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Artwork by Emily [ScorpSik]

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Artist's Statement


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Anime and Dolls 



Here are some things I'd been wanting to do for years, but never knew where to look for the base figures. They are 1.25 inches big and have been modified from Hero Clix figures. With ALL of these, I spent a long time searching for figures whose poses well represented each FS character.

Sikozu Bust in Various Stages of Completion

Scorpius Bust in Various Stages of Completion

Scorpius was *very* difficult to do - hard to get the angles right, and you may notice that the earlier pics his mouth is closed, but then I opened it and you can see his teeth  :)

burbank2006 014.jpg (90442 bytes) burbank2006 015.jpg (149008 bytes)
loby5.JPG (14039 bytes)

It all started when I paid for one to be made in the full orange armour - but what I got was a load of tat (bradoll1). I had to resculpt and paint it (bradoll2)...and then of course, I had to make Sputnik and PKW Sikozu. Below are 2x 'in progress' Sputnik + PKW dolls, where you can see the raw clay plus the original 'bought' doll (bradoll1) and my resculpt (bradoll2). Sputnik's hair is individually spiralled, and the shoulder pieces, gauntlets etc have the detailing. PKW Sik... her gun is removable, she has the ammo pouch also.  She has boot laces, wrist guard detailing, strapping at the boot tops and tattoos down her neck. 

mag1.JPG (10531 bytes) mag2.JPG (20768 bytes) mag3.JPG (13877 bytes)

Sikozu magnet.
Yep, this used to be a 3" stunt spiderman toy - well, he has magnetic hands and feet, so can stand on vertical surfaces, so it had to be done LOL

bradoll1 bradoll2 In Progress PKW + Sputnik In Progress PKW + Sputnik
Final bradoll Final PKW Final Sputnik
Sikozu sculpture, which I made from a lovely air-drying clay.

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