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Barb's non-Farscape quilts

The Grand Canyon

Quilt Original Photo
This is my one and only attempt at using Katie Pasquini's "Fractured Landscape" technique. We took the photo at the Grand Canyon, enlarged and traced it. The tracing was retraced onto freezer paper, then I cut the paper into segments, cut matching fabric pieces and sewed it all together by machine. 

The close-ups show the details of the quilting and embellishments.

Machine pieced and quilted. 

Lower Right Lower Center


By the Sea

I love optical illusions! By the Sea is made entirely of squares and rectangles, but because of the relationship between the pieces, it looks like curves rather than straight lines.

Machine pieced and quilted. 

Pineapple Log Cabin

This Pineapple Log Cabin and By the Sea (above) were made for the hospice area of Fletcher-Allen Medical Center. One of the requests was to make the quilts using nature themes. I was also asked to make quilts that would remain interesting after a quick peek

I originally titled it "They Went Thataway!" but decided that wasn't a very good name for a hospice quilt.

Baltimore Album Flight

Machine embroidered wall quilt.

Machine pieced & quilted

Jungle Tumbles

Nice Kitty

Another optical illusion quilt.

A great way to use up that leopard print that I've had forever!

Sun and Stars 

Night Garden

Country Pineapple


Christmas Star

Christmas Wreath


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