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EnScapelopedia Updated
October 25, 2006:
Who are all of those fantastic people who populate our Farscape episodes? What else have they done? Check out the professional lives of the cast and guest actors of Farscape. The Cast and Guests area of the Enscapelopedia has been updated through the letter V!

David Kemper Returns!
October 2, 2006:
At last we hear from Farscape's Executive Producer David Kemper! After almost total silence since Peacekeeper Wars, Mr. Kemper has surfaced with a five-picture deal with the SciFi Channel, co-produced by Rigel (!) Entertainment. "Rigel Entertainment’s new president, David Macaione, says the first two Kemper films, creature features Heat Stroke and Tyrannosaurus Azteca, are in development. They are being targeted for Sci Fi’s Saturday movie franchise, according to network spokeswoman Adrienne D’Amato, who said Sci Fi will be a production partner as well. The first one could hit the network by sometime next year, she said" For the complete story, click here.

Ben Browder Wins a Spacey Award!
June 4, 2006: The votes have been counted and Ben Browder (John Crichton) has won the Spacey Award for the favorite new character. Ben plays Lt. Cameron Mitchell on Stargate SG-1. Coming in second was Claudia Black (Aeryn Sun) whose character Vala Mal Doran also appears in Stargate SG-1. The Spacey's are Canada's only sci-fi and fantasy television awards show.

This Is a Bit of a Stretch for Farscape, But...
September 23, 2006: ...All of you Prison Break addicts (myself included), might be interested to know that Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield) is a former employee of The Jim Henson Company. Yes, folks, Mr. Miller "was a reasonable, well-organized, package-wielding, inter-office envelope mailing, phone call transferring, drive-on pass calling, water-bottle replacing receptionist’s assistant — and he did it with all the gusto he could muster." For the complete story, click here.

Starburst DVD Edition 4.3 Announced
September 7, 2006: ADV has announced the contents of the Starburst 4.3 DVD to be released on October 10th. It will include a behind the scenes interview with Anthony Simcoe (D’Argo), a video short wrap-up speech from David Kemper, “From the Archives: On the Last Day,” NEW Commentary for the series finale “Bad Timing” with Ben Browder (Crichton), Claudia Black (Aeryn), and Executive Producer David Kemper, a “Listening In” segment with Composer Guy Gross covering the episode “Bad Timing,” deleted scenes, updated character histories for Stark, Sikozu, Noranti, Rygel, Moya, and Pilot, more “Cool Farscape Facts,” new “Alien Encounters,” and a production design gallery. 

Gigi Edgley Interview
September 14, 2006: There's a new interview with Gigi Edgley in Brisbane's Courier Mail about her role in Last Train to Freo. She talks a bit about Farscape ("I don't know any other genre of film or television that attracts such a loyal following as sci-fi.") and some of her other work. Click here to read the full interview. There's also an interesting article about Last Train to Freo here from Xpress-Online

Before They Were Scaped
August 6, 2006: Do you know who that unmasked man at the left is? Hint: He was a guest actor during Season Three. Give up? Go to our Behind the Scenes and check out the Before They Were Scaped sections to find out what this guy really looks like!

New Karl Fiction!
August 4, 2006: We have a new Farscape-universe fiction from Karl - Reapers of Harthus!
This story takes place a cycle before John Crichton Arrived in Peacekeeper territory on board Farscape 1. The last of the Vladic race are trying to escape extermination. The Peacekeepers fear the technology the Vladics hold; if they cannot command it then no one shall. The Vladic technology is a greater threat then the Scarran. Reapers is part of the Jack Crichton series and an end to an era. Talks to Brian Henson
May 02, 2006: From "Farscape was a wonderful series for us to have done, it was an opportunity to do something adult, and it gave me a chance to exercise my irresponsible teenage energy and I had a lot of fun with that." For the rest of the story, click here.

If You Can Stand the Blood...
August 3, 2006: sure to look for Natalie Mendoza (Lishala in Jeremiah Crichton) in The Descent, a horror film opening on August 4th. Natalie plays Juno, one of an all-female caving expedition that goes horribly wrong (no surprise there). The Descent has had a hugely successful release both critically and commercially in the UK, France, Germany and Italy. It has also been nominated for Best British Film, Best British Director and Best British Producer by the London Film Critics Circle (the winners are announced in February), an unheard of achievement for a genre piece.

New Ben and Claudia Interview
July 12, 2006: There's a short but good interview with Ben and Claudia in today's South Mississippi's Sun Herald titled "Browder, Black switch it up on SG1". Check it out here. Thanks to Nora at TerraFirma for the tip!

Where Are They Now?

July 21, 2006: Rowan Woods (Director of Nerve, Kansas, and more) has a new movie available on DVD. Little Fish, starring Cate Blanchett and Sam Neill, has gotten an outstanding review from Entertainment Weekly and is available from

Last Train to Freo starring Gigi Edgley (and Steve Le Marquand - the Oo-Nii in What Was Lost - and directed by Jeremy Sims (Rorf in Til the Blood Runs Clear & Liars Guns & Money) has been accpted into the Australian Film Institute

Nightmares & Dreamscapes by Stephen King is presently in the middle of a 4 week run on TNT. The taxi driver in the episode Crouch End was played by Linel Haft, who played one of the Zenetan Pirates in Liars Guns and Money and Maryk in The Peacekeeper Wars

Next week on Nightmares & Dreamscapes watch for Chris Heywood (Maldis in That Old Black Magic & Picture if You Will) as Dr. Bogner in Road Virus. 

