* If you had to be stuck with one boss in real life who would it be, Crais, Scorpious or Grayza?

<Dave1> The mind boggles at Braca's past could be. ag

<Dave1> I think Scorpy is my main man, but.. it was GREAT albeit briefly confronting Crais and Graza was very comfortable to serve under.  :-)   ga

<Barbarella> *NeuralClone* David, are you going to the Save Farscape rally in Sydney? I heard some cast and crew were going to be there.

<Dave1> I didn't know there was one!?? ga

<Barbarella> *AerynCrichtonSun* David, are you & the rest of the cast finished with doing ADR work for Season 4?

<Dave1> you guys seem to be organising rallies everywhere. More power to you!!  ga

<Dave1> No. Just did episode 14 last week. ga

<Barbarella> *Dava* Like most characters on the show, Braca is subtle and fairly complex. Have you ever been asked to do a scene that you thought was out-of-character? If so, what did you do about it?

<Dave1> I say those script writers are pretty clued up, and they are very approachable. They listened to any suggestions that I made.  ga

<Barbarella> <franscape> do you have an official site?

<Dave1> Officially,,, NO!!  I had no idea that Braca was so popular. I don't have a problem with that.   ga

<Barbarella> <Frellville> David how long have you been acting?

<Dave1> 23 years, I started VEEEEERRRY young.  (still in nappies, well,,, almost)   ga

<Barbarella> *franscape* first may i say that you have changed my life in an amazing way Mr Franklin, thank you, now for my question: if given the chance would you do a braca based spinoff?

<Dave1> How have I changes your life????Are you manipulating and brown nosing your way to the top??   If the chance came up, I would be interested   ga

<Barbarella> LOL

<Barbarella> *Talissa* dave, what's the wackiest thing you've ever done for a camera

<Barbarella> remember guys PM pygar with your questions

<Dave1> The sex gland  thing with Grayza was pretty wacky when you think about it. Oh! There is some crazy stuff coming up.. I was pretty worried about it when we shot it, but it works just fine. You will have to wait and see if you can guess what it is!! ga

<Barbarella> OK since this one is coming up so frequently I guess I'll have to ask it: Who would Braca like to get it on with the most from the show?

<Barbarella> EVERYONE wants to know

<Dave1> Whoever has the most power at the time!!!!!  ga

<Barbarella> *akimbo* Though we love to see you on screen. Do you have plans to write and direct?

<Dave1> I have produced a play, but at the moment I am   concentrating on acting. ga

<Barbarella> *Cadsuane* You and your castmates all seem to be very interesting people outside of your characters...who's the biggest prankster on the set?

<Dave1> hmmmm, Anthony is a bit of a clown, but I never get to work with him.  ga

<Barbarella> *DaScape* Who initally inspired you to act?

<Dave1> I am the most fun person on the set! Ane the most modest. ga

<Dave1> I was inspired by my aunt, who was a highly respected theatre actress in the 60's  in Melbourne,. ga

<Barbarella> <Merlyn> David, back at the end of Season 3, when Crais was talking to Braca, he called him the perfect peacekeeper. Crais of course was not paying him a compliment...did Braca really take it as a compliment? Or did he just not want to give Crais the satisfaction?

<Dave1> What Crias said was a backhanded compliment. Braca is no dummy. ga

<Barbarella> *RetrievalSquad* David, did they let you keep a prop or a piece of the set (command carrier in the back yard, lol?)

<Dave1> I did take my undies home, ,, a  true story. Here is a bit of trivia for you. On the command carrier, the writing in peacekeeper speak says " come get some, mother fucker!" The guys in computer graphics told me. ga

<Barbarella> *grapeshot* have you done any stage roles, and if so, what where they?

<Dave1> Played Elvis in a musical of his life, Midsummer Nights Dream, Loot, McBeth, to name a few. ga

<Barbarella> *jet* What is Braca's ultimate goal to do with the power he's been gathering over the seasons?

<Dave1> That would be telling. He has his agenda. ga

<Barbarella> *Leah3* David, What do you have planned right now - anythign we need to be keeping an eye on?? - BTY loved ya in the Crocodile Hunter - wink wink

<Dave1> Hmmm, I dont know how to take that. Waiting to hear about a couple of things. Oh! and Matrix2. ga

<Barbarella> *Dava* If you didn't play Braca, would you want to play any of the other characters on the show?

