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Convention Images Are Up!
November 28, 2005: I've posted plenty of images from this year's Official Farscape Convention in Burbank last week. There are pictures of the Prop & Costume display, the convention guests and the fans, too.  Click here to see the pictures.

dg.gif (3684 bytes)AmyJ's Back!
November 12, 2005:
At long last, we've restored AmyJ's fiction to our pages. She has some fantastic stories - the multi-award winning "Daddy's Girl", part of the Elenor Crichotn series of five complete and inter-related pieces, as well as several stand-alone stories. Be sure to check out our Fiction in Technicolor pages for these and other stories by a host of outstanding authors!

DVD Commentaries Demystified
November 5, 2005:  Farscape DVDs are available for Region 1, 2, and 4. Each region features different commentaries for different episodes. What's worse, some of the regions have several editions of the DVDs and they have different commentaries as well. We've compiled a list of the various options to make it easier to choose. Click here for the overall summary of DVD Commentaries.

Claudia Joins Stargate!
November 23, 2005: Claudia Black (Aeryn Sun) will be joining the cast of Stargate SG-1 full time as the cheeky Vala Mal Doran in the series' 9th season. Ben Browder will be reprising his role as Cameron Mitchell. Stargate is shown on the SciFi channel on Friday nights and new episodes will be showing beginning in early January.

"Peacekeeper Wars" wins DVD award
November 10, 2005:  "Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars" won for best miniseries /made-for-TV movie at the second annual TV DVD Awards presented Monday night in Marina del Ray, California. DVD boxed sets featuring such classic television characters as Lucy Ricardo, Mary Richards, Bart Simpson, Mr. Spock and Capt. Kirk were also among  the winners. For the complete article, click here.


Stargate is Official for Season 10
SGBandC.jpg (16021 bytes)October 24, 2005: Stargate SG-1 wil be back for an unprecidented 10th season on the SciFi Channel. Twenty new episodes have been ordered, and, although unofficial,  rumor has it that Claudia Black (Aeryn Sun) will reprise her role as Vala. Ben Browder (John Crichton) is also expected to return as Cameron Mitchell. For more information on Stargate, check out GateWorld.

Will Ben Write for Stargate?
November 9, 2005: The answer is, I don't know. Yet. Soon, Gateworld will be publishing an interview with Ben in which he'll answer that and loads of other questions for Stargate (and Farscape) fans. Meanwhile, check out their pre-interview article. If you sign up for the Gateworld newsletter, you'll receive "exclusive, full-size screen captures" of the interview. 

Also at Gateworld, be sure to vote in their Claudia Black/Vala Mal Doran poll.

Creation Entertainment Posts Pictures 
October 26, 2005:
Creation Entertainment has posted image of some of the costumes that will be part of the Farscape Costume Museum. They will be auctioned off  on Sunday at the Farscape Official Convention being held November 18-20 in Burbank, CA. Click here for more information.The World's Best Space Sci-Fi Ever: Your verdict

October 26, 2005: Farscape has come in third, both in the US and and worldwide in NewScientist's "The World's Best Space Sci-Fi Ever" poll. Both Firefly (884 votes) and Serenity (727 votes) came in ahead of Farscape which garnered 271 votes. Click here for the rest of the story.

Update to the Artwork Gallery
October 23, 2005:  We have another huge update to the Artwork Gallery. ScorpSik has shared over 50 of her anime, sketches, caricatures, paintings and dolls. These are all new to the gallery and have to be seen to be believed! In a previous update earlier in the week, we posted some super new work from Sean and Somniac.

ADV Press Release has details of Starburst 3.1 DVD
October 21, 2005: In their latest press release, ADV Films has given out details of the first Season Three Starburst Edition DVD. Included will be an exclusive interview with Virginia Hey (Zhaan). There will also be interviews with Claudia Black (Aeryn Sun) and Anthony Simcoe (D'Argo). Guy Gross, Farscape's award-winning composer, is featured, with an interview and a full-length audio commentary about his score for "Eat Me". Claudia Black supplies a commentary for "Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part II". Rounding out this packed collection are deleted scenes, the original Farscape TV promos, a special Season 3 promo created for the Television Critics Association, “Cool Farscape Facts” by Paul Simpson (author of Farscape: The Illustrated Companion), “Alien Encounters,” an extensive production design gallery, updated character histories, and previews of other coming attractions from ADV Films.

Change in FilmCon's guest list
October 23, 2005:  Unfortunately, Dave and Lou Elsey's appearance at FilmCon 5 has been canceled. The convention organizer was unable to afford the sudden increase in airline fees brought about by the rise in oil prices. However, FilmCon has assured Karlsweb that they will try again in the spring. 

ADV Films drops double-sided DVDs for Farscape Starburst Editions
October 15, 2005: Beginning with the seventh edition of the Farscape Starburst Editions, ADV Films will begin using single-sided, dual-layer disks. The double-sided disks would occasionally skip for no particular reason. Now, instead of getting two double-sided disks in a package, you'll get four single-sided ones. Farscape: Starburst Edition Vol. 7 will be released on December 13 and will retail for $24.98. Thanks to TV Shows on DVD for the information!

Two Rockne TV Shows Are Coming to DVD
October 12, 2005: Another of Rockne S. O'Bannon's (the creator of Farscape) prematurely cancelled shows, Alien Nation, will be available on DVD on January 3, 2006. It will include a Behind the Scenes featurette and a commentary on the two-hour pilot by director Kenneth Johnson (V: The Second Generation - a sequel to the 1983 mini-series V - coming in 2007) Alien Nation ran form September 1989 to April 1990 on FOX.

Also coming soon will be season one of SeaQuest DSV. This will be presented as  4 double-sided DVDs and will include exclusive never-before-seen footage. The series will be in stores on December 26th, just in time to catch the after-Christmas shoppers. 

New Images in Our Artwork Gallery
October 17, 2006: Farscape isn't just about a television program, it's also about the people who love it. We have some great new images from ScorpSik (who now has two pages of her own!), Sean and Somniac in our Artwork Gallery. Check it out and see this amazing artwork.

Kweb-main_01.jpg (16072 bytes)Who are those people, anyway?
October 10, 2005
: I've had several inquiries about the people in the top banners we use at Karlsweb. Just as a brief explanation, these people play the characters in Karlsweb's original fiction. For more of an explanation, go to our fiction pages (mostly restored) and our character biography pages.




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