More Where Are They Now 

Plush Rygel Up for Pre-Order
August 3, 2006: Don't forget that Plush Rygel is due out this month. Both Entertainment Earth and Troll and Toad have him up for pre-order. "The first plush Farscape figure ever, Dominar Rygel XVI is a carefully recreated version of the well known "cast" member from the award winning TV series. Stands 13 1/2-inches high." Two Rygel figures (a large and a small) are planned by Toy Vault, along with a plush DRD and a plush Scorpius. 

Wayne Pygram Trading Card
July 30, 2006: Wayne Pygram has signed a card for Star Wars Evolution Update, the latest release of Star Wars trading cards from Topps. His Character is Governor Tarkin and there are only 250 of them available. Although Wayne signed 5 different Farscape cards (Season 2, Season 4, Through the Wormhole as a single, a double with Ben Browder and a signed sketch card), this is the only non-Farscape card he's signed.

Signal Room Reaches Out
July 14, 2006 From the Press Release: Signal Room, the Australian rock band born on the set of cult science-fiction TV hit Farscape, recently embraced as the way to satisfy their fans’ requests for band-related merchandise. To read the entire press release, click here. Signal Room members are Anthony Simcoe (D'Argo), Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), and behind the scenes Gerry Kortegast and Stephen Edwards. Click here for Cafe Press.

Henson Goes to Farscape Alum for Nightmares & Dreamscapes
July 13, 2006: Last night's debut episode of Nightmares & Dreamscapes, "Battleground" by Stephen King was directed by Brian Henson. The murder victim, Hans Morris, was played by Bruce Spence who was Prefect Falaak in Farscape's "A Prefect Murder". The closing credits also listed the Creature Shop. Thank you Brian Henson for a super kickoff to the series! The episode will be rerun Thursday, July 13th at 11 pm on TNT.

Starburst DVD Volume 4.2
July 12, 2006: ADV Films has announced the contents of the next volume of their Starburst DVDs. 4.2 will be released on August 8, 2006. From the press release: "Starburst Edition 4.2 is loaded with all the extensive, behind-the-scenes special features sci-fi fans want, including a commentary on the episode “Kansas” with Ben Browder (Crichton), Claudia Black (Aeryn), & David Kemper (writer), behind the Scenes Interview with Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), behind the Scenes Interview with Lani John Tupu (Crais & Voice of Pilot), Behind the Scenes Interview with David Franklin (Braca), a “Listening In” segment with Composer Guy Gross covering the episode “Terra Firma”, character histories on Scorpius, Braca and Grayza, the production design gallery, deleted scenes, more “Cool Farscape Facts,” and a new “Alien Encounters.” Click here to read the full press release and click here to see who's done commentaries on which DVD.

New Ben Browder Interview
July 9, 2006:
"You can take the boy out of Tennessee — even to other worlds — but you can't take Tennessee out of the boy." Click here to read the article from the Tennessean.

Lions Gate Buys TV Show Distributor Debmar-Mercury
July 12, 2006: Lions Gate, who produced the Peacekeeper Wars DVD is the new owner of Debmar-Mercury, the company that owns the syndication rights to Farscape. Click here to read the press release. Thanks to Nora at TerraFirma for the tip!

Paul Goddard at Farscape Burbank
July 7, 2006:  Paul Goddard (Stark) has been announced as the newest guest for the 2007 Official Farscape Convention on November 3-5 in Burbank, CA USA! It looks like this year's convention will be fantastic with Ben Browder, Paul Goddard, Raelee Hill, Dave Elsey, Lou Elsey, Wayne Pygram, and Guy Gross already signed up! Click here for our Convention pages and here for Creation Entertainment

New Farscape Soundtrack
June 29, 2006: La-La Land Records has released the second Farscape CD titled FARSCAPE CLASSICS: VOL 2 LIMITED EDITION SOUNDTRACK.  It is now available for pre-order at and, for a limited time, people who purchase it from them will receive their CD Booklet autographed by composer Guy Gross at no extra charge. Click here for the press release and information on the contents of the CD.

New Ben Browder Interview
June 19, 2006: The newest issue of Stargate Magazine (July/August 2006) has a four-page interview with Ben as well as a centerfold picture! "As he settles into his second year of adventures with Stargate SG-1, actor Ben Browder takes a look at how the character of Cameron Mitchell has evolved in his position as head of the team." To read the article, go to our DataStores area. 

Late Night Buffet: Henson Talk Show
June 14, 2006: From Sci Fi Wire: TBS has ordered a half-hour pilot, Late Night Buffet, from the Jim Henson Co. that would stage a talk show entirely with puppets talking with human celebrity guests, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Henson Co. co-chair and co-chief executive officer Brian Henson will do the puppetry for Buffet with Bill Barretta. The show will not feature Muppets such as Kermit the Frog, but rather newer puppets. The host and sidekick will be puppet characters Augustus Pfiffle and Delbert Kastle. Even the band will be puppets, consisting of character Gina Cappellini and her pet monkeys.

