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Farscape (Sci Fi Channel. 8 P.M./ET) John Crichton (Ben Browder) races to save Earth in the series finale. which fans protest came at least a season too soon.



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John Crichton, the lost-in-space astronaut at the center of Sci Fi Channel's cult series Farscape, has been tortured, shot at, ejected into space and twinned. But that's nothing compared with the events of the series finale (March 21, 8 P.M./ET), which finds Crichton (Ben Browder) and his comrades rushing to save Earth from an impending alien invasion. It’s an action-packed hour filled with tearful goodbyes, tender moments—including a climactic clinch between Crichton and his longtime love interest Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black, above with Browder)-and a shocking conclusion that will have fans picking their jaws up off the floor.

Still, the final show might not satisfy everyone. “We do leave a lot of threads hanging,” Browder says. "But in a way it leaves room to [revisit] the story later as a miniseries or a movie:' -Ethan Alter  


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The Hole Shebang John Crichton (Ben Browder) risks the future of Earth to demolish the wormhole in the acclaimed science-fiction series' riveting finale. Jarring plot twists and powerhouse action abound as the Moya crew tries to keep the Scarrans from using the wormholean interstellar shortcutto invade terra firma, which is rich in a flora valuable to the aliens. Although Crichton concocts a way to collapse the wormhole, he doubts he can pull it off, an insecurity the Scarran-hating Scorpius tries to exploit to forge an alliance with his nemesis. And Crichton has more on his mind…namely, what the future holds for his relationship with Aeryn (Claudia Black). Chiana: Gigi Edgley. Sikozu. Raelee Hill (1:00)



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