August 6, 2003: This is an email I just received from the Galaxy Con Staff:

Galaxy Con II will be postponed until October 2004.  We will have a
final date within the next few days.  Our apologies go to anyone who
has been inconvenienced by this.  The Spring 2004 convention
scheduled for Washington, DC is also postponed.

There are two main reasons for the postponement: low pre-orders and
not enough volunteers.  We could have waited a little longer to see
if things improve, but you and our guests deserve to have as much
notice as possible. 

We realize that many people have put off ordering their tickets until
they know who the guests will be at the con, but without the pre-
orders, we can only commit a limited amount of money toward guests'
appearance fees, transportation, and other expenses.  We have been in
negotiations with several guests other than the ones who have
confirmed, but with only two months before the con, there is not
enough time to advertise the con properly even if we got a lot of
orders today and were able to confirm some headliner guests. 

In addition, we will need some people to take staff positions so that
more tasks can be delegated.  When Galaxy Con first started, I had a
partner who was supposed to do half of the main work.  It did not
work out that way in the end, and several things were disorganized
because of it, and I do not want that to happen again.  I cannot do
so much work by myself and still give the fans the quality event that
they deserve.  We need volunteers that we can count on.  We have some
volunteers who have been truly amazing, but we need more, and we need
to be more coordinated.  There is a plan for how to do that, but it
will take some time. 

We have invited all of our confirmed guests to reschedule their
appearances, and we will let you know what we work out as soon as

People who have ordered tickets already will be given an opportunity
to exchange their tickets or receive a refund.  We should know within
a few days what your options are for exchanges.  Please let us know
your preferences then.

Once again, from all of our staff, we apologize for the inconvenience
and disappointment. 

Galaxy Con

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