Farscape 2005 Convention DVD
June 8, 2006:
Creation Entertainment has announced a brand new Farscape 2005 Convention DVD! If this is anything like the 2004 version, I highly recommend it! From Creation's website: Regionless so it plays worldwide. Here, offered exclusively for the first time, is a compilation of clips of the celebrity appearances at the famous Scaper gathering that was held in November of 2005. Known as the "party weekend" of the genre, Farscape fans from all over the world descend upon Burbank each year to visit with friends, watch their favorite celebrities, and party till the wee hours! This new DVD (which is about one hour in length) features archival footage (originally shot for our archives with one camera, we received many requests to release a DVD) of moments from celebrity talks including BEN BROWDER, LANI TUPU, GIGI EDGLEY, DAVID FRANKLIN, ANTHONY SIMCOE, REBECCA RIGGS and others! You'll also see some moments from the highly praised evening cabaret. Click here to purchase the DVD for $19.95 + $8.50 shipping.

Paul Goddard's New CD
June 7, 2006: Paul Goddard has a new CD out! From Peachtree Services's webpage: "
Paul Goddard presents his debut album, MOVE Coleman Smith. 11 tracks combining the talents of some of Australia's top musicians with guest vocals by Claudia Black & Monk 1312. MOVE is a strictly limited pre-release edition of 500." You can listen to clips and order the CD at the Peachtree Services Store.

Update to the EnScapelopedia
June 4, 2006: Finally, there's another update to the 'Pedia! Actors whose name ends with the letters I, J and K have been added to the Cast and Guests section. Other areas of the EnScapelopedia recently updated are Species, Allies and Enemies, and Creative Staff. Click here for the EnScapelopedia's main page.

Muppet Wiki Needs Help from Farscape Fans 
May 11, 2006: Danny from ToughPigs, a website devoted to Jim Henson's Muppets, is asking for help from Farscape fans. He's putting together a Wikipedia-style database of Muppet and Henson info and the Farscape area is a little bit (actually a lot) small. From Danny: "Right now, we have practically nothing on the wiki about Farscape, because we've been working so much on other sections. I was looking at the sad shape of the Farscape area today, and I thought maybe we could reach out to the Farscape fans, and see if there's anybody there who's interested in contributing." Here are links to the Muppet Wiki and the Farscape page. "Really, anybody who wants to come by can just jump in and start adding stuff. After a little "trial period", we expect folks to sign up and get usernames, but that's free and it only takes a minute. Once you have a username, then everybody can talk to you, ask questions, and help you out when you need help. We like helping new people get started, so everybody's welcome, even if they've never used a wiki before. It doesn't take long before you're a wiki expert." Just go to the Muppet Wiki and jump in! They have an excellent help area, where you can also contact Danny and the other administers. 

Jim Henson Company Animatronics on View at AMPA
April 22, 2006: Beginning May 12, the work of many of the film industry's leading animatronics professionals will be on view at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. "Animatronics have played a key role in creating some of film’s most memorable and beloved characters. We are excited to be a part of this exhibit giving the public a rare opportunity to see their favorite creatures up close,” said Brian Henson, co-CEO of The Jim Henson Company, which will provide exhibits of well-known characters from ground-breaking films including “The Dark Crystal” and “Labyrinth.” View the full story here.

Farscape Starburst DVD 4.1
April 27, 2006: Information is now available on Farscape: Starburst Edition 4.1 which will be released on June 13th. It will contain the first seven episodes of Season Four. As for extras, there will be: “Farscape: The Story So Far” featurette, behind the scenes interviews with Jonathan Hardy (Voice of Rygel) and Rebecca Riggs (Commandant Grayza), “Inside Farscape” features on the series villains and the Season 4 visual effects, NEW commentary for “John Quixote” with Writer/Actor Ben Browder  and Claudia Black, two “Listening In” segments with composer Guy Gross covering the episodes “Crichton Kicks” and “John Quixote,” deleted scenes, updated character histories for John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, Ka D’Argo, and Chiana, more “Cool Farscape Facts,” a new “Alien Encounters” segment, and a production design gallery. Check out our DVD page to see what commentaries are on which volumes!

Felix Williamson (Prince Clavor) on Lost
May 11, 2006: Farscape alumnus Felix Williamson (Prince Clavor in Look at the Princess) made a guest appearance on last night's Lost ? ("?" is the title of the episode.) His character was Dr. Ian McVay, who, in Eco's dream/hallucination, was the doctor who was autopsying a little girl who woke up during the process. A couple of weeks ago, Wayne Pygram (Scorpius) was a guest in the episode "S.O.S".

A New Brian Henson Interview
May 05, 2006: There's a new Brian Henson interview in the Toronto Star this morning! "I probably have one of the best [professional lives].... My favourite thing is actually making the shows. Writing, directing, performing, puppeteering, the making of the characters. And I'm able to do a preschool show for kids, and then go to Australia and do Farscape for adults. I'm very lucky that way." Click here to read the full interview.

Saturn Award Results
May 03, 2006: "Our" people won in two categories, Best Television Presentation (The Triangle, tied for first, was written by Rockne S. O'Bannon) and Best Video Game Release (Fantasy) (God of War, partially voiced by Claudia Black, was the winner). Lost won Best Television Series and Battlestar Galactica won best Syndicated/Cable TV series. Best Actor in a TV series was won by Matthew Fox of Lost and Best Supporting Actress on TV was won by Katee Sackhoff of Battlestar Galactica. Click here for a complete list of nominees and winners. 

Another Group of Prop/Costume Auctions on eBay
May 02, 2006: Creation Entertainment has listed yet another group of Farscape props and costumes on eBay. Among them are John Crichton's original flightsuit, Ahkna's costume, hat and all, Jool, Siklzu, Chiana, D'Argo and more costumes! Ending date is May 8. Click here to see the auctions.

