December 17, 2002: It's no surprise to anyone who loves Farscape that TV Guide is a big fan of the show. In their December 21st issue (the one with Santa Shaq on the cover) Farscape gets mentioned several times. With pictures and everything! 

Matt Roush is largely responsible for much of the great ink Farscape gets from TV Guide. Click Here for an address you can use to thank Mr. Roush for his continuing support.

The first mention is on page 3 in their "Don't Miss" section. 

Farscape Marathon
(SciFi Channel, 8AM / ET) This 11 hour blast recaps the episodes that aired last summer from the fourth (and now final) season of this wildly entertaining series starring Ben Browder - our pick as "Best Hero in Outer Space". New episodes, wrapping up the season, begin January 10.

Next, they mention Farscape in their Best of 2002 section - by Matt Roush

John Crichton of Farscape
: He's the coolest dude with cosmic 'tude ever to be lost in space. But who'd have predicted that irreverent astronaut John Crichton (Ben Browder) of Sci Fi Channel's fabulously fanciful Farscape would become a martyr to the bottom line? Fans across Crichton's home planet howled in protest when the show was canceled.

Third mention - The week's top shows - by Matt Roush 

Drama Guide
(SciFi Channel, 8AM / ET) Of this season's first 11 episodes, all being rerun in a daylong marathon (8AM-7PM/ET), the most enjoyable may be the action-packed hour titled "Lava's a Many Splendored Thing." This flat-out avdventure strands the space heroes on a barren planet where they must rescue Rygel from a lava pit while avoiding monsters and combative aliens. It's all great fun, reminding us how much this show will be missed when its final season concludes this spring.

And last but not least...

Farscape Marathon 

Tues 8AM SciFi
Return Trip Fans of the otherworldly action series have an opportunith to review the latest labyrinthine plot twists in this marathon of hte fourth season's first 11 episodes. Although Farscape won over critics, it had less success with its ratings, so this fourth season, which resumes Jan 10, will be the last. These episodes run in order, beginning with "Crichton Kicks," in which John Crichton (Ben Browder) teams up with the (sexy and shady) Sikozu (Raelee Hill) to battle pirates. Other highlights include the two-part "What Was Lost," in which crew members fall into a frightening trap, and "Promises" in which they reluctantly team with their old for, Scorpius. (11:00)



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