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Dave ElseyDave Elsey
Creature Shop Creative Supervisor and Creature Designer

"Literally everything I look at, read or watch has inspired me to a certain extent..."

Anthony Simcoe,

"Ka D'Argo"

"I love it when people say - "Oh my god are you that character?!! I loved you in that."

Gigi Edgley,


"I think the beautiful thing about Chi is that she can be very vulnerable at times..."



Richard Manning,

(aka FrooniumRicky)

Producer and Writer

"Dave, we need another Scarran, and we want to blow his head off at the end of the show..."


Keith R. A. DeCandido...

(aka KRAD)

Author of Farscape novel, "House of Cards"

"So far, working on FARSCAPE has been a very large and flimsy box, so I'm quite happy. The only requirement is that the toys are put back where we found them."

Guy GrossGuy Gross,

Farscape Composer

"Sometimes on projects you have to be less-than-true to your musical self.  That's not the case with Farscape."



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