Where Are They Now?
May 01, 2006: We have an update to our "Where Are They Now?" section! Want to know about the new movie Andrew Prowse has that will be distributed by the SciFi Channel? How about the anthology series that Michael Cassutt is writing along with J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5)? Click here for news on who's doing what!

Win Lunch with Ben Browder
April 29, 2006
UPDATE: The Charity Folks "Enjoy a Unique Lunch on set of Stargate with Ben Browder and cast signed paddle!" auction is over and after 56 bids, the winning bid was $10,000 by jraymonds. Other auctions for lunch with your favorite stars running at the same time were: Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping (Stargate SG-1): $30,000; Joe Flannigan (Stargate Atlantis): $10,000; and Edward James Olmos and Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica): $4,250.

SciFi Announces New Development Slate
April 27, 2006: The SciFi Channel has announced "an aggressive slate of original scripted dramas, miniseries, alternative reality and late night series for the Channel." Some of them actually sound watchable! Click here for the press release.

EnScapelopedia Updated
April 26, 2006: We have another update to the Cast and Guests section of the Enscapelopedia! People whose names begin with H are now listed. Click here to learn more about this huge group of talented actors.

Fiction Revisited, Part 2
April 28, 2006: If you've never read any of AmyJ's Elenor Crichton stories, now's the time! And if you have, it's worth a second read. Daddy's Girl is the first in the series: "L'Tan, part human, part Sebacean... 100% trouble."

One More Vala SG-1 Spoiler
April 26, 2005: According to the Hughes Talent Agency Newsletter, in an upcoming episode of Stargate SG-1 titled "Memento Mori":  Vala (Claudia Black) is kidnapped by the evil Athena, who wants to access information hidden deep in the recesses of Vala's memory. But when Vala is subjected to a memory device, the machine backfires and wipes out all her memories. Now on the lam from her captors, Vala gets ajob as a deli waitress while trying to piece together the puzzle of her origins. Ryan,  Late 30s. A nice and well-meaning guy, this cop is a regular at the deli where the fugitive Vala gets a job. When Vala takes down a couple of would-be robbers, Ryan takes her in forquestioning, but has a hard time comprehending this disoriented and mysterious"waitress" Thanks to Media Savant on the Terra Firma Scapers BB.

Another Tiny SG-1 Spoiler
April 21, 2006: According to his website, Robert Picardo, the actor who plays Richard Woolsey, will be back in Season 9 of SG-1. "Mr. Woolsey will be accused of some very shocking behavior toward the SG-1 character Vala Mal Doran, played by actress Claudia Black!" Hmmm. Stargate will be back for Season 9 on the SciFi Channel this summer.

LaLa Land Records Announces Tracks on New Farscape CD
April 22, 2006: The second volume of "Farscape Classics" has been announced by LaLa Land Records at Southeast Scapers and it looks like a beauty! The volume will be available in May. To see which episodes will be included, click here.

Virginia Hey at DragonCon and Las Vegas
April 21, 2006: According to her official web page, Virginia Hey will be appearing at both DragonCon on September 1-4 and at the Star Trek 40th Anniversary convention in Las Vegas. For a complete list of who's going to be where, check our upcoming convention listings!

Hidden Commentary on Starburst DVD 3.3
April 14, 2006: There's a brand new hidden commentary on Dog with Two Bones on Starburst DVD 3.3! Thanks to stlscape for passing along the information! If you can't find the "Easter Egg"  (or don't want to take the time to search for it), click here for instructions.

Farscape Official Convention Tickets on Sale
March 29, 2006: Creation Entertainment has launched their 2006 Official Farscape Convention today. The convention will be held on November 3-5 in Burbank California. Gold weekend seating is now available on a first-come basis, with seating right behind those who signed up at last year's convention. The price is $359 and you'll find it near the bottom of the page at Creation's Farscape page. No news yet on who will be attending, but we'll keep ya posted. For up-to-date convention news, go to our Future Conventions page.

New Interview with Lani Tupu
April 8, 2006: There's a fun new interview with Lani Tupu up the German Stargate Project's Farscape area. Lani talks about everything from Farscape to what kind of music he enjoys! 

EnScapelopedia Updated
April 2, 2006: We have another update to the Cast and Guests section of the Enscapelopedia! People whose names begin with E, F and G are now listed. Click here to learn more about this huge group of talented actors.

Scorpsik Dolls!
March 31, 2006: Dolls! ScorpSik has done some gorgeous Sikozu dolls to go along with her paintings, sketches, anime, and caricatures. She is a very talented and prolific artist and Karlsweb is lucky to archive her artwork. From ScorpSik: "It all started when I paid for one [doll] to be made in the full orange armour - but what I got was a load of..." Click here to see her new works.

More Farscape Costumes on eBay
April 4, 2006: Creation Entertainment has placed another batch of costumes & props on eBay. Among the goodies are Aeryn's Scorpy suit from "Promises" (at left), Crichton's tunic from "Crichton Kicks" and Javio's gorgeous Peacekeeper jacket from "Nerve." These auctions will end on April 10th. Click here to see the 20-something different items up for sale!

Very Teeny Stargate/Mitchell Spoiler
March 28, 2006: At the Stargate convention held in Vancouver last weekend, Beau Bridges spilled a couple of beans about an upcoming episode: General Landry (Bridges) invites SG-1 to visit him at his cabin, but for some reason, only Mitchell (Ben Browder) gets there. Apparantly, Mitchell is very uncomfortable spending so much one-on-one time with the general. In another episode, Mitchell spends quite a bit of time with Vala (Claudia Black). It's not much, but for Claudia and Ben fans, it's a something to look forward to.

