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Farscape Fiber Artwork by Barb 

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Icarus Abides Icarus Abides: I made this quilt using the "bargello" technique, which involves sewing fabrics into strips, slicing the strips into various widths, and sewing them together again. By varying the width of the strips, the curve can be made as gradual or as sharp as you like. It's machine pieced and machine quilted.

width="121" Through the Looking Glass: The Three Moyas This quilt is my first—and last—attempt at paper piecing, a technique in which you first draft the pattern on paper, cut the paper apart on the lines, then use the little pieces as a pattern and sewing guide. Since each piece in each star is a different size and shape, the trick was to keep the little pieces organized before you sew them together—I learned this the hard way. 

The quilt is machine pieced and machine quilted with several different types of embellishing thread. Only the yellow thread shows up in the photo.

Image from Through the Looking Glass that was the inspiration for the above quilt.

Through the Looking Glass: Rather than having an image for inspiration, this quilt came from the name of the episode. In this case, the looking glass is a bit "off" and the reflected image seems to change and shift as you look at it.

This quilt is also machine pieced and machine quilted.

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