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<Barbarella> ok we're gonna relay folks

<Barbarella> we have froon in

<Barbarella> `spy on #farscape

<@FrooniumRicky> Are we Here?

<@Barbarella> yes we are

<@Barbarella> I have pygar relaying now

<@Barbarella> to #Farscape1

<@DK> Hello? What's going on? I just got up? What's happening?

<@FrooniumRicky> There's supposed to be some sort of chat

<@Barbarella> are you gonna share the coffee?

<@Barbarella> for the poor op

<@FrooniumRicky> kudos to poor Babs

<@DK> Barb -- should we wait a moment for a few folks to join? What's the story?

<@Barbarella> ok I'll try to let more into the rooms

<@Barbarella> entertain the troops?

<@FrooniumRicky> don't crash us again!

<@FrooniumRicky> we couldn't bear the rejection!

<@Barbarella> cecretly I'm working for another un-named faction you just don't know it...

<@Barbarella> oops secretly

Mode: Barbarella sets mode: +l 200

*** uberchorn sets mode: +o snotz

<@FrooniumRicky> We had something to say, but darned if we can remember what it was

<@Barbarella> that happens with age man

Mode: Barbarella sets mode: +l 205

<@Barbarella> we are still here right?

<@FrooniumRicky> I hear David typing

<@DK> Barb... Wait? Go? Sing? Dance?

<@Barbarella> yes sing and dance and entertain the troops while I work my magic

<@FrooniumRicky> Shall we dance?

<@FrooniumRicky> On a bright cloud of Farscape, shall we fly?

<@Barbarella> this I would pay to see

Mode: Barbarella sets mode: +l 210

<@FrooniumRicky> who are we missing?

<@FrooniumRicky> Anybody who can't get into the room, raise your hand

<@Barbarella> ROFL

<@Barbarella> ok that's it for this room I'm capping it

<@FrooniumRicky> DK is warming up his fingers

<@FrooniumRicky> And don't ask how

<@Barbarella> must be some exercise routine then

<@FrooniumRicky> 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of bee-ah...

<@FrooniumRicky> If one of those highly acclaimed sci-fi series should happen to fall, 98 bottles of beer on the wall...

<@FrooniumRicky> So, a Scarran walks into a bar...

<@FrooniumRicky> "Why the long face?"

<@DK> Okay, Gang, why don't I start.

<@Barbarella> yes

<@Barbarella> we're good to go

<@DK> I figure someone just might post this anyway, so everyone

<@Barbarella> we have all the relays setup around the server now

<@DK> might have a chance to see what we're saying.

<@FrooniumRicky> I'd say that's likely.

<@DK> Good morning, afternoon, evening, wherever you may be.

<@DK> I can't say if it was a quid pro quo

<@DK> but when all of you

<@DK> and many other dedicated fans

<@DK> started voicing your displeasure at Farscape's cancellation

<@DK> we suddenly found ourselves in a re-opened negotiation with

<@DK> the SF Channel regarding more episodes.

<@DK> So much for the good news.

<@DK> Can't make a show without the dollars and the commitment of the channel that airs you.

<@DK> Nothing changed really.

<@DK> At the moment, there is no new eps of Farscape on the horizon.

<@DK> But, a few thoughts...

<@DK> First

<@DK> What you have done/are doing is not wasted.

<@DK> It is good.

<@DK> Things change.

<@DK> Things move.

<@DK> Just not when you want them to sometimes.

<@DK> Here's what I mean...

<@DK> Our best 11 eps of Farscape

<@DK> are coming up in January.

<@DK> Ben called me 2 nights ago after midnight. He and his family

<@DK> had just finished watching the finished version of

<@DK> 413.

<@DK> He couldn't believe that anyone would cancel this show.

<@DK> I agree.

<@DK> Wait till you see what we've got coming for you.

<@DK> Okay. Stay here -- it'll all tie together in the end

<@DK> Like Farscape.

<@DK> Nope

<@DK> not the end of the world.

<@DK> Ricky and I even took a few pieces

<@DK> that we'll auction off for charity soon.

<@DK> You may yet get to have a piece of the old girl.

<@DK> I saw SF Channel's FAQ post.

<@DK> Somebody (over a dozen

<@DK> people) passed it on to me.

<@DK> Okay.

<@DK> I'd like to add a tiny bit of perspective

<@DK> to the situation.

<@DK> Just my informed opinion, you understand.

<@DK> Couldn't be the truth.

<@DK> No way. Uh uh.

<@DK> Just an opinion, you understand...

<@DK> Our ratings dropped for a variety of reasons.

