Artwork by Emily [ScorpSik]

My name is Emily Fripp, and I have been painting professionally for a number of years. What style do I work in? Hard to say. ..a bizarre fine art/fantasy art hybrid! But as we all know, a hybrid is a beautiful thing. ...

Well, on to the paintings (as your buttocks clench in anticipation), Most of the images in my work, are taken from the trading cards, with a handful of magazine shots thrown in. I always try to go for the more. ..dramatic. ..looking stills, preferring the anguished expressions to the 'shippier' aspects! All of my work is painted in Acrylic, which I find gives a great richness to the colours.  

Well, I hope you enjoy my work, and if anyone’s interested in more information about my work, you can email me at

Thanks to Karlsweb for showing my work, and to all you people who appreciate my work. Cheers, Em (ScorpSik). 

ScorpSik has also written some FanFiction! Click here and follow the "Keepers of the Peace" links until you get to the Episode Listing. ScorpSik has written Episode 1. Enjoy!

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