"Welcome to a place like nothing you have ever seen before... An alteration of the very fabric of all we know... The sign post up ahead welcomes you to..."
By Karl
Now, on this our first exploration of the Karlsweb Re-Zoned, let us imagine back to the early days during the evolution of Farscape. What if Rockne S. O'Bannon had made a deal with Paramount instead of Henson, and brought in Rick Berman, Chief executive producer of Star Trek: the next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise. Imagine if Rick Berman gained control of the series. What would the cutting edge dynamic show we call Farscape look like? Well here is some Speculative Fiction of what our little show might be like under the sphere of Rick Berman. Here is what Rick would do to make the show we know and love BETTER!
What would Rick do?
RB: OK, here is what we need to do
1st. we must loose Rockne S. O'Bannon cause I know best!
2nd We have to sell this "Product" to the highest bidder with the understanding that the Network is in control! As we all know the network brass know best.
3rd OK, now we need to loose the name! We need a more Action Title. Space Chase! Now that screams excitement. Farscape is too cerebral.

Now the show has been renamed and the creator, Rockne S. O'Bannon, has as much control over the property as a housefly. See Rick knows best in all things Sci Fi... The following are the comparisons of the Cast from Farscape to Rick Berman's Space Chase.
Farscape cast and their Space Chase counterparts... Page 1


John Crichton Astronaut

John Robert Crichton, Jr. He's a second generation NASA astronaut, the first ever. His earliest memory is watching Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon. Not that the boy didn't have an aptitude, but his natural desire for sports and physical activity was summarily suppressed by the elder Crichton's insistence on science education over all else. After high school, Crichton went on to MIT, ultimately achieving his full doctorate in Theoretical Sciences. When the opportunity arose to train with IASA as an astronaut, he leaped at it. Because of his strengths as a scientist, he was a Mission Specialist on several Shuttle missions.

John April Astronaut

RB: Charismatic Actor Scott Bakula returns to the fold of science fiction television.

SB: "Yes, well I bought a new house and the residuals from Quantum were waning so sure, why not?"

RB: Scott plays Commander John April, a 3rd generation astronaut. He is a seasoned pilot with combat experience from the Gulf War. He is also well educated, holding PhDs from both Harvard and Princeton. The all around American hero has what it takes to deal with all that happens to him on the other side of the cosmic warp. This is true Science Fiction!

Aeryn Sun Peacekeeper

A front-line soldier in the Peacekeeper corps, a grunt and proud of it. She's part of the kick-ass Pleisar Regiment, always the first unit in. The more pincers and teeth an enemy has, the more likely Peacekeeper Command is going to send the Pleisars. Aeryn is intensely proud of the fact that she can hold her own among any of her fellow soldiers, male or female. Being trapped here aboard Moya and having to count on all these non-Peacekeepers for her survival is anathema to her instincts and training. Being a Peacekeeper (and one of these prisoners' former captors) obviously creates continuing friction between her and them. But as time goes on, her interactions, in particular with Crichton, will lead her to an awareness and compassion that she's never known before.

Air En Sun PeaceMakers

RB: Sultry Jeri Ryan, a trek veteran, joins the cast.

JR: "I love the leather outfits and high heels just make me look great! They gave me this huge trailer on the lot with my own tanning booth! How could I refuse?"

RB: As a PeaceMaker, Air En Sun not only knows how to make Love but War as well. This cool space vixen will wreak havoc with the mild mannered Commander John April. Air will do what ever it takes to get back into the collective PeaceMaker middle high central command even if this means she will not always be nice. But I promise you, when she and Commander April do get together, you are going to see the sparks fly! I know I can't wait! Can you?

General Ka D'argo Luxon

A huge, brutish member of the Luxan ... a race of fierce, much-feared warriors known throughout the galaxy for their propensity to conquer anything or anybody in their path.
D'Argo's first reaction to most every situation is to go in blasting and ask questions never. He will have to learn to deal with the others on board Moya if he is going to find his son.