Before They Were 'Scaped
March 7, 2006: To find out who this Farscape actor is and what character she played (along with four other new updates), check out our just-updated Before They Were Scaped secton, part of our Behind the Scenes at Farscape. It's the place to go for all the things that happened during the making of the show that weren't seen on the screen.

Details On Nightmares & Dreamscapes - Brian Henson's Episode
March 23, 2006: Battleground, an episode of Stephen King's Nightmares & Dreamscapes directed by Brian Henson, will air on TNT this summer. In this episode, John Renshaw (William Hurt), a professional hit man, successfully murders the CEO of a prestigious toy company only to face the biggest fight of his life when a package from the toy company is delivered to his house with surprising, deadly contents.

Wayne to Guest on Lost!
March 28, 2006: Wayne Pygram (Scorpius and Harvey) will have a guest role on Lost. The episode is titled "S.O.S." and will air on April 12 at 9:00 pm on ABC. SPOILER: Here's a short synopsis of the plot: Rose is surprisingly and vehemently opposed to Bernard's plan to create an S.O.S. signal; romantic sparks are rekindled between Jack and Kate when they trek into the jungle to propose a "trade" with "The Others"; and Locke begins to question his faith in the island.  Click here to see a schedule of Farscape actors on other shows.

New Convention Guests
March 16, 2006: Several new conventions have been added to our Upcoming Conventions pages so be sure to check and see who'll be coming to a convention in your area soon! Also, several Karlswebbers (Barb, AmyJ and toadie) will be at the Vancouver Stargate convention in a couple of weeks, so look for lots of pictures and a report on that in our Convention Reports area.

Peacekeeper Wars Coming to SciFi Again
March 9, 2006: SciFi will be showing both segments of Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars on April 17th starting at 11 pm eastern! Check out what else will be on TV during the coming weeks in our Who's on First section!

Ben Browder Flies with the Thunderbirds!
March 3, 2006: On a recent trip to Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, Ben got to fly in the backseat of an F-16! "...I loved every second of it, and from the minute we were on final approach I was trying to figure out, 'How do I get to do this again' and to this day I'm still trying to figure that out." Read the article at GateWorld and in TV Zone Special #67, now on newsstands.

Dave Elsey Academy Award Article
March 2, 2006: Dave Elsey is on his way to Los Angeles for the Academy Awards! He was nominated for Achievement in Makeup for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. The article appears in today's edition of the Sydney Morning Herald and we have it archived with loads of other Farscape-related articles in our Article Archive!

Joe Nazarro Blog
March 1, 2006: Southeast Scapers has posted a new blog by Joe Nazzaro, one of four parts to be posted during March. Mr. Nazarro has written many articles (the one he speaks of in his blog you can read here in our DataStores section) about Farscape as well as the outstanding The Creatures of Farscape book. To read the blog, click here.

Who's on First? TV Schedule
February 26, 2006: The March update is ready! See which Farscape cast and writers have TV showings during March. Click here for "Who's on First".

More ScorpSik!
February 26, 2006: Today we have another Artwork Gallery update from ScorpSik! She's done a montage titled "Fear Is Good" and we've posted it along with several in-progress images from this painting. These are a must see! Go to our Artwork Gallery to see them along with works from many other artists.

Karlsweb Interviews Shane Briant
February 20, 2006: Shane Briant played the nasty, evil brain-sucking Kaarvok, the man who twinned Crichton in "Eat Me", and Kalish Doctor Trayso Talnell in "Fetal Attraction". Besides his huge list of acting credits, Mr. Briant is also the author of several books. Mr. Briant was kind enough to answer several questions for Karlsweb about his life and career. Click here to read the interview. For a complete list of Karlsweb Exclusive Interviews, click here.

Who's Doing What and Where
February 24, 2006: I've updated our Where Are They now page with several movies having Farscape alumni in the cast and on the crew. Check them out here!

Moya 01
February 22, 2006: Our costuming department has a new contributor! Christopher is an award-winning model maker who has shared his instructions for creating a model of Moya from scratch! For step-by-step details of how he made the Moya model to the left, click here.

The Artwork Gallery Has a New Artist!
February 16, 2006: Today the Karlsweb Artwork Gallery welcomes Rhys, the creator of gorgeous models of several of the ships used in Farscape. Among them are three views of the Peacekeeper Marauder, Talyn, a Leviathan transport pod and more. We even have one of his in-progress models, a Scarran Dreadnought! 

Crushed Box Sale
February 14, 2006: Have you been wanting to listen to Ben Browder reading Alan Dean Foster's Interlopers? Well, here's your chance! Buzzy Multimedia has just moved from New York to North Carolina and some of the boxes of Interlopers got a little damaged & dented. The cds are in perfect condition. However, the box you will receive may be crushed or have minor tears in the shrink wrap. While supplies last, you can purchase it for only $9.99! Click here for more information.

Dave & Lou Elsey Nominated for Oscar!
January 12, 2006: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences today announced the seven films being considered for Achievement in Makeup for the 78th Academy Awards®. Included in the list for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith are Creatures Supervisor Dave Elsey, Fabrication Supervisor Lou Elsey, and Makeup Supervisor Nikki Gooley. The Oscars will be awarded on March 5, 2006. For a complete list of nominees for this year's Oscars, click here.

