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Artwork by Oleg

I'm not a professional artist, I do this for fun. Mostly just sketching, sometimes some Photoshop tweaking. Farscape is a great inspiration, a joy to watch and a joy to be inspired with. I'm delighted to share that

WhySoDifficult_Sko.jpg (308325 bytes) WhySoDifficult_Wa.jpg (376222 bytes)
Fishbowl Couple - Scorpius & Sikozu Couple - Ahkna & Pennoch Sko and Wa from "I Yensch?, You Yensch." I titled them 'Why so difficult'. This should be all Farscape villains motto.

Dinner Time


Fur Coat

Chiana.jpg (642430 bytes)



Edgy.jpg (714306 bytes)


Comparison.jpg (599932 bytes)



Fair Maids

Sikozu d'Arc



The above two sketches are for a Renaissance theme on Terra

Alien vs Pip and some post-production color adjustments

Aeryn Shadow - two variations, the one on the right is adjusted in Photoshop.

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