Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars may have spelled the end of the best science-fiction series on television, but its cast and crew continue to make Hollywood history.

Love, Kathie Huddleston

Paul Goddard

The wacky nut job who could feel the pain of the universe and who played Agent Brown in the original Matrix movie lives in Australia, where he owns cows.

 Least likely to
...win friends and influence

David Franklin
Capt. Braca

The perpetual second-in-command who changed his allegiances as often as Commandant Grayza fell out of her revealing top went from Farscape to The Matrix Reloaded, playing Maitre D'. 

Most likely to
...find another obsessed commander to follow to the ends of the universe.

Rebecca Riggs
Commandant Mele-On Grayza

Pregnant during the filming of Peacekeeper Wars. Riggs took 18 months off to raise her new baby boy, Dante. Now she's back to work and recently guest-starred in the television series All Saints.

Most likely to
...take a bath in some weird alien substance and like it.

Kent McCord
Jack Crichton

Papa Crichton appeared in the submarine thriller Tides of War and got to play himself on the Hollywood Squares game show.

Most likely to
...appear on a reality show.

Matthew Newton
Ka Jothee

Ka D' Argo's randy offspring has been a busy boy. Newton co-wrote, directed and starred in Right Here Right Now. He's also appeared in the WWII P.O. W. film The Great Raid. Coming up, he has the starring role in The Bet and an appearance in Bitter & Twisted.

Most likely to
play James Bond one day.

Rockne S. O'Bannon
Creator and Executive Producer

The writer/producer's new SCI FI Channel miniseries about the Bermuda Triangle is appropriately called The Triangle. He's also hard at work on a couple of pilots, Cult for The WB and Urban Arcana for SCI FI.

Most likely to
...figure out what he wants todo when he grows up.

Andrew Prowse

Just shot a movie for SCI FI that's "full of romance, action and visual effects." Has another 10 or 15 things in development; if they all happen at once, "I'll drop dead of exhaustion."

Most likely to
...clone himself.

David Kemper Executive Producer

Kemper is currently at work on a six-hour miniseries and a slate of TV movies, all of which are in the sci-fi genre and all of which will feature Farscape alumni

Most likely to
...write another brilliant show

Brian Henson
Executive Producer

Hensen is headed somewhere over the rainbow with The Muppets' Wizard of Oz and The Power of the Dark Crystal.

Most likely to
...play Kermit.

Robert Halmi, Jr.
 Executive Producer

The prince of the Halmi mini-series kingdom has been executive-producing his littleheart out. Upcoming he hasMysterious Island, the mini-series Supernova and The Poseidon Adventure.

Most likely to
...make a miniseries about making a miniseries.

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