<Dave1> It's Braca or no one! ga

<Barbarella> *slidecat* aside from farscape what was your favorite acting experinence?

<Dave1> I loved doing a show called "Blue Murder". A true story based on corruption in the New South Wales police force. I played a villian (how unusual!) he was "mad as a cut snake" (that is, " psycho") I am very proud of that. ga

<Barbarella> *lordCONAN* do you watch the show? Some actors don't like to watch themselves on screen, but do you watch all the episodes? some episodes? or just the ones your in? (if not on TV on video or dvd?)

<Dave1> I ahve seen some of the episodes, but at the end of the season I catch up. ga

<Barbarella> *Oziscififan* What is your favorite 'accident' during a shoot? or prank?

<Dave1> I kept prematurely ejaculating whan Grayza "swiped" me. ga

<Barbarella> LOL

<Barbarella> *ranger1* what did you like/dislike about the episode "I Yensch, you Yensch". you got knocked around quite a bit.... heh heh heh...

<Dave1> I am only human, I mean Sebacean!  ga

<Dave1> I finally got to work with Anthony. Braca ALWAYS gets knocked around.ga

<Barbarella> *Talissa* is there any role you've always wanted to play?

<Dave1> The role that I am dong at the time. I love my work. ga

<Barbarella> *boozysmurf* Okay, here's another question ... Do you think we're creepy? LOL

<Dave1> Of course you are creepy! That's why we get on so well. ga

<Barbarella> *GeneralBraca* If you had a chance to really go into space (you know, a space tourist on a Russian spacecraft) would you jump at the chance to do it for real? Or too dangerous or not your cup of tea?

<Dave1> Sign me up!!! ga

<Barbarella> *Dava* Many actors have a "ritual" that they perform to get into character, do you have anything you do to "turn into" Braca?

<Dave1> The whole process of getting to work, make-up, wardrobe, etc is part of the ritual for me, I guess.  ga

<Barbarella> *jadeshand* You said you have been acting since you were in 'nappies'. What was your first role, then?

<Dave1> It was a mini series called "Loss of Innocence"., about a young boy growing uo in the Depression in Australia.  ga

<Barbarella> *KyleVoltti* how does it feel to be part of a cultural phenomenon?

<Dave1> well it's very wierd sitting here in my study in Sydney, talking to yu guys. ( I say you are all mad!!!!).Seiously, it is humbling to be part of this bizare world that is Farscape, and being so warmly received.  ga

<Barbarella> ANd this is our last question we've been getting this from everyone...its more a request....Your braca-ites want you to say BRACA! and of course all the Scapers want you to say our Rally cry for save the show NEVER SAY DIE!

<Barbarella> I think I had a major type that's saving the show

<Barbarella> hehehe

<Dave1> BRACA!!!! NEVER SAY DIE!!!  Thanks so much for chatting with me i have had a ball. I  l ook forward to going to some cons and getting to meet you guys in the flesh. I forgot to say1!!!  I saw Ricky Manning, Lani and Gigi last night and they send their love!!!  



<Barbarella> OK guys I'm really pleased you all could make it tonight

<Barbarella> first off I want to let you all know I'm doing well..and i went to the doctor today and got my meds and am resting and will be back as good as new probably in a week

<Barbarella> secondly...tonight we're here announce some strategy and things you can do locally to up the fan base for farscape so we can get that 2.0 rating for them

<Barbarella> One of the things you guys should be doing is Get out locally to comic shops, book stores, video stores, coffe shops, local hot spots and put flyers and a poster if possible contact the shops managers for permission first

<Barbarella> I can't stress enough the need for local involvement

<Barbarella> in fact there was a scaper recently that went to blockbuster and was trying to recruit renters to rent the Farscape DVD's

<Barbarella> they were talking to a person got them to rent and another person overheard and rented another Farscape DVD

<Barbarella> so we CAN gain new fan base

<Barbarella> so get out to suncoast and set some flyers out there...video stores are a good place to get new people interested

<Barbarella> 2nd local thing we can be doing is contact local newspapers, radio shows, networks, and local access stations to get more word out

<Barbarella> Contacting your local news and media is a great way to get word out

<Barbarella> I heard on my local radio the other day...someone called the morning show and started a Save Farscape topic

