Bianca Chiminello and Chi_fi_Eagle

Last Weekend at Comic Con 2003 in Pittsburgh PA I had the pleasure to sit with Bianca Chiminello (Jena from LATP trilogy) and she brought me up to date with her career to this point and an interesting point on LATP.First LATP she told me was completely filmed as a two parter, part 1 and part 3 and then TPTB decided to expand it to a three parter and she was called back after many weeks to do some retakes and new and that is why she was not in much in part 2.

Now to the present, she is living in LA pursuing an acting career in the movies on the big screen. Living with a friend also from down under. This past week she was going to pick her agent (has been considering 4 different one's and finally believes she was ready to choose when she got back to LA Sunday 4/27) It was an extraordinary few hours over two days I spent talking with her and came away impressed that another actor from Farscape was that personable, beautiful and basically stunning to talk to and look at. Man do I miss new Farscape episodes! Bianca has an unofficial website run by Cush which she is well aware of and thankful for him having her presence on the net. It is located at: 

This news I type here is from memory because I was so nervous and did not take any notes, however I have attached a picture of myself with Bianca.


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