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Artwork by Emily [ScorpSik]

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Artist's Statement

lostweekend3.jpg (103620 bytes) lostweekend4.jpg (72288 bytes) lostweekend.jpg (353443 bytes) The concept for this one....It is the fading memories of a night of excess... the waking lucidity is pictured in colour, and each faded memory has a bit of colour (which represents a fleeting remembrance of the events).

Hold on to Your Friends (title courtesy of Morrissey) with two "in progress" pictures

Something for the 'shippers this week - it shows ALL the painting stages.  It's called 'Obsession'

regrets.jpg (164543 bytes) regrets1.jpg (45002 bytes)
Truth Regrets Regrets in Progress Becoming Lost

Devil in Her Eyes

Change, Choice, Consequence  (and in progress) Suicide Tralks


"This is my world now. I think I liked yours better."


"You! Shoot Now!"


'Same old pain'


'For the greater good' (and preliminary drawing)

So, what are you going to do for me? (and 4 preliminary drawings)
doforme1.jpg (57471 bytes) doforme2.jpg (59419 bytes) doforme3.jpg (77644 bytes) doforme4.jpg (61393 bytes) doformecomplete.jpg (447847 bytes)

Trust, Hope Fear (and 3 Preliminary drawings)

This was done for the Terra Firma beach bash, the theme for which was'hope'. 
As you know, I don't paint uplifting images LOL so this is vain hope.  The kinda desperate hope that ends in disaster.

thf1.jpg (57085 bytes) thf2.jpg (84928 bytes) thf3.jpg (112225 bytes) thfcomplete.jpg (292625 bytes)



Paradise Lost


Run Away


caution.JPG (138213 bytes)


At What Price? (and two preliminary pictures)



A series of 13 painted portraits



paintowmtb1.jpg (80061 bytes)
fearisgood.jpg (151975 bytes)
sikozupk1.jpg (91806 bytes)
Allied1.jpg (186501 bytes)
foetalbasestage1.jpg (117578 bytes) foetalattraction1.jpg (364326 bytes) bhtb1.jpg (97196 bytes)
Sikozu & Scorpius: The Romance
Four Women and a Funeral: Jool, Chiana, Grayza and Sikozu from "What Was Lost, Part 2: Resurrection 
Montage #1: This features coolent-suited Aeryn as the main feature, along with Scorpy's torture and the Shadow Depository. 
Two in-progress images of Montage #1
Montage #2: This is more of a collective 'group' painting, with John and Aeryn in the centre, overshadowed by Scorpy. Both of these pieces feature all the main characters, and are A2 (4X A4) in size.  
The Women of Farscape: This features Aeryn, Chiana, Sikozu and Jool. It is probably the piece I am most proud of, as Jool's abdomen, and Sikozu's leathers are the finest things I have painted. ( Iím also rather proud of Sikozu's scales). This is also roughly A2 in size.  
TRILOGY - Part One -'Nerve': An A2 painting featuring key characters/situations from Seasons 1 + 2 of the show. Aside from the main cast, featured here is -Durka, Rorf, Bekhesh, the Shadow Depository, Zhaan's blooming and Crichton's brain.  
TRILOGY - Part Two - 'Lambs to the Slaughter': Again A2, this picture focuses on Season 3 and features the death of Crichton, Xhalax, Furlow, Jothee and Zhaanís death. Again, as you can see, an the main cast is featured.  
Two in-progress images of Trilogy - Part Two 'Lambs to the Slaughter'
TRILOGY - Part Three - 'What Was Lost': A more brooding feel that concentrates on Season 4 We have Grayza, Janek, Stahleek, hints at Norantiís mind manipulation, Macton, Aerynís ordeal at the hands of the Scarrans and Sikozuís secret weapon. 

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