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Farscape Artwork by Rhys 

To see more of Rhys's phenomenal artwork, check out his website and also the Lightwave Group website.

Rhys created all of these models in Lightwave 3D, and they are available for free public download at Lightwave Group.



The Peacekeeper Marauder - Textures by Kyle Lydic

marauderb01.jpg (74091 bytes) marauderb02.jpg (77659 bytes) marauderb03.jpg (79496 bytes)

The Scarran fighter, which I have nicknamed the 'Predator'

predator01.jpg (96270 bytes) predator02.jpg (122556 bytes) predator03.jpg (96452 bytes)

The Peacekeeper Vigilante

pkvigilante01.jpg (47020 bytes) pkvigilante02.jpg (85929 bytes) pkvigilante03.jpg (69204 bytes)

The Leviathan Transport Pod

transportpod01.jpg (58215 bytes) transportpod02.jpg (82463 bytes) transportpod03.jpg (69786 bytes)


talyn01.jpg (77148 bytes) talyn02.jpg (83189 bytes) talyn03.jpg (63147 bytes)

Scarran Dreadnought (in Progress)

dreadnought01.jpg (72465 bytes) dreadnought02.jpg (104095 bytes) dreadnought03.jpg (72685 bytes)

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