News_GameAZ.jpg (61172 bytes)June 27, 2002: Since Red Lemon, the company producing the Farscape computer game has gone into voluntary liquidation (read the full story here), fans who have been waiting for the game have been worried that it may not come to market. 

According to Tony McBride, a former employee of Red Lemon who posted on the newsgroup, a "complete version of Farscape (PC) was ready for duplication (after extensive testing) so there is a pretty good chance S&S [Simon & Schuster, the publisher of the game] will continue with the game's release."

In addition, is taking preorders on the game, which they say will be released on August 7th. Their price is $39.99. The game can only be shipped within the USA at this time.


Lightspeed is currently working on two new pieces of Farscape artwork. Farscape III is shown above, and they also have Farscape II, a beautiful battle scene, that they hope to resume work on.

From the Lightspeed website:
"Announcing the third in our Farscape series Farscape III by Keith Paul (work in progress - concept not finalized) Tentative Release Date - April, 2002   Farscape II - The Second in Our Farscape Series - A battle scene - is under development.Keep checking back for updates!"

Also in the works:

The London Postcard Company is going to have a second set of Farscape postcards coming out soon.

GNP Crescendo Records is currently discussing a second CD of music from Farscape. No date yet, but when I know more, you'll know more.

News from sydney

Want to see everyone (and I do mean everyone) who brings you the show we all love? Click on the picture for a much larger view.

From Farscape Magazine #4

There are going to be some comings and goings this year on the Farscape set. Check out the Spoilers Page for some other interesting infromation. According to David Kemper's article in Farscape Magazine #4, here's what's happening:

  • Lily Taylor is being promoted to Associate Producer for the 4th season

  • Lesley Parker (Line Producer) is leaving and Anne Bruning is coming in for the job

  • Five new writers are coming aboard, two of them are Emily Skopov and Sophie Hopkins

  • "There may even be some new female characters," but he didn't say if they’d be regular cast or guests



June 13, 2002: If you want to know what's going to happen in Friday's Episode 4.02, What Was Lost, Part 1: Sacrifice, Here are a couple of reviews you can check out. Remember, these reviews are loaded with "spoilers."



May 16, 2002: Cinematographer Russell Bacon, Farscape's Director of Photography, was presented with the prestigious Milli Award for Australian Cinematographer of the Year by Australian acting legend and star of the telefeature Jack Thompson for his work on the telefeature My Brother Jack. He also won the award for Telefeatures, TV Drama and Mini Series for the same production.



June 20, 2002: Entertainment Weekly has announced 2002's IT List, a catalog of who's hot and getting hotter. The Ladies of Farscape are listed as the IT Sci-Fi Babes and there's an online article/interview with  little sound bites from each of the women. Except The Old Woman. Why didn't the include The Old Woman? She's got to be a babe to somebody. Well, maybe not. But there will be more about the IT List in the June 28th issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine.


June 13, 2002: Effective July 20 at 11 p.m. ET, William Shatner will begin hosting Full Moon Friday Night, a series of 13 B level horror flicks on the Sci Fi Channel. Each of the 13 titles comes from horror movie maven Charles Brand and his company, Full Moon Pictures

The show, called "William Shatner's Full Moon Fright Night," will show films described as "not quite Oscar caliber."

According to the Sci-Fi Channel, Shatner won't just sit there and introduce the movies, he will "personally re-enact" some gruesome moment from that night's film. Sci-Fi Channel hopes he will play his scenes with the same vigor as he played Captain Kirk in the classic "Star Trek."

Shatner will also have guests on the show.  

Muppets join nascar...sort of 

May 7, 2002: The Muppets will make their NASCAR racing debut on Sunday, July 14, 2002 at Chicago’s Chicagoland Speedway. Young NASCAR stars Jeremy Mayfield and Casey Atwood along with seasoned veterans Rudd, Johnny Benson, Jimmy Spencer as well as NASCAR Winston Cup Champions Jarrett, Bobby Labonte and Bill Elliott will race with Muppet sidekicks.

NHRA drivers will join the Muppets for their second race appearance beginning on July 18, 2002 in Denver. The Muppets will ride aboard top fuel dragsters, funny cars and a pro stock bike. NHRA aces Whit Bazemore, Craig Treble, Tony Pedregon and Andrew Cowin each will race with a Muppet character. In this race, Pedregon will team up with Animal™ in a funny car owned by 11-time champion John Force. Meanwhile, top fuel dragster champion Shirley Muldowney and Pepe the King Prawn will burn up the track in Indianapolis on August 28, 2002

Through a collaborative effort among The Jim Henson Company, the drivers, their teams and sponsors, Action Performance designed the special paint schemes for the 14 Muppet race cars from NASCAR, NHRA®, and the World of Outlaws series; The Muppet Show™ 25th Anniversary car; the drivers' uniforms; and helmets. Action Performance is also producing the replica die-cast collectible versions of the actual cars. 