Read our Four Questions with Dave Elsey and our exclusive interview with Dave & Lou's (and Colin Ware and Rebecca Hunt) Image Creative Partnership.

Starburst Edition 3.3 DVD Announced
February 19, 2006: The latest volume in the Farscape Starburst DVD series has been announced by ADV Films. It will contain the last seven episodes of Season Three along with new commentaries, interviews, and more! Farscape: Starburst Edition 3.3 will be available everywhere DVDs are sold on April 11. Click here for the entire press release.

Claudia Black SG-1 Cards 
January 6, 2006: As reported earlier Claudia Black, who played Vala Mal Doran in Stargate's eighth season, will be signing for the upcoming Stargate Season 8 trading card set, not once but twice. She'll be signing a single autograph card as well as a 6-case incentive double autograph card with Michael Shankes (Daniel Jackson). Also signing for the Season 8 set are Mel Harris, Isaac Hayes, Peter Williams, Charles Shaughnessy and others. It will be available from Rittenhouse Archives on February 22, 2006.

Toy Vault Produces Plush Farscape
February 12, 2006: Toy Vault is producing several new Farscape items! There will be two plush Rygels, a large and a small version, along with a plush DRD and a plush Scorpius (to snuggle up to as you try to fall asleep). Karlsweb will have more on these figures later, but meanwhile, to see images of Rygel, go to Thanks to Lytesabre at Terra Firma for the tip!

Creation Entertainment DVD
February 6, 2006: For those of you who are fans of David Franklin (and who isn't?), Creation Entertainment is offering a DVD from their recent Xena convention which contains a compilation of scenes from the live appearances of popular supporting stars including David Franklin. Be sure to order XE-DVD15, as there are two different DVDs from hte convention, and only one of them has David's appearance. 

The 2006 Sparky Awards Winners List
February 14, 2006: The votes are in and the winners of the 2006 Sparky Farscape Fanfic Awards have been announced! Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners and a huge thank you to the Sparky Crew for all of their hard work in making these awards happen. Click here for a list of the winners.

Power of the Dark Crystal Information
February 1, 2006: The Jim Henson Company has announced information about their upcoming sequel to Dark Crystal: "Set hundreds of years after the events of the first movie when the world has once again fallen into darkness, Power of the Dark Crystal follows the adventures of a mysterious girl made of fire who, together with a Gelfling outcast, steals a shard of the legendary Crystal in an attempt to reignite the dying sun that exists at the center of the planet." The film will be directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. For more information, click here.

Where Are You from?
December 18, 2005: Farscape Universe is working on a unique project! They're hoping that everyone will place a marker on their map showing where all of us Farscape fans are from. Check it out!

Truth? Rumor? Spoiler?
February 13, 2006: This is an interesting statement from the Wonder-Con report posted at MoviesOnline: "Valoy's involvement in the panel was to let us know of the dealings TokyoPop has with the Jim Henson Company. Coming this fall is a story-furthering set of three 160 paged "Labyrinth" graphic novels and an animated "Dark Crystal" series. The biggest news the gentlemen brought to the table was the announcement of a "Dark Crystal" sequel (to be directed by Genndy Tartovski, director of "Star Wars: Clone Wars") to be here sometime in 2008, and the "Farscape" project the Henson Co. is currently working on." Hmmm....
Thanks to Nora for passing this along! And be sure to check our Spoilers Pages.

Gallery Updated!
January 27, 2006: We have another fantastic painting from ScorpSik for you! Be sure to see all of her work as well as loads of other artists in our Karlsweb Artwork Gallery.

Cult Gets Dumped 
January 31, 2006 FROM SCIFI WIRE: The CW—the fledgling network cobbled together from the remains of UPN and The WB—has pulled the plug on Cult, the former WB supernatural fantasy series from Farscape creator Rockne S. O'Bannon, according to The Hollywood Reporter. To read the article, click here, and to see what the show would have been like, click here

Can't Live Without a Mambo Shirt?
January 21, 2006: Remember the shirt Harvey wore in "Crackers Don't Matter"? The shirt (and a load of similar ones) came from an Australian company who is no longer making them. But, loudshirtchip has tons of them for sale! You might also want to check out his auctions on eBay. This may be your last chance to get one of your own.

Who Said What and When
January 19, 2006: Karlsweb's DataStores is THE place to find transcripts of both online and print articles from as far back as the last century! We also have a great archive of the covers that Farscape's been on through the years wiht links to several of the articles.

Jim Henson's Dinosaurs Coming to DVD
January 21, 2006 FROM TV SHOWS ON DVD:
Because thundering hordes of fan-osaurs demanded it, Disney and Jim Henson Productions present DINOSAURS THE COMPLETE FIRSTAND SECOND SEASONS, available for the first tiem ever on DVD May 2. Read the complete article here.

And if you're a Muppet fan, be sure to visit Muppet Wiki for everything you ever wanted to know about the Muppets and more. Wikipedia also has a great section on Farscape!

Information on Rockne S. O'Bannon's Cult
January 18, 2006: FROM THE FUTON CRITIC:
CULT (The WB) - Matthew Bomer (Right) has been tapped for the lead role in the drama project, which has been given the green light to produce a pilot. Rockne S. O'Bannon (Left) is behind the Warner Bros. Television-based hour, which had previously been given a put pilot commitment. Bomer will play Jeff Sefton, who's described in the casting notice as: "26. Jeff is a smart, great looking guy who dropped out of MIT to support his younger brother when their parents went missing 3 years ago. He presently works as a pool cleaner in LA so that his brother can attend college - a sacrifice that Jeff tries to mask with a smart, wry sense of ironic humor. When his brother, Nate, goes missing, Jeff discovers Nate's obsession with the tv series "CULT" and the unsettling subculture of the show's fans. He enlists Chloe who is a PA on "CULT" to help get clues about his brother's disappearance." Also on board is Yves Simoneau ("The 4,400"), who will direct the pilot from a script by O'Bannon.

