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Premier: Recycling: And the award for "Best Break-Through Performance by a Mouse" goes to the Logitech trackball. Not only can you browse the net with it, you can manually pilot a leviathan as well! [credit/vidcaps: John H.]
I, E.T.: Aeryn says "Crap" and the aliens should not have been able to understand anyone since they didn't have translator microbes.

Thanks to Rebecca!

EfGPaint.jpg (68837 bytes) Exodus from Genesis: The red paint streak on Rygel's face re-appears and dissapears after Zhaan has cleaned it off.

Also, Pilot uses the unit of time "hours" when referring to how long before the temperature reaches "optimum plus fifteen."

Thanks to Rebecca!

PK Tech Girl: Apparently brick walls are state-of-the-art when it comes to PK battleship construction. Click on the image to the right from PK Tech Girl. This little screw up features a brick wall on the Zellbinion!

Jeremiah Crichton: This blooper comes from Jeremiah Crichton. In this shot of Rygel you can see the head of one of his puppeteers. (And this is the guy that said he's nobody's puppet?!) Thanks goes to Georgette for pointing out this blooper! 

That Old Black Magic: This is a case of recycled set dressing/props. On the left is a scene from TOBM with Crais at some sort of self-important looking console. On the right is a scene from BBBTTF. John enters a non-Peacekeeper vessel with the same console.
Back... to the Future: I don't know if anyone has pointed this fairly obvious blooper out yet, but in BACK AND BACK AND BACK TO THE FUTURE when Aeryn is knocked out by Matala's 'nueral stroke', she clearly lands with her right arm stretched out straight. However, as the camera zooms out a second later, her arm is bent up towards her head. [Credit: Kyrsten Images:]
Till the Blood Runs Clear: The "blooper" above was sent to us courtesy of Nigel. "It seems Doc Martins are more popular than merely on one planet..."
Durka Returns: In "Durka Returns" Aeryn mentions to Durka the liberation of Mintaka III, but in "Green Eyed Monster" John mentions that Mintaka III is a star.

Thanks to Rebecca!

A Human Reaction: In the scene where John comes upon the fallen soldier the camera pov switches. On the left, you can see John's hand is on his own knee. On the right as the camera switches angles you can see that his hand is on Aeryn's knee. The boy's got fast hands! hehehehe 

A Bug's Life: Chiana is thrown off Larraq's back and falls onto a stunt mat. Click the image to see it in a larger format [complete with collage] image/blooper: Roksx

After the "mexican standoff" scene, the Peacekeeper captain escapes and John orders all the access doors closed. You can clearly see a stage hand close one of the "automatic" doors manually. Thanks to Rebecca!

Nerve: Previously featured in "Bug's Life" we get a closer look at the occular's mouthpiece. Cynicat, loyal Kweb reader, pointed out to us that this mouth piece is in all possibility a pendant produced by the Oz-based jewelry company called "Bico Jewelry". In particular this pendant is one called "Anchara". Click here to see the two items side by side. What do you think? [Thanks to Cynicat for the link and the blooper.]
Mind the Baby: The very first blooper that Karl found. It's the hand of friendship... literally!
Taking the Stone: Those of you that may work in a lab or have been forced into taking organic chem may recognize this little bit of "PK technology". The syringe from "Taking the Stone" and "Nerve" bears a striking resemblance to a micropippette. 
Crackers Don't Matter: In the episode "Crackers Don't Matter", it's the scene where Aeryn turns on Rygel after they'd holed up in command and she knocks him from his throne sled. If you look in his right hand, the bottom left of the screen, when he's lying on the floor, you can see a stack of crackers taped together. [Thanks to Laura for spotting this blooper.]
The Way We Weren't: Apparently the Peacekeepers get a discount at Best Buy... <G> Hmm... This video-viewer (below) may have been formerly employed as a joystick. Many thanks to Jonas for his great contribution.
Picture if you Will: The far left is Zhaan's stunt collar from "Picture if you will." The one on the right is her close-up collar. I know its a bit of a nitpick but its pretty obvious.
Look at the Princess: This is another example of recycling. Either Chiana's robe was reused in another episode for an extra, or the this is an example of unisex fashion from the Uncharteds.
Beware of Dog: Left hand side of the screen you can clearly see who's pulling the strings on this little guy! Click the image to see it in a larger format. Contributed by Laura
Won't Get Fooled Again: In WGFA, when Crichton's dead mother is tormenting him, at one point she calls him Ben. If you want to see this blooper go to Farscape Fantasy and go to "Video Downloads". Watch the clip and you shall see it! Now bear in mind that she sort of whispers it, but it sounds like "Ben", to me. : )  Thanks to Dallas Scaper for catching this one!
Liars, Guns, & Money: Crew in shot: This blooper appears in Liars, Guns and Money in the scene where the Hynerian statue has been placed in the shadow depository. In the spot near the statue's elbow.. those are fingers

Error in Voiceover: In Liars, Guns and Money Part III: Pilot refers to Talyn as "she." This is in a brief voice over the scene showing Talyn providing nutrients to Moya after she has been badly burned.