For more information, check out the action-performance website.


June 12, 2002: Congratulations to everyone on Farscape for their Saturn Award. For the second year in a row, Farscape wins the award for the Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series, triumphing over such shows as Witchblade and it's Friday night companion, Stargate SG-1. You guys ROCK!

Saturn_Ben.jpg (21807 bytes)A special congratulations to Ben Browder for winning a well-deserved  Best Actor in a Television Series. Way to go, Ben!

For a list of nominees in the categories Farscape was listed, check out our Archives Page, and for a complete list of winners, go to Cinescape's website.


June 4, 2002: (From The Hollywood Reporter) Brian Henson is stepping down from his post as chairman of the Jim Henson Co. after nearly 12 years as the head of the company founded in 1955 by his late father, Jim Henson. On Thursday, Brian Henson said he has been thinking about stepping away from the management responsibilities at the company ever since it was acquired two years ago by the German media concern EM.TV & Merchandising.

"Since then, it's just been more and more clear to me that I want to focus 100% of my efforts on directing and producing movies and television," Henson said.

Henson announced his decision to Henson Co. staffers Thursday in a companywide e-mail that also reiterated what he believes are the core values of the company that is home to Kermit the Frog and the rest of the Muppet clan. Last but not least on the list of Muppet maxims was "When in doubt, throw penguins," which Henson cited as an example of the company's commitment to "never take itself too seriously and to always embrace a sense of humor."

But in fact, the Henson Co. does face serious questions about its future. EM.TV has been shopping for a new buyer for Henson for the past year, ever since EM.TV's stock price collapsed and legal investigations were instigated in Germany into its accounting and business practices.

It's understood that the Henson Co. has drawn interest from the Walt Disney Co. -- which acquired Henson 12 years ago but then scrapped the deal after a long legal battle -- and AOL Time Warner, among others, but so far none has been willing to meet EM.TV's asking price of about $200 million.

Sources indicated that Henson's resignation was not spurred by any imminent acquisition agreement, though Allen & Co., the investment bank handling the sale of Henson, is expected to solicit a new round of bids for the company within the next two weeks. There are indications that EM.TV's asking price may have eased to the $150 million-$175 million range, which could open the door to a management buyout of the company proposed by Henson president and CEO Charles Rivkin.

Rivkin declined comment on the status of the sale process. In a statement regarding Henson's decision to step down as chairman, Rivkin called him "one of the most talented and creative individuals in our industry who has helped position the Jim Henson Co. as a leading family entertainment brand."

Indeed, Henson literally grew up at the Jim Henson Co., working alongside his father from the time he was 6 years old. He took over as president and CEO after Jim Henson's death in May 1990, then was named chairman and CEO in 1995 when Rivkin was promoted to president and chief operating officer. When the company was sold to EM.TV in February 2000, Rivkin took on the CEO title.

Brian Henson will remain an executive producer on the Henson-produced Sci Fi Channel series "Farscape" and the upcoming Muppet holiday movie in the works for NBC. He's also developing two feature projects through Jim Henson Pictures, which is headed by his sister, Lisa Henson.

Download farscape music mp3

You can download two excerpts of Guy Gross's outstanding compositions from Into the Lion's Den, Part 2: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing from SciFi's Farscape section. The titles are Salva Me (2.7 MB) and Lacrimosa (2MB). The Music is performed by the Sydney Chamber Choir. 

While you're waiting for them to download, hop over to Amy's Four Questions with Guy Gross and read about the man and his music.

usa networks sale

USA Networks, Inc. said on Tuesday its shareholders approved the sale of its cable network and television production properties to Vivendi Universal for at least $10.3 billion. This includes USA Network and the Sci-Fi Channel. The deal is expected to close in early May.

sci fi cHannel programming

Beginning in 2003, Sci Fi will show four major original movies/miniseries per year. Some of ones in development are:

Children of Dune - (six hours) with Susan Sarandon (who won an oscar for her role in Dead Man Walking) playing Wensicia, a ruthless princess

it's ba-ack

February, 2002 Cover

After being out of production since April 2001, Scifi, the official magazine of the Sci Fi Channel has returned.

Sovereign Media’s contract to produce The Sci-Fi Channel Magazine ended last April and no further contract was reached between them and the Sci Fi Channel. Since then, the magazine has been in limbo with no new issues being published. Recently, the Sci Fi Channel took over the magazine themselves and their first new  issue is now on the market. 

February, 2002 page 58 

The February 2002 issue has an article on Farscape. Ben Browder and David Kemper talk about Farscape's first three seasons - no spoilers, though.

The Editor-in-Chief, Scott Edelman, promises that this time out the magazine will be more focused on the Sci Fi Channel's  programming, including Farscape and several original movies and miniseries that are in the works. The magazine will be published bi-monthly.




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