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Artwork by Silverwingpam

I've been working in art all my life, since the first extra piece of sheet rock was left unattended in my Dad's basement and my brother introduced me to Donald Duck, Goofy and others. I found I could draw the images on that board with chalk as easy as he could, so I continued. 

Since that time I have worked in acrylics and oils, recently I have switched to watercolors and pastels...but, just recently, I have been working (and learning) to draw with computer paint. I love it! Some of the images I started with a Farscape picture and totally redid it, others I created from scratch. I want to do more, putting the characters in different situations, since we won't get to see them on Fridays (for just a while, I hope.) 

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did, doing them! 

Who's Yo' Daddy

A Very Distant Sunset
(First Version)

Mom With Gun

Universal Garden

Lightly Etched

John and Aeryn


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