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Farscape Memories

ROCKNE S. O'BANNON (Series Creator)

Many, many memorable moments for me from four years and 88 episodes. There were so many moments which defined or redefined the series and the characters:

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The first few minutes of "Premiere," when Crichton's father tells him about being his "own kind of hero." That moment set in motion the theme for every frame that followed.

When Crichton told Aeryn, "You can be more" that was another seminal subtext to the series;

The first time someone utters "Frell!" (Aeryn in "DNA Mad Scientist");

D'Argo's confession of his real crime in "They've Got a Secret";

Rygel biting Aeryn's arm and swallowing the piece in "I, E.T.";

Crichton's defiant cry, "John Crichton was here!" in "Family Ties";

Pilot's deeply moving revelation in "The Way We Weren't."

There are, of course, favorite Chiana moments, and more for Zhaan and Crais, and there are Scorpius moments galore. ... But when I was asked the question, one particular moment leapt to mind first. Subscribing to the theory that you should go with your first instinct, here's my choice for my personal favorite moment in Farscape:

It occurred at the end of "Bone to be Wild," when Moya asked Aeryn to name her soon-to-be-born offspring. In that single moment, the very essence of Aeryn Sun's emergence is captured on film thanks to the incredible talent of Claudia Black. For the first time in her life Aeryn felt accepted, felt connected, felt worthy, felt herself an individual felt loved. In that moment, the character of Aeryn Sun blossomed. All that Aeryn is in every episode that follows, and in particular her relationship with John Crichton, is seeded in that moment when she is born again. A remarkable character moment. 

RICKY MANNING (Executive Producer)

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Okay, well, if I must pick just one....

John Crichton on a barroom floor, recoiling from a vision of his dying mother, in "Won't Get Fooled Again." Carmen Duncan is outstanding. Ben Browder is ... phenomenal. Fearless. Astounding. I'm out of adjectives. When director Rowan Woods and I recorded commentary for the DVD release, neither of us blabbermouths dared breathe a word during that scene.

BEN BROWDER (John Crichton)

Infinite Possibilities

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Favorite Farscape moment. If I have to pick only one....

It's not really about the best moment on screen... but it feels like an absolute highlight in the shooting of Farscape.

Shooting the dune-buggy sequence for episode 315 ("Infinite Possibilities, Part 2: Icarus Abides"). Just two days before we had shot the death scene for Talyn-John; it had been emotionally draining watching Claudia blubber over John's death. Then slammo John and Aeryn are tooling around in dune buggies on a perfect autumn day, very much in love and about to save the universe from the Scarrans.

It was a B-unit shoot which meant fewer folks and pretty much just Claudia, Rob Simper (usually known as "Safety Bob") and myself in front of the camera.

I would drive for the camera and then Claudia would recklessly drive back to where we would start the shot... both of us terrifying the stunt coordinators. It was like being 16 again, away from the studio and playing hooky from our regular job. The added benefit was playing "happy action heros" after only hours before having gone through all that depressing angst and death.

Stunts ...
Cars ...
Pretty women ...
Perfect weather ...
No school ...
Good friends ...

And they paid me for this?


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I sift through all the countless moments of my life with Farscape, and it is impossible to decipher which one moment, which one memory tops them all.

Farscape was a dream that blessed my reality. A dream that taught my wings to grow with strength, love and beauty. A dream that taught a little girl to trust. I saw many different worlds that taught me lessons that defy description. How can one put into words the sensations that swept through my soul during my life with Farscape?

DAVID FRANKLIN (Captain Braca)


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Aeryn's Return "Promises"

A great moment was in season four, when Aeryn came back. ... She returns with the coolant suit and she's contaminated. I think for Farscape, that ... got to the emotional core of [John and Aeryn's] relationship. I thought it was a really special moment.

Braca Relieves Grayza of Command "We're So Screwed, Part 3: La Bomba"

It was a triumphant moment for Braca because it had been on his list of things to do for a long time ... [as he] worked his way up that [Peacekeeper chain-of-command] ladder.

REBBECCA RIGGS (Commandant Mele-On Grayza)

What Was Lost Part 1
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Favorite moment on Farscape? Any moment with the inimitable David Franklin (Captain Braca). He was wonderful to work with subtle, funny and generous of spirit! Specifically, two moments with David come to mind:

Braca's promotion (of which few of the fans have ever seen more than a glimpse [because it was cut from "Crichton Kicks" and shown only in a "Previously on Farscape" segment]); and

The alien-milk-bath scene [from "What Was Lost, Part 1: Sacrifice"]. Baths are so relaxing, aren't they? It's such a shame we couldn't get his uniform wet....

VIRGINIA HEY (Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan)

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It was in "Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 2: Wait for the Wheel" ... Zhaan was dying after she had sacrificed herself to bring Aeryn back to life. She told Stark she was going to die and that he had to take over for her [as the crew's spiritual guide].

I particularly loved doing this scene with Paul; I think it is one of the series' most important and moving scenes with Stark. But there's something more to it: I adored every second in Paul Goddard's presence. He is one of those people who is truly beautiful inside and out.

I always felt a deep warmth and an air of peace from Paul. We had a connection that was most definitely a soul connection. It felt as though he was my soulmate. Working with him fueled me to put that feeling in Zhaan. Paul and I worked on another plane; serenity was in the air about us. I would adore to work with him again; he completes me as an actress. We will be friends forever, I feel.

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