<@DK> One is certainly the time slot move.

<@DK> We have direct competition in Odyssey 5 on Showtime.

<@DK> We've lost some people there. A few.

<@DK> NOTE: Every single person on O5 is a friend of mine.

<@DK> They are great.

<@DK> I watch their show.

<@DK> I like their show.

<@DK> It's a good show to watch.

<@DK> Tell them I say hello.

<@DK> Tell them I say hello.

<@DK> Every single 1/10 th point that we drop. Let's talk about it.

<@DK> We dropped, what, on average? 2/10ths.

<@DK> We dropped, what, on average? 2/10ths.

<@DK> Each 1/10 represents 3 people in America with a Neilson box.

<@DK> Three.

<@DK> Tres.

<@DK> So six people somewhere stopped watching or went somewhere else or went into

<@DK> prolonged labor (labour for our friends in Oz and UK)

<@DK> and we're no longer a viable show.

<@DK> I completely understand.

<@DK> We're also hurt by the community you've established

<@DK> amoung yourselves.

<@DK> You watch our show in groups.

<@DK> Clusters.

<@DK> Gaggles.

<@DK> Pods.

<@DK> The way it's meant to be shared.

<@DK> If you're alone -- you get online

<@DK> while it's on and share the experience.

<@DK> They don't count gaggles.

<@DK> Only singles.

<@DK> We should've made the damn show for 14 year old boys.

<@DK> Jeez, did we screw up.

<@DK> Okay...

<@DK> let's see...

<@FrooniumRicky> Hang on

<@FrooniumRicky> He's looking at his notes

<@FrooniumRicky> He's whistling in my ear

<@FrooniumRicky> (on the phone, people, on the Phone)

<@FrooniumRicky> Techno in action

<@DK> We've lost some of Stargate's lead-in.

<@DK> We have.

<@DK> Perhaps the audiences are not a perfect ourlap

<@DK> overlap.

<@DK> Where's Annabel when I need her to corrict my horendus spelng?

<@DK> Anyway.

<@DK> The audience's are not exactly the same.

<@DK> Were they to be on the same network at the same time,

<@DK> The Practice would not be scheduled behind Saved By the Bell.

<@DK> However, SFC is a small channel.

<@DK> There ISN"T anything else to pair with us at the time.

<@DK> We've been waiting, but there was never a compatible show

<@DK> build to work with us.

<@DK> Fine. We all take what we get.

<@DK> But I personally


<@DK> don't buy that as a reason to cite when trying to

<@DK> explain a cancellation.

<@DK> (...somewhere, Ben is smiling...)

<@DK> I won't even talk about the marketing.

<@DK> I wish to remain a free man.

<@DK> Lastly, re the FAQs -- despite all claims that we were all still negotiating\

<@DK> at the time when the sets were first going under the hammer

<@DK> --before the reprieve --

<@DK> We had received a cancellation letter.

<@DK> Thank you, but no more, thank you.

<@DK> What to do?

<@DK> Well -- sets can be rebuilt.

<@DK> We've photographed them

<@DK> and have all the blueprints.

<@DK> No biggie.

<@DK> Rock and I are working on "a script."

<@DK> We all have 22 episodes of what might have been the final season

<@DK> of Farscape

<@DK> -- it COULD have gone longer if you gaggles had just

<@DK> each sat alone in your own rooms

<@DK> and watched the show without

<@DK> going into labor/labour.

<@DK> Anyway. They're the best damn eps

<@DK> you will hopefully someday get to see.

<@DK> Why?

<@DK> Why are they so good?

<@DK> I'll tell you why...

<@DK> Several reporters and commentators

<@DK> have hit on this.

<@DK> We know it.

<@DK> YOU know it in your soul.

<@DK> I think there are some --

<@DK> good gracious, this is the first time I've ever typed

<@DK> these letters

<@DK> since I used to BE one of 'em

<@DK> TPTB's that don't get it.

<@DK> Even now.

<@DK> The unwritten 22 eps of Scape are the best

<@DK> because they are


<@DK> It's why we've all worked and watched so hard.

<@DK> To see the end.

<@DK> Someone in the LA times wrote --

<@DK> and it was forwarded to me

<@DK> by a sympathetic syndicated columnist

<@DK> that you wouldn't got to a movie if they didn't show you the end.

<@DK> You wouldn't buy the next novel if the last 100 pages were torn out.

<@DK> But, I swear to you...

<@DK> Certain TPTB's think this is just a show with a bunch of

<@DK> eps strung together in a row.

<@DK> It's a single story.

<@DK> A love story.

