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Artwork by Emily [ScorpSik]


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Artist's Statement


Newest Work
FarTrek - These pretty much speak for themselves!

Farscape Chess Set with in progress images

Each piece took between 2 & 4 hours to sculpt. They're 2 inches high/ 3 inches for kings and queens.
Then they had to be smoothed... then blacked up and dry brushed before painting 'proper' could start.
The board is made from leatherette
The pieces I painted sparingly to give them an 'antique' kind of look

Box & Board Pawns & Scale Stage 1 Stage 1b Stage 2
Stage 2 b Moyan A Moyan B Peacekeepers Scarrans
Moyans on the board PKs on the board Scarrans on the board

Weapons What Friends Are For
Death Is Not the End End I Killed People Today Memories

PKW Rebel Rebel Reverance Team

Moyans Not Alone Occupation Peace

Thanks for the Memories & in Progress Thought 1 & 2

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