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Artwork by Emily [ScorpSik]

Page 1: Caricatures & Sketches

Page 2: Paintings

Page 3: Dolls & Anime

Page 4: Sikozu's Costume

Page 5: Portraits & Action Pictures

Page 6: Newest Work

Artist's Statement


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Caricatures & Sketches

Back from the Brink

Out of the Shadows
broken.jpg (235502 bytes) dreaming.jpg (109248 bytes) mistakes.jpg (101835 bytes) strategy.jpg (129280 bytes)
Broken Dreaming Mistakes Strategy
Please.jpg (727231 bytes)
What Happened? The Morning After

A series of caricatures  - check the source images to see what parts I'm exaggerating and why. 
Wayne Pygram (Scorpius) Virginia Hey (Zhaan)
Rebecca Riggs (Comandant Grayza) Raelee Hill (Sikozu)
Paul Goddard (Stark) Melissa Jaffer (Noranti & Old Nilaam)
gigi.jpg (50108 bytes) g1.jpg (7443 bytes) jonathan.jpg (49195 bytes) j1.jpg (10627 bytes)
Gigi Edgley (Chiana) Jonathan Hardy (Voice of Rygel)
lani.jpg (47264 bytes) carlani.jpg (21338 bytes)
Lani Tupu (Crais & Voice of Pilot) Ben Browder (John Crichton)
David Franklin (Captain Bracca) Claudia Black (Aeryn Sun)
Tammy MacIntosh (Jool) Anthony Simcoe (D'Argo)


littlegirlblue.jpg (228478 bytes)

"Little Girl Blue"

"Man on the Edge"

"One of Those Days"

"Don't Make Me Angry!"

Fun Lovin' Criminals

The series of 13 pen drawings below is titled 
"Trust yourself. Anyone else? Shoot 'em"

jooltag.JPG (51803 bytes) johnbadge.JPG (25285 bytes) A couple of things done for 'Scaper projects that never happened -
Jool luggage tag + Crichton badge design

Comicscape Wonders Furlow Sikozu Ink
Sikozu Pencil Grunchlk Time Ends Pencil Time Ends Pen
Prim & Stroppy Hierarchy Ahkna Weak Species
Too Smart - Pencil Too Smart - Pen Evolution Little D - for BlueAeryn
Life Back T-Shirt Sikozu Protrait in Brio
John Caricature Aeryn Caricature Chiana Caricature Jool Caricature
bracacar.jpg (33695 bytes)
Stark Caricature Sikozu Caricature Braca  Caricature Crais Caricature
D'Argo Caricature Grayza Caricature Noranti Caricature Zhaan Caricature
Sikozu  Sikozu Caricature
Scorpius Caricature Cast Caricature Crais Caricature

Rygel Xhalax Sun Maldis Natira
Scorpsik_Chiana.jpg (70355 bytes) Scorpsik_Aeryn.jpg (61517 bytes)
Jothee Joolusko Chiana Aeryn
Scorpsik_Grayza.jpg (68035 bytes) Scorpsik_Noranti.jpg (60931 bytes)
Zhaan Grayza Noranti Sikozu & Scorpius
The Comic
Crais John Crichton Braca D'Argo
Stark Scorpius Sikozu Shanu

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