Bad voice dubbing: Also, in LGM III, in the scene were Moya performs a "fly by" the shadow depository and Natira reacts to it, she appears to be saying something different than "what the frell is that?" It looks as though she were dubbed in post-production.

lgm1.jpg (22328 bytes) Another case of reduce, reuse recycle: the cage-like sphere to which Crichton is shackled by Natira shows up later in John Quixote as the cage in which "Jool" is being held prisoner. 
Season of Death: The Scarren-sicle that emerges from the freezer has problems. As pointed out by Kweb reader CodeBreaker, the injury he sustains moves from his lower left quadrant to his right lower quadrant and then back again!
B_Boot_250.jpg (12226 bytes) Different Destinations...: Technically... this one isn't a blooper, but we've been getting a great deal of email insisting that it is. In the scene in Different Destinations.. in which John is talking to "Harvey" wearing a cowboy boot - On the the sole of one boot is scribbled "Andy", which we can only guess as a nod to the movie "Toy Story." We'd have to say it counts as more of an episode of someone on the set getting creative with a magic marker than a blooper (Scuttlebutt says that someone was Mr. Browder).
Losing Time:  When Tallip tasted Jool, there was a clear continuity/editing error. As Jool is thrust against the wall, D'Argo and Chiana are standing side by side. D'Argo shouts and rushes forward, but is thrown back, and Chiana goes and kneels down. A few seconds later, after cutting back to Crichton shouting and Jool still against the wall, we see D'Argo and Chiana right back where they were before D'Argo was knocked back, and he seems fine and Chiana doesn't seem worried!.  
Thanks to Rebecca!
Infinite Possibilities, Icarus Abides: There's a continuity error when images appear as John remembers how the wormhole technology works. An image is shown of John preparing to unlock the equations for Scorpius (from Incubator), yet that John was the one inside Scorpius' chip. Thanks to Rebecca!
Fractures:  OK.  This is not a blooper but it should be. I have never seen such a poor Green Screen effect in my life... What a bad mat effect! As a friend pointed out. This sense "was like... Battlestar Gallactica flashback. LOL" And I couldn't agree more. The visual affects from the rest of this episode rocked making this little piece of dren stick out that much more.  OK the views expressed in this little statement are mine and do not reflect the views of the staff at karlsweb.
What Was Lost 2: Prop/makeup error: Here's another two-fer... In the image on the left, although Jool is presumably still cuffed, closer inspection of the image [click image for detail] reveals that Tammy's cuffs are not locked. On the image on the right, if you look at Chiana's gauntlet, you can see where Sputnik's 1000 SPF sunblock is rubbing off. How embarrassing! [click image for detail] Many thanks to Loren for the heads up on this one.
John Quixote: The sphere in which Jool is held prisoner by D'Argo made its first appearance in Liars, Guns and Money as the sphere onto which John was strapped by Natira.
Shrink.jpg (14591 bytes) I Shrink Therefore I Am: Continuity:  In the moments before Aeryn is miniaturized, she's wearing the large silver cuffs. However, in the scene above, although it's a bit fuzzy, you can see that the cuffs are missing. Now we've had quite a few people write in about this one. So, thanks to you all for calling it to our attention. All of you sharp-eyed folks deserve the credit!
Coup By Clam: Recycling: In the opening scenes of this ep, the crew is in the bay eating. In the background, you can spot what used to be a mail bucket in a past life.
Coup By Clam: Creative re-use of a prop: the chair in the background at the party was used in the milking room in Scratch 'n' Sniff
Unrealized Realities: Continuity Error. In the scene in which John is in an AU with Chiana-Aeryn, his left hand is in her hair. As he is brought back to the iceberg, the hair that apparently came from her head is in his right hand [Credit: HaMm3rEd]
Terra Firma: This is the scene were the Skreeth is killed and Braca falls on the ground joined shortly after by the “worried” Grayza. After that Grayza unzipped his jacket and we all know the story that fallows, but obviously this scene was practiced a lot /ha-ha/ or it was shot after the famous “I’m glad I could to be of service, ma’am” scene because as you could see Braca’s jacket is already opened when he hit the ground. Now you tell me how Grayza managed to unzip already unzipped zipper! Obviously she has practiced that a lot :))) [credit: Mippippippi]
Bad Timing: In the last scene with Scorpy and Sikozu, there is a continuity error involving fingers. When Scorpy grabs Sikozu's hand and dips it into... whatever that was... it is her middle finger that is dipped into it. Likewise, it is her middle finger that she then brings up to her mouth. Then, we cut to another angle and suddenly her index finger is in her mouth instead of her middle finger. [credit: Jadzia Blue]


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