One year ago, John Crichton's journey through the wormhole came to a conclusion in SCI FI's epic miniseries Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. But though the saga has ended, the stars that made Farscape so magical continue on, bringing their talent to other TV shows and films
Check up on what the class of Farscape has been up to now that a year has gone by.

Ben Browder Commander John Crichton 

Fell into a wormhole only to find himself coming out of the Stargate to play war hero Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell, taking over as the leader of SG-l. Browder also starred in A Killer Within last year and guest- voiced as Bat Lash on Justice League: Unlimited.

Most likely to to a foreign land.

Claudia Black
Officer Aeryn Sun

This kickass Peacekeeper turned to the lighter side and reprised her role on Stargate SG-l as the naughty Vala. Black also appeared in the film Naked in London and is presently starring on your PlayStation in God of War as the voice of Artemis.

Most likely to
  ...wear leather.

Anthony Simcoe

Farscape's captain appeared in the miniseries Marking Time, one of the BlackJackTV movies, and the feature Solo.
On stage, Simcoe starred in the Sydney Theatre Company's The Unlikely Prospect of Happiness.

Least likely to recognized.


Gigi Edgley

Edgley took off the heavy makeup to play Liz Kempson in the BlackJack television movie series and has recorded a song called "Poison." Coming up, Edgley's going to be shooting the feature film Long Way to Freo, which will be directed by Jeremy Sims.

Most likely to
...get naked.

Wayne Pygram

Pygrarn appeared in the Australian television miniseries Through My Eyes. However, he was back to his bad-guy ways in Star Wars: Episode 111-Revenge of the Sith as Governor Tarkin, and he has the action figure to prove it. 

Most likely to
...spank someone dressed in

Lani John Tupu
Capt, Bialar Crais/
Voice of Pilot

This once Crichton-obsessed, self-sacrificing former Peace-keeper starred in the film Liquid Bridge and guest-starred in the television series Stingers. More importantly, Tupu has been busy making the world a more beautiful place with his artwork.

Most likely to
      ...cut off his ear.

Tammy MacIntosh
" Jool" Tunai Fenta Hovalis

Since dying nobly on Farscape, MacIntosh appeared in the F. Murray Abraham comedy Repetition and has joined the cast of the Australian television medical drama All Saints asCharlotte Beaumont.

Most likely to
...have a headache.

Melissa Jaffer Utu-Noranti Pralatong/ Voice of the female pilot

The three-eyed, culinarily-challenged crazy lady has appeared in BlackJack, played Gwen Walston in the Australian TV series Snobs and reprised her guest-starring role in All Saints as Eileen Sullivan.

Least likely to on Iron Chef

Raelee Hill
Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu

  The treacherous Scorpius sympathizer has just finished filming Superman Returns with Kevin Spacey. Hill will be appearing at the Farscape convention in Burbank, Calif., in mid-November.

Most likely to Spider-Woman.

Virginia Hey
 Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan

We were a little blue when the Delvian priestess left Farscape. Since then, the former Bond girl has put her energies into creating a line of candles, soaps and perfumes called White Flower Lei. However, our favorite baldy has come back into the Zhaan fold and will be
appearing at the upcoming Farscape convention.

Most likely to
...pee blue.

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