At Last! A Karlsweb Site Map: Karlsweb is a huge, convoluted website - there are pages here that even I've forgotten about. To see the whole thing in a nutshell, click here for our new site map.

EnScapelopedia Updated!
January 16, 2006: The Karlsweb EnScapelopedia has been a resource for Farscape fans almost as long as Farscape itself has been around.  It's filled with the people, places and things of the Farscape universe from "Premier" through The Peacekeeper Wars. It will always be a work in progress and I'm adding new entries and updating old ones almost constantly. 

Who Is This Unmasked Man?
January 6, 2006: To find out who this Farscape actor is and what character he played, check out our just-updated Before They Were Scaped secton, part of our Behind the Scenes at Farscape, the place to go for all the things that happened during the making of the show that weren't seen on the screen.

Behind the Scenes at The Peacekeeper Wars
January 10, 2006: Kim Delury, the actor who played Tarnat in What Was Lost and a Peacekeeper captain in The Peacekeeper Wars has posted several pictures he took during the filming of PKW. It's a fun look at what happens behind the scenes. Click here for the Farscape area of the website.

Episode Reviews
Every week we'll be featuring the two episode reviews that correspond to the two eps shown in syndication the previous weekend.

Peachtree.jpg (4212 bytes)

For loads of goodies from some of our favorite Farscape cast members

A Few Things to Do 
January 12, 2006: The upcoming week is loaded with Farscape-related goodies! (All times are Eastern)

Ben's movie, A Killer Within, will be shown on Lifetime on the 17th at 9 pm and the 18th at 2 pm 

Watch Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars on SciFi on the 15th at 12am and 2am  

Play the Farscape Trivia Contest on the 16th to win a Farscape Starburst 3.1 DVD

Voting for the Sparky Awards will begin during the next few days. Meanwhile, read the fiction that's been nominated here.

Watch Stargate SG-1's Ben-centric episode "Collateral Damage" on Friday at 8pm on SciFi

Pre-order the Starburst Season Three, Collection 2 DVD, which will be released on February 14th.

Watch Farscape's "Durka Returns" on WGN at 5pm on the 14th, and "Won't Get Fooled Again" on the 16th at 4am 

Check our Who's on First schedule page for upcoming TV appearances by the rest of the Farscape cast

January 8, 2006: Karlsweb has had a lot of pages come and go over the years. Here are a few that you might enjoy taking another look at. 

Opinion Polls - Find out who would look best in a bikini (no, it isn't Rygel)

The chat where David Kemper, Ben Browder and Ricky Manning told the fans about the cancellation for the first time

Cancellation FAQ - What was SciFi thinking when it published this thing?

New Images from Karl
January 3, 2006: It's been a long time, but Karl has completed some new images! Each is for a Farscape season five episode-that- never-was (or never would have been) and is directly from Karl's imagination. You'll find them in our Farscape Visual Datastores section.

Interview with Ben Browder at SciFi Wire
January 10, 2006: Ben praises Claudia Black, hopes for more Farscape, and tells who would win a fight between John Crichton and Cameron Mitchell (his SG-1 character). Read the full interview here

New Interview with Ben Browder at GateWorld
January 6, 2006: GateWorld has posted their long-ago promised interview with Ben Browder. The interview is available in both high and low bandwidth for the Windows Media Player and there's also a transcript available. Click here for the interview.

EclipseMagazine Interviews Ben Browder
January 4, 2006: In an exclusive interview titled CAM-ALOT A CHARACTER, Ben talks to EclipseMagazine about his first year on Stargate SG-1. In case the above link doesn't work, the article is archived here.

ADV Sponsors Farscape DVD Giveaway
January 10, 2006: Mark your calendars! Chip Schneider of ADV has devised a Farscape trivia contest to find two fans who can answer all the questions he throws at them. The first two Scapers to answer all the questions correctly will win a copy of the Farscape Starburst 3.1 DVD The contest begins on January 16th at the Southeast Scapers website

Claudia Wins IGN's Best SciFi Actress!
December 28, 2005: From IGN's Website: "A fan favorite from the now canceled Farscape, Claudia Black moved over to SG-1 with newcomer Ben Browder (also from Farscape) while Amanda Tapping recovered from having her baby. Her stint was only a handful of episodes long (around 5-7 in total), but since her leaving she has been sorely missed by those who loved her portrayal of the character Vala. Vala was funny, flirty, dangerous, and worked well with all of the other characters…especially Daniel Jackson. The demand of the fans has been so great, next year she will officially join the cast as a full-time member. We already wish that day were now." Runner-up: Amanda Tapping, Summer Glau.

December 30, 2005: Where are they now? The cast and crew of Farscape have been, are, or will be doing some very interesting work! Here's a look at what's happening with some of our favorite people! UPDATED: Updates to the page are in this lovely shade of orange. Egraine has posted even more of what the cast and guests are doing now on the Terra Firma BB so be sure to check there, also.  