<@DK> Multiple love stories woven together into a careful tapestry.

<@DK> You DO NOT understand how hard we've all worked to make that

<@DK> satisfying for you -- despite a few glitches.

<@DK> However -- we're even proud of the glitches.

<@DK> I immodestly think -- along with the rest of the cast and crew --

<@DK> that our cretins are better than most others' swans.

<@DK> Hey!

<@DK> You guys got some cash?

<@DK> I love the ads.

<@DK> We love the ads.

<@DK> Save the money. Let it earn

<@DK> interest in the bank.

<@DK> We come on in Jan.

<@DK> Last 11 eps.

<@DK> Wait till you see. Wait till everyone sees.

<@DK> Take ads then.

<@DK> Remind the world.

<@DK> It'll be hard to miss us unless they run us at 3:37 am out of a broadcast station in Rhodesia.

<@DK> Spread the word.

<@DK> No labor/labour then.

<@DK> Watch alone.

<@DK> Be 14.

<@DK> "Get us a 2.0 rating."

<@DK> Then smile.

<@DK> I promise you,

<@DK> the people who make Farscape are ready to make more.

<@DK> Maybe YOU will give us that chance.

<@DK> On a personal note

<@DK> I will probably not be checking in unless one of the inner circle

<@DK> asks me again to say some words.

<@DK> We have another series to create.

<@DK> The team plans to stay together.

<@DK> There will be more/others/different.

<@DK> They won't be Scape, but we can't have everything at the time and place we want it.

<@DK> I mean, they never do the Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot in MY neighborhood.

<@DK> But,

<@DK> there is always the chance.

<@DK> This is not smoke.

<@DK> I'm too tired and old to blow smoke.

<@DK> Ratings rise. Noise is made. February rolls around...

<@DK> I'm actually -- really -- smiling.

<@DK> I'd love to see it happen.

<@DK> It would also mean it happened because of you.

<@DK> Come to think of it --

<@DK> This whole damn thing has happened because of you.

<@DK> You get it.

<@DK> You know it's one story.

<@DK> A love story.

<@DK> An epic, frelling love story.

<@DK> Personally, I am really sad.

<@DK> Anyway...

<@DK> Thank you all.

<@DK> I will expect our paths will cross on the airwaves in the future.

<@DK> In the meantime--

<@DK> Keep watching Farscape.

<@DK> In record numbers.

<@DK> Stay with the story.

<@DK> Ben and Ricky and all the others and myself

<@DK> are not dead yet.

<@DK> We're just unemployed.

<@DK> Thank you all for the last 4 plus years.

<@DK> It is now time for us to step back.

<@DK> Stay a community.

<@DK> Maintain your Farscape friends.

<@DK> We're in the process of doing that ourselves.

<@DK> Look at all the cool things Mr. O'Bannon's little brainstorm did for all of us.

<@DK> Good night from Sydney.

<@DK> DK out.

*** uberchorn sets mode: +o snotz

<@Barbarella> Well DK I have one thing to say as I'm sure all scapers are saying thru all these PM's to Pygar

<@Barbarella> We plan to keep it alive and we plan to show the world thru our local efforts and Online efforts that we intend to get people involved with this that Farscape is here to stay and we WILL get that 5th season

<@Barbarella> And this community can do it

*** uberchorn sets mode: +o snotz

<@Barbarella> Well DK I have one thing to say as I'm sure all scapers are saying thru all these PM's to Pygar

<@Barbarella> We plan to keep it alive and we plan to show the world thru our local efforts and Online efforts that we intend to get people involved with this that Farscape is here to stay and we WILL get that 5th season

<@Barbarella> And this community can do it

<@Barbarella> Froon any words of wisdom from the master of mamboshirts?

<@FrooniumRicky> DK is a hard act to follow

<@FrooniumRicky> I want to thank everyone as well

<@FrooniumRicky> I have made wonderful friends on this show...

<@FrooniumRicky> Before the cameras, behind the cameras...

<@FrooniumRicky> And Out There in the Real World as well...

<@FrooniumRicky> Every tv crew is a "family"...

<@FrooniumRicky> Some are less dysfunctional than others ;)

<@FrooniumRicky> Farscape's family is the best.

<@FrooniumRicky> And that family includes all of you.

<@FrooniumRicky> Rock, DK, Ben...

<@FrooniumRicky> ...everyone hearing the "sound" of my "voice"...

<@FrooniumRicky> Thank you for four of the best and most FUN years of my life.

<@FrooniumRicky> (Thanks to Barbarella for wrestling the server to the ground so we could speak to you.)


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