Welcome to Karlsweb's exclusive interview with Rebecca Hunt of Image Creative Partnership. As most of you know, ICP is a company of designers, artists and technicians who specialize in creature character design, animatronics, prosthetic makeup & costumes for film and television. These hugely talented people are Dave Elsey, Lou Elsey, Colin Ware and Rebecca Hunt, formerly of the Creature Shop that brought you the amazing creatures who populated the Farscape universe.

Karlsweb: What has Image Creative Partnership been doing since Farscape and what's in store as far as future projects are concerned?

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Rebecca Hunt: Our first project after the end of season 4 was Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith, which was just a fantastic experience on every level. It wasn't long after this that we found ourselves back in the Farscape universe for 'Peacekeeper Wars', the Farscape mini-series, which was a great opportunity to improve on all of the old characters and indulge in some new ones. Our next major project brought us back to earth for Ghost Rider, directed by Mark Steven Johnson and staring Nicolas Cage, which I believe is to be released in May 2006 (though I haven't checked this). Since then we have been kept very busy providing effects for US and UK based commercials and designing for a number of up-coming and potential projects, all of which I am unfortuntaltey not allowed to name. But we are very excited about the future and just wish there were more months in the year so we could be involved in everything we have been designing for

Karlsweb: Can you tell me what commercials you've been involved with, or are those some of the items you're not allowed to talk about yet?

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Rebecca Hunt: The only commercial I can reveal is an enormous ad. for MJZ Productions (LA & London), for XBox. It was filmed in Shanghai and the director was Rupert Sanders. Very cool and great fun!

Karlsweb: 3D image technology can be used to meld from the creation to the actor's face. What is ICP's philosophy on this technology?

Rebecca Hunt: ICP's philosophy on any technique, be it digital or practical is the same. We believe in using the right tool for the job, and embrace any technology that helps us to get there.

Karlsweb:  On the ICP, website you call for screenwriters for a big screen project you're working on. What can you share with us on that?

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Rebecca Hunt:  Dave (Elsey) has been developing a number of feature scripts, and our call for scriptwriters led us to some really talented writers to work in conjunction with Dave on these projects. There are currently three projects in development, one is called 'The Amazing Lucifer Dark' another is called 'Dark Detective' and the third is an actors autobiographical piece. All of these projects are designed to utilise ICP's talents in makeup creature design and costume as well as fulfil some of Daves long term passions. We will be revealing a glimpse of one of these projects on our web-site soon. Dave is also currently in talks about directing a horror film. More on this later

Karlsweb: How would you say that being a woman in what's typically a male dominated profession (at least that's my impression) affects your approach to your work if at all?

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Rebecca Hunt:  To be honest, it's not something I have ever considered. This industry, and my job in particular, is much more about what you know and how confident you are dealing with the different personalities of directors and producers etc. If you know what you are talking about and you have faith in your teams talents and abilities, you will be listened to and taken seriously, no matter what sex you are.

Karlsweb: We saw fantastic results from hot flesh in series 2-4 (of Farscape). Why was the decision made to not employ it in the Peacekeeper Wars?

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Rebecca Hunt: On Peacekeeper Wars Wayne Pygram was one of the last actors to be employed, and there was some debate over wether he would play the role again on not. Unfortunately by the time everyone agreed, there was no longer time to re create his make up using hotflesh. Which was a great disappointment to us, the trouble was, that from a technical point of view, we had worn out the existing moulds at the end of season four, and as the show was cancelled at this time there was no reason to remake them

Karlsweb: Very interesting about Wayne and PK wars! Would you have had to make someone else look like Wayne for Scorpius if he wasn't available? You did a great job with Noranti, by the way. If I hadn't know it wasn't Melissa, I wouldn't have known it wasn't Melissa - if you know what I mean.
Rebecca Hunt: Yes we would have had to re-create the Scorpius character on another actor. Thank god we didn't have to. It would never have been the same!

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Karlsweb: Thank you so much, Rebecca, for answering our questions! We're looking forward to seeing Ghost Rider next year and perhaps some day we'll be enjoying your work on another Farscape project.

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October 6, 2005: Image Creative Partnership, created by Dave Elsey, Colin Ware, Lou Elsey, and Rebecca Hunt (from The Creature Shop that gave you the fantastic creatures of Farscape) are offering a Monster Makeup course. 

"The idea behind these courses is to give the student a unique opportunity and learning experience on a one on one basis with the top members of our team.

We tailor each course to the individual student, as obviously everyone has a different knowledge base, experience & talent. But basically the courses we are currently offering run for 4 weeks and cost $5,000 - This covers all materials, tutor fees and insurance. The content of this course would be decided upon the individuals interview with Dave Elsey. Based on what they are capable of and what they want to achieve in the 4 weeks. If the student feels they would like a longer course, this can be discussed.

Because the courses are based on a one on one experience, there are no set start dates. These can be decided based on the students, and our availability."


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