Cover Girls, Boys and Technicolor Aliens
November 10, 2005: UPDATED WITH LINKS TO ARTICLES  For a while, Farscape was (and hopefully will be again) the darling of genre magazines in the US, and the UK, with a few from Germany for good measure. Karlsweb's Visual Datastores takes a look back at the huge array of Farscape covers through the years. 

A Killer Within Comes to TV
December 27, 2005 UPDATE: Here's your chance to catch Ben Browder's movie A Killer Within on TV next month! It will be shown on Lifetime on January 17th at 9 pm and on January 18th at 2:00 pm. Times are Eastern, so check your local schedules. For more of your favorite cast members on TV, check Karlsweb's Who's on First section.

December 28, 2005 UPDATE: Also, most of the Farscape main cast will be appearing in various other shows during January. Claudia & David Franklin are in Xena, almost everybody is in The Lost World, and even the writers have several non-Farscape shows coming up. Click here for a complete schedule.

Peacekeeper Wars on SciFi's Schedule Again
December 27, 2005: Once again, the SciFi Channel has Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars listed on their schedule. The dates & times are Jan 15 at 12 am (part 1) and 2 am (part 2). A month or so ago, they had it listed for several showings, but removed it at the last minute. Hopefully, this time it will actually be shown.

Starburst Edition DVD Season 3: Collection 2
December 28, 2005: ADV Films has announced the goodies in the upcoming Farscape DVD, Starburst 3.2, which will be available for preordering on January 17th. It will contain the middle eight eps of season 3: "Green Eyed Monster" through "Icarus Abides". Two commentaries will be included, but they're not new. Ben Browder & Tony Tils for "Green Eyed Monster" and Lani Tupu & Peter Andrikidis for "Relativity". For more on this DVD, check out ADV's website. To compare various DVD versions' commentaries, click here.

New Farscape Book Reviewed
December 30, 2005: Farscape Forever!: Sex, Drugs and Killer Muppets is a fantastic book. I was about to write my own review of the book when I did a search on Google and found that Nick Queen of WorldViews had done one already. Since he said everything I wanted to say, only better, I've borrowed his review for Karlsweb. If the link to WorldViews doesn't work, I've archived the review at Karlsweb's Commerce Planet.

Costuming Pages Are Back!
December 18, 2005: At long last the famous Karlsweb Costuming pages are back! Here you can see what other fans have done in making their own Farscape cosutmes, and even better, learn how they did it! Also, be sure to check out Pulse Gun 101 and other Peacekeeper tech, three pages of Farscape aliens, and several "other critters" from other science fiction TV shows and movies.

Artwork Gallery Updated
December 22, 2005: We have another fantastic update to our Artwork Gallery from ScorpSik! She's sent us the last four pictures from her Evolution series and they have to be seen to be believed! Be sure to check out all four pages from this talented artist!

Claudia Black to Sign for Stargate Cards
December 3, 2005: According to Robert Kohlbus, a representative for Rittenhouse Archives, Claudia Black, who played Vala Mal Doran, will be signing for the upcoming Stargate Season 8 trading card set. "The single signed version of Claudia Black's autograph card will be pack inserted." Although unconfirmed, this probably means that there will be a double autograph card given to dealers as a multi-case incentive. Mr. Kohlbus also said, "Ben Browder is not signing for this set as he does appear until season 9." Also signing for the Season 8 set are Mel Harris, Isaac Hayes, Peter Williams, Charles Shaughnessy and others. It will be available on February 22, 2006.

First Annual Jim Henson Honors 
December 22, 2005: Four honorees were selected for the inaugural Jim Henson Honors Awards, among them JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series of books and the virtal band The Gorillaz. Read the complete press release here.

Claudia Black No Longer Listed for Stargate Conventions
December 19, 2005: According to Creation Entertainment's website, Claudia Black is listed as unconfirmed for the Stargate Burbank convention on November 17 and the Stargate Chicago convention on August 25th. She has cancelled outright her appearance in Secaucus NJ for November 3. Check out our Upcoming Conventions page to keep up to date on who's going to be where in the near future. 

Catch up on Rockne S. O'Bannon's SeaQuest DSV
December 19, 2005: From December 26th through the 29th, SciFi will be running SeaQuest DSV marathons from 8am to 5pm each day. The show originally ran from 1993-1996 and starred Roy Scheider as Capt. Nathan Bridger. Kent McCord (Jack Crichton) was a frequent guest. The first season is now out on DVD.

Serenity DVD Will Be Out on Tuesday
December 18, 2005: For those of us waiting for the Serenity DVD, the wait is nearly over! It will be released on December 20th. The release will feature a commentary by writer/director Joss Whedon, deleted scenes and outtakes, as well as several other goodies. 

True or not, the possibility of a Farscape movie has been linked to the success of Serenity, and since the movie was super anyway, this DVD would be a great Christmas gift for anyone (or everyone) on your Christmas list!

The Triangle
December 3, 2005: Rockne S. O'Bannon's The Triangle will begin its 3-night run beginning on Monday, December 5th at 9pm. It centers on a team of experts hired to get to the bottom of the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle and stars Sam Neil, Catherine Bell and Lou Diamond Phillips among others. It will continue on Tuesday the 6th and Wednesday the 7th. Be sure to check out our "Who's on First" section for a complete listing on when the Farscape cast & writers will be on TV in the near future.

Artwork Gallery Updated
 December 3, 2005: We have more fantastic artwork for you from ScorpSik and from John! Farscape isn't just about a television program, it's also about the people who love it. Be sure to check out some of the work that these talented artists have created to celebrate their love of Farscape.  



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