<Barbarella> the DJ's happened to be fans so people all over Houston heard it

<Barbarella> so that can make a difference too

<Barbarella> try to get people involved by setting up viewing nights...you know many stores and libraries will loan you the space...if you bring the media equipment

<Barbarella> comic shops are big on that...friday night Farscape nights

<Barbarella> these are all things you can do locally and I'm sure I've missed ALOT of local ideas but we'll be putting out a Wormhole Update tonight and putting the entire strategy and ideas up on the site as well

<Barbarella> now I wanted to touch on the fact that this is a long haul...nothing is short term here...we have a long road but as we've proven if we are Unified...we can move mountains

<Barbarella> But we MUST be Unified and moving as one...doing the same things all over the world

<Barbarella> because we have a global community

<Barbarella> we are a FORCE when we move as one...if we are fractured we don't do the job as well

<Barbarella> so guys I want you to put aside differences with groups and sites and try to work together...I know that as groups go...scapers ROCK

<Barbarella> now....onto the over all 3 month plan...this is really short cause I know you guys are gettin sick of listening I would be too

<Barbarella> :)

<Barbarella> In october every scaper here needs to get out and do things locally to get the word out

<Barbarella> believe it or not...there ARE people that don't know the show has been canceled

<Barbarella> my doctor didn't know until just before I called him

<Barbarella> which btw he and his office are HUGE fans...the fans are out there they just haven't heard

<Barbarella> so get out locally and do everything you can during October

<Barbarella> in November we need to concentrate on getting the cast in the media if possible

<Barbarella> call national talk shows...late night shows

<Barbarella> write your papers...and try to get them to interview them

<Barbarella> do everything you can to get them press

<Barbarella> its important

<Barbarella> and still as always continue to spread the word localy

<Barbarella> and then December..which could be very key for us

<Barbarella> we need to get out there...and get more interest in these 11 episodes fixing to air in January

<Barbarella> January is important and December is our last chance to get them new fan base

<Barbarella> at least before the ratings

<Barbarella> we WANT that 2.0 it will help us get what we want

<Barbarella> we're ALREADY planing another 5th of Farscape Global rally for Dec 5th

<Barbarella> I know it will be cold but we can find indoor things

<Barbarella> get out to cons...and set up a table there

<Barbarella> get out everywhere we can

<Barbarella> and basicly press blitz with the fan support

<Barbarella> ok...now enough strategy you guys know wormhole update will have the full plan there and strategy along with ideas and we'll be putting up some sample letters for you guys to look at to send prospective networks and scifi and EM TV

<Barbarella> now...onto the good stuff and the fun stuff

<Barbarella> first I've been putting out feelers to all cast and crew I can

<Barbarella> I have no dates yet

<Barbarella> however...David Franklin will doing a chat with us soon

<Barbarella> Wayne Pygram will be in if he can get on a PC

<Barbarella> I'm tryin to get in touch with Tammy at the moment

<Barbarella> I have emails out to gigi and ben and even trying to get word to claudia though I can't guarentee she will come...but I'll do everything in my power to make it happen

<Barbarella> we also have crew coming...more sfx guys

<Barbarella> some stunt men maybe

<Barbarella> costumers

<Barbarella> and even a cameraman or 2 and I'm working on the creature shop

<Barbarella> so we have alot of fun stuff that will be happening all thru this

<Barbarella> also we're gonna put up some cool fun stuff on our site

<Barbarella> www.savefarscapecentral.com

<Barbarella> we're gonna do something called Caption This

<Barbarella> where we take captures from Farscape episodes...the funniest looking and the oddest

<Barbarella> and then we open it up to you guys

<Barbarella> we will vote once a week on the best that we find

<Barbarella> we thought you guys might like to have a little fun while you work

<Barbarella> also I'm tryin to get the makers of dancing braca to do a flash braca

<Barbarella> one like the dancing Bush

<Barbarella> hehehe

<Barbarella> we thought you guys might like things like that

<Barbarella> they stick it out to the end

<Barbarella> Scapers never say goodbye

<Barbarella> we are there always showing our support

<Barbarella> if we stick together

<Barbarella> and keep at it locally as well as online

<Barbarella> WE WILL get that 5th Season

<Barbarella> we can move mountains and we will if we stick together

<Barbarella> I can't stress that enough

<Barbarella> so remember Scapers


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