Admiral Dargu The Kluxon

RB: Actor Michael Dorn, fresh off his stint on the Huge hit Deep Space Nine. He only agreed to join the cast of space chase once his character was fully fleshed.

MD: What attracted me to this role was to try something new, to go in a completely different direction as an actor.

RB: As the ever-powerful Admiral Dargu, a battle warn warrior from the Kluxon Warrior race, Dargu will have to face his dark family secret. Dargu must also continuously struggle to fit in with a ship full of Humanoids. He is like nothing we have seen before! Isn't that exciting?


Chiana (Gigi Edgley)
Species: Nebari
Homeworld: Nebari Prime
Young, sexy, street-smart, and mercurial, Chiana rebelled against the bland, mind-controlled conformity of her fellow Nebari and fled her home planet. To survive in some of the Uncharted Territories' roughest hellholes, she's had to lie, cheat, vamp, and scam. Fortunately for her, those are her four best moves.

Chi Chi the Bimbari RB: Jolene Blalock has offered to join the cast at the end of this season of Enterprise. She wishes to explore other areas of emotion that she has been unable to do on my other show. After a number of intense meetings I couldn't refuse her desire… <Wink>

JB: Well once I saw the dead end of T'pol character I talked to Rick, looking for a way out of my contract. Three trips to the casting couch and a two season commitment to Space Ace… Space Case… Something like that and I will be free! How could I say no?

RB: Chi Chi is a socialator. She and the rest of her race are born and raised to be strippers, hookers and swim suit models. Chi Chi has escaped that hell but in the arms of our resident Kluxon, Chi Chi can't help but do what she was bred for. See? Science fiction can be sexy too!

Dominar Rygel XVI
(Voiced by Jonathan Hardy)
Species: Hynerian
Homeworld: Hyneria
Standing all of 26 inches tall - when he deigns to stand at all -- Rygel is the royal Dominar to over 600 billion loyal Hynerion subjects. Unfortunately for him, none of them is aboard this ship! The victim of a coup by his evil cousin, Rygel has been a prisoner now for over 250 years.

King Rygel
: Veteran actor Jonathan Harris would be ideal to play the selfish King Rygel on Space Chase. Jonathan has a certain regalness that I think is flawless for the role.

JH: Well Rick is a very bright man. He sees my talents as a they truly are… I am a master of my craft when I say… Oh, the Pain! The pain! You as the audience can feel it! I almost didn't take the job; you see I wanted special billing. Rick once again stepped in so you will see my name above the title of the show with the billing Special Guest Star… Who says you can never go home again!

RB: King Rygel is a deposed leader who is only looking for two things: to get home and find as much wealth as there is out there in Uncharted Space. We looked at a number of ways of making Rygel puppets - we don't do puppets! Rick's fix: have the actors upper body be Rygel and allow the actor to manipulate the little hands. His lower section would be hidden with control panels, tables and shrubs. When needed and budget allows, his lower half would be removed ala Green Screen. See we are cutting edge! I can't wait to see it on the little screen!

Zhaan the Delvian

Pa'u (meaning "Priest") Zotoh Zhaan is a Delvian. Although middle-aged, 812 years on the Delvian calendar, she looks to be in her 40s to us humans. Delvians are a highly spiritual race ... thoughtful and peace loving. Zhaan has reached the 10th Plateau in the Delvian Seek, their search for perfect understanding and unity with all life.

Kathy Kinney's character will be a recurring role. While she will still shoot the Drew Carey show, we will get her for little segments of wisdom and beauty. We have also integrated her make up effects from the Drew Carey show into her character so that she just needs a wardrobe change when she arrives on the set. See, Science Fiction and Economy - isn't Paramount great!

KK:Well I always wanted to be in Star Trek, but they have this issue with full figured ladies… Oh well their loss. Its nice to not be paid in cases of beer like Drew tried to get away with… This is a classy operation.

RB: Zen is our spiritual center of the show to help off set the alien of the week concept. She will be there to comfort and direct the lives of the different members of the crew. One exciting feature of this exotic creature is that she is a living stone! That's right she is a living rock! I bet you never heard of that before? I